Anthony Yeo, Artist of First Tattoo Studio (Singapore)

Anthony has been in the industry since 1998 and broke out on his own in 2004 with First Tattoo Studio.

In the past five years (and two months) he has adopted two apprentices and has a piercer on hand.

This group will solely serve the purpose of showcasing our work—which we’ve toiled hard over—and help form a community of tattoo enthusiasts and customers (who have become friends over the years!).

We believe that every tattoo, no matter the design, is an expression of self; no matter if it is a nautical star, fairy, or a full oriental back piece… Every tattoo is a part of you and forms your personal diary—your history on skin and in ink. 

And this sums up the ideals of First Tattoo. 

We like doing customised oriental tattoos and Anthony has a talent for cover-ups. Any inquiries are very much welcomed.

Contact to Anthony- antyeo@hotmail.com