So…I got Penny Arcade’s On the Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness Part 3 today. (I’m not gonna be doing any spoilers, so don’t worry, guys).


So much shipping. SO. MANY. FEELS.

WHICH MEANS, if I’m absent..more than usual, it means I’m probably playing that game and dying of feels. I CAN’T EVEN.

Equidistant from his home and the Academy is an apple tree.  He is unsure of the precise cultivar, but it bears something like a series of vertical stripes, striking, evoking the joy of the circus tent.  He wants one, hopping his front wheel over the curb from the street, maneuvering, noting the branch structure and the tauntingly high fruit, formulating a comprehensive acquisition strategy.

Some fifteen feet from the tree, curled in its generous shade, lies the body of an opossum.  Fat with the toiling agents of decay, its black lip has retreated from a jaw full of white needles.  He cannot look at it.  He has to look.

Many days pass in this way, his father holding forth with thunderous vigor on the matter of the world’s negation, and this creature disintegrating in its silent rebuttal.  Tycho does this until one day the body is gone, and he doesn’t know how.  What he does know is that the grass beneath it is rich and dense; a pillow of impossible Irish green.  His breath stops, because it is in this moment that he understands.

He understands the grand machinery of the scheme now; why it must be done, the preconditions for a universe without divine tyranny were noble no matter the mechanism.  Where he differed from the profound weight of his tradition was their insistence that the slate they created must be absolutely blank.

His hand shakes as he presses an apple seed into the moist earth.  His father wouldn’t have tolerated this, said that he had learned the lesson incorrectly, that the creature had died to no good purpose.  This is what the Gods do, he would have said: they presume.  Guiding that process was as near to blasphemy as the Brahe clan allowed for.  But this young Brahe has a retort, of course, as he so often does.

All that’s needed, he thinks, are better gods.

On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness, Worms

I have a lot of feelings about Precipice!Tycho that cannot be properly expressed in words.

Not my words, anyway. But Jerry Holkins’ words sum up pretty concisely why I am so stupidly fascinated and infatuated with him. Mmhmm.

This passage has little to do with this drawing, but I re-read often, and it never stops being beautiful. It should serve to distract you from my inability to color.

Pose ref: http://browse.deviantart.com/resources/stockart/model/men/fullbody/?qh=&section=&q=sad#/d47zykb

Color palette: http://www.colourlovers.com/palette/1893198/dreary_dawn

On The Rain-Slick Precipice of Darkness 3... Chapter 9... 12 hours of game play just seems SO SHORT!

Compared to my playing Skyrim and Fallout. I don’t know how long it took to play OTRSPOD 1 & 2.

I’m at the Boss guy. SO HARD. Dammit, Yog.

I miss the old style a lot. I mean you can find stuff and had little side questy things. Obviously a 16 bit style game is gonna be a little more straight forward. Very old school. I think my attention span has decreased. Or just too much comparing 3 to 1 and 2.

Anyway, waiting for tonight’s episode of Top Gear US to download so I’ll go play some.

I would totally write fic for this fandom but OTRSPOD just seems way over my head in terms of matching plot/terminology/mythos. 

(Damn that Holkins for being so GOOD!)

And like two days ago I had a really good prologue in my head, but it was about 5am and I was in bed. Dammit.

doofy 4am otp scribble because these two break my fucking heart.

i suspect moira knows all about the brahe family’s infamy and sets out to prove her family and friends wrong about him spoiler alert they were right she shouldn’t have married that stupid fucker but

but he’s so cute when he falls asleep reading shitty poetry


quickie scowly tycho and a wip maybe idk let’s see if i have any energy to finish anything.

my laptop’s super old and hates me working too large so my desire to finish things is basically at zero

anyway i am still SUPER BUMMED that the fourth game just neglects to mention that tycho was ripped apart an then sewn back together because the novella painted a super pretty mental image in regards to that and i was looking forward to the game handling it

wtb dlc where you play as tycho for the 90% of the game his is off gallivanting by himself pst with price

concept doodle of a comicverse Moira. I really hope she pops in the comic at some point, but until that unlikely event Imma play with this version.

she was hired by Realmworlds to give the Elemenstor saga a modern day pick me up after Tycho finished his series of books. instead of true fantasy novels she goes for an urban chic type of fantasy world, where mysteries are around every corner and it’s up the human protagonist to sort through the new and dangerous world with only her skepticism and wits to guide her. they are critically acclaimed.

and Tycho hates them.

or rather, he likes them but is resentful of someone bastardizing his lore. granted it’s really the company’s lore BUT HE WROTE IT GODDAMMIT.

Moira writes under a gender neutral pseudonym because she doesn’t really want the books associated with her other works. 

Tycho has no idea who she is, and he thinks she’s a dude.

it would be interesting if he ever got the chance to voice his complaints to her in person

"You know, with magic. You could have a man’s body."

"This is a man’s body. I am a man. I thought you of all people understood that.”

precipice feels leads to AU precipice feels. feelings everywhere helpp

ps DON’T BIND LIKE THIS DON’T DO IT HERE’S WHY, gabe only does it because he has no other option in the decade he is in, the tl;dr is that it’s very very very dangerous