Oh my… pt.2

If larry’s not real then explain:

•their matching tattoos (they’re even in the same place to match)

•"We kinda share that really”

•"Some people GENUINELY, SERIOUSLY think… Harry and I are in a …. Relationship"


•Why does Louis get jealous when someone interacts with Harry and vice versa

•Why Modest! tried hiding them if they were just platonic bro pals

•Why Louis always looked unhappy with Eleanor

•Why Harry always looked unhappy with his december girlfriends (note that they were all on Dec. 7)

•"Don’t knock it till’ you try it"

•"I’m in love with Lou, and all his little things"

•"Cuz you’ve got a big dick"

•"Cuz I can’t compete with my boyfriend"

•"I can love you more than Stan"

•Explain TDKAU

•Why Strong’s lyrics ‘coincidentally’ match with h&l’s tattoos

•Explain No Control

•Explain Happily

•"Are you and Louis dating? You are..? I figured"

•"My first real crush was Louis Tomlinson…. Mutual we’ve discussed it"

•"Lou can I give you a blowjob"

Night Changes
  • Night Changes
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One Direction Night Changes OT4 - live version from coca-cola fm interview. (liam slaying zayn’s part)



anonymous asked:

Have you seen radio1Ds tweets about Louis? They are claiming he left LA about 24 hours ago but his plane landed at an 'unexpected destination' which they will not name and not the one he had planned. And now he is in effect 'lost'. Lol

= they don’t know shit where he is.


Coca Cola FM Estudio - One Direction (FULL HD)