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Hello! Following on from the RBB mention, so Louis "found the bears" - not someone told him about them or anything that would mean he just knew about their existence, he's implying that he saw their account or at least what was being said/posted. And they weren't stopped, which would have been easy since it was apparently their crew and considering what they were heavily implying, and were allowed them to run wild months after the tour ended? Sure, okay...

1:15 in this infamous video:


[But stop for a sec and see how beautiful they all look]

Anyway, published 2 December 2015. It was a “crew member” who “picked it up and kept it.” A crew member who traveled with them to Mexico, long after OTRA. A crew member who set up the Twitter account (still reserved), a mobile phone (still paid for), found gay song lyrics (and btw, rogue crew member not stopped by 1DHQ? Funny…), defended fans against Jimmy Kimmel’s 1D potato (why would he even care?), celebrated Harry’s birthday by having the bears eat birthday cake, all the way into February 2016.

A crew member who had the bears’ laptop opened to Tumblr, who blacked out all the keyboard letters except those spelling out “RAINBOW,” who had a Twitter icon of George Michaels, who showed books of Liberace and k.d. Lang, who had a wedding montage of the bears with a photo signed, “Love, Larry,” whose only Twitter like said, “Larry okay.” Whose icon happened to be Freddie Mercury of Queen, wearing a crown, as if he were Freddie Reign.

Honestly, it was a time to feel alive.


Girl Almighty and singing happy birthday to a crew member