The human concept of friend is most nearly duplicated in Vulcan thought by the term t’hy’la, which can also mean brother and lover.

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I honestly headcanon Scully and Mulder as being in a queerplatonic relationship. I could never see either of them being in a traditionally romantic relationship because their friendship is too deep. It’s honestly just….so perfect and gives me a lot of feels. The romantic tension in the story, to me, was never going in the direction of traditional romance so much as a deep and intimate lifelong companionship.

A better ending for Will&Grace, my OTQP.

This will be long and unusual for this website, because I do not headcanon either one of them as ace or aro. (Though I guess a case could be made for demiromantic Will. Maybe demisexua? Not the point of this post.) Still, it’s one of the strongest OTQP I’ve ever had and that counts.

I always loved this show and it took me ages to figure out why exactly I hate it’s final so very much. It’s because the whole show is about this epic friendship for life, but in the end said relationship is cast aside, because it supposedly ruins the lives of both Will and Grace. Instead they should have much more fulfilling romantic relationships. Of course.

So, yeah, no. And this is my vision of how they could’ve stayed together and be happy. I hope you will enjoy.

  • They actually have a child together. Carla Lilly Adler-Turner. And they have problems, navigating their relationship and the relationship with the baby, but they manage. They’ve got each other’s back. They’re sure of each other, because they’ve been through so much and always came back, at this point it’s impossible to imagine their lives without each other.

  • They date. Not with each other of course, with a bunch of other guys they manage to meet. Their dates come and go. It’s not easy, it’s never been. And now there’s a child on top of that. It brings a lot of tension. But in a way it also makes everything easier.
  • Earlier it was hard to explain their relationship to significant others. Hi, I really like you and would like to see where this is going, but first I’d like you to meet my best friend, because we’re sort of a package deal. People laughed. Many of them found it weird, but adorable at first. And then they actually lived with it for long enough and got angry, and possessive. And it’s hard to say „I love you. I really want to see if we have a chance at having a life together, but you need to accept that I love my best friend and we’ve already made a commitment to living this life together.” That, at least, gets easier with the baby. It’s like they’re given a blanket excuse to stay together, to want to be with each other, always in contact. People forgave the different prorities if the priority was a child.

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