The human concept of friend is most nearly duplicated in Vulcan thought by the term t’hy’la, which can also mean brother and lover.

(aromantic heteroflexible) Jim Kirk/Spock (demiromantic demisexual)

let’s celebrate relationships on asexual and aromantic spectrum! (2/?)

Question of the week

Hi, everybody, mod H here! It’s time for the very first edition of the PPS Question of the Week.

This week’s question is… (drum roll)

What is your favorite platonic pairing (or your “platonic OTP”)?

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A queerplatonic ship you like
>> Renora (Lie Ren and Nora Valkyrie | RWBY)

I was trying not to do repeat fandoms for this week, but these two are at my OTQP at the moment. (‘We’re not together-together gdi Jaune’)

I also love the idea of them doing nose boops instead of kissing. Well it’s mostly Nora 'cause Ren feels sorta silly about it, but sometimes he’ll return them and those are thE BEST DAYS EVER for Nora.