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this looks like a normal group photo right?

yeah, i thought so too, BUT NOPE, when I zoomed it in…

ONG is touching daehwi’s butt w/ that innocent look on his face 
DAEHWI doesn’t mind and lies down, his head on his hyung’s sexy thighs
DANIEL is sitting just before jihoon’s legs like he owns the sacred place 

GUANLIN clinging on to jinyoung as if someone’s gonna steal him away  
JINYOUNG’s face says he got them boys wrapped around his finger

JIHOON keeping his bae, def staying loyal to winkdeep
JISUNG might have been holding on to jihoon but not that close for jinyoung to raise questions

WOOJIN rests his head on sungwoon’s safe arms
SUNGWOON subtly crossing arms with jaehwan
JAEHWAN hinting us that minhyun and him are in a “happy” relationship  
MINHYUN cant help but holds woojin’s hand cuz he actually likes him

ok can we talk about how many otp kisses we’ve gotten to check off the list for richonne already i mean we got a:

  • first kiss
  • french kiss
  • foreplay kisses
  • shoulder kiss
  • cheek kiss (i know rick didn’t get there but he was aiming for one so it counts)
  • angsty/bittersweet kiss (7x05)
  • goodbye kiss (also 7x05)
  • makeup kiss (i’m counting the 7x08 kiss as this)
  • forehead kiss
  • stomach kiss
  • hand kiss

and we’ve barely been canon for a season like it’s lit kids

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OMG I LOVE YOUR BLOG IT IS LITERALLY MY FAVE btw got any bottom!jared/sam fic recs? :D You, my friend, are completely awesome


I’m gonna make you a quick list with amazing bottom!Jared fic recs with some favorites since I have been reading J2 a little bit more lately. I owe you the bottom!Sam one ;D

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Thoughts About TsubaHono

So during browsing and looking for fanworks for this pairing, I stumbled upon a blog post where someone expressed their dislike about this ship. No hate here, mind you, and the post was rather polite and thoughtful, but it revolved around a single reason: That fans only ship Honoka with Tsubasa because the rest of u’s are paired up with each other already.

This reasoning saddens me a bit. I am a TsubaHono fan, had been one since that short scene in Season 2 Ep. 3. I fell in deep for the pairing (or rather, the potential of the pairing) in Ep. 10. Why? To be honest, I find it hard to pin down why I like them so much. There’s magnetism there and there is definitely respect between the two characters, but I liked them together not because the rest of u’s are supposedly paired up already (at the time, I’m still copping around for a ship I actually like) but because I feel like they share something special, something that Honoka doesn’t necessarily have with her group.

Tsubasa and Honoka are both leaders of their respective groups. They are the driving forces behind A-RISE and u’s respectively, the face of the team, and the spokespersons. Because of this, I imagine that they are both placed on a certain pedestal by their members. u’s claims that it does not have a leader, but they all clearly look to Honoka for decisions and ideas. Eli, for example, asked Honoka many times what must be done. I bet A-RISE is the same, especially now that we know that Tsubasa may also be responsible for song composition. Because of their positions, I feel like these two characters share a bond that they do not have with their teammates. There are things that only a leader knows and understands, and I think this is one of the reasons why Tsubasa sought Honoka out in Ep. 10, aside from asking her what drives u’s to be as good as they are. She hoped that Honoka would understand where she was coming from when they were talking and that there would be no offense taken. Though Honoka was confused and perhaps even overwhelmed, deep down she knew where the questions came from, hence she called Umi later that night for guidance.

After going back and watching the episodes many times, I always smile whenever we are shown instances in which Honoka and Tsubasa watch each other as idols. And here lies yet another reason why this pair is endearing to me. In the anime, Honoka got the idea of forming an idol group because of she saw A-RISE perform. Later on, Tsubasa keeps an eye on u’s, because they are potential rivals. Gradually, they become each other’s idols and end up driving each other forward. A-RISE is already popular, they have all the glamour of being celebrities, and they won the first Love Live! like so many fans thought they would. Yet, in the second event, u’s was there to keep them on their toes. There is a new challenge since u’s is back and better than ever, and A-RISE must somehow try to keep the crown. But instead of being a bad sport, Tsubasa found herself admiring Honoka. It was never stated verbally in the anime, but the looks she gave, the sheer awe in it, spoke volumes. Of course, this could only be because she was impressed by u’s Yume no Tobira performance, but we see that look a few times in other instances, like after they talked by the lake and after Tsubasa saw what Honoka came up with as a catchphrase for u’s. The fondness in her expression for Honoka’s honesty and achievements always makes me smile.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, so I haven’t seen their interaction there. I heard that Tsubasa had quite the role in the latter half of the movie. I really like how they did that. And I think they did so because Honoka needed someone, another mentor, outside of her group. Umi might have taught her discipline, Eli might taught her how to better herself and overcome adversities, but no one from u’s knows how to deal with the bigger picture. Tsubasa is there to teach and guide Honoka into being more than a School Idol, into being popular. And I’m certain Honoka appreciates this, perhaps she’s even grateful. It’s not everyday that the person you admired for so long would openly support you, especially after you have surpassed her.

I won’t jump the gun here and prattle about romance, because it’s difficult to assume that with characters who have so little screen time together. However, I still find it hard to understand why some people cannot see their potential and simply wave the pairing off as a solution to Honoka being a leftover. I believe that Honoka and Tsubasa see each other as equals, true equals. They’re not each other’s leader, and they are no longer each other’s rival. They have become two people who have gone through the same process of rising from the very bottom and climbing to the very top with their friends in tow. And they did this through sheer will and determination. Romance may blossom, or it may not (though I’m certain Tsubasa is already quite smitten of Honoka’s sunny charm), but they have more chemistry with each other than many of the other possible ships in LL.

EDIT: I nearly screamed when I saw those horrible typos on there. This is why I dislike typing crap on my phone. Bad things happen! /0\ And knowing my typos, they’re always actual words that go unnoticed until I read it carefully. Either that or missing words. OTL -laments in the corner of fail writing-

Prompt: A lazy morning involving Cas waking Dean with flower petals and kisses. (slightly grumpy!Dean)
casinthongs, I hope you like it!

For the first time in what feels like forever, Castiel wakes first. He sinks back into consciousness slowly, cuddling and sighing into the warm body currently curled up in his arms as his eyes crack open. From his place as the big spoon, Cas can’t see much beyond Dean’s bare shoulder and back, but he makes do with what he has, pressing adoring, feather light kisses to the smooth skin of his partner.

Dean heaves a light, pleased sigh before becoming motionless once more.

That’s when Castiel has an idea.

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exo as fanfic writers
  • Xiumin: Writes a simple, plain three-chapter otp fic. His fics don't deserve the lack of attention they get through. He never uploads a fic cover or anything.
  • Luhan: Writes action/adventure fics. Not much romance, but tonnes of bromance. Well received by the fandom.
  • Kris: He doesn't write fic. He draws fan art, but often finds himself wondering why his (terrible) art doesn't get many notes.
  • Suho: Happy endings galore! Fluffy otp fics always set in domestic au where they have kids and go grocery shopping together.
  • Lay: He usually sticks to oneshots because he doesn't have time to update. His stories, although moderately well received, have many loopholes and plot holes.
  • Baekhyun: Writes shitty self insert fics. Usually involves him and the character making sweet love before riding off in the sunset. Also he takes like months to update and each update is really short.
  • Chen: Writes brotp humour fics. He has another account, which is a secret, where he writes tragic romances. His romance stories are so immensely popular. He also responds to every single one of the comments on his fic.
  • Chanyeol: Writes crack stories. Well, they were thought to be crack because they didn't make any sense at all. His stories all have happy endings because he doesn't want his readers to be sad. His fics are typed in multicolour with a gif background.
  • D.O.: Writes tragic gay fanfic that's like 70+ chapters long. Always featured and he updates pretty frequently. His fanfics are fandom gems that are one everyone's rec list. Never responds to reader comments, though. Uploads them onto live journal only.
  • Tao: Spends more time editing the fic cover than he does the fic. Always a sappy romance between him and the character. Usually, it's along the lines of him getting bullied and the character saving him and then falling in love when he gazes into Tao' eyes for the first time. Writes kinky smut too, so his fics have many subs.
  • Kai: He posts the prologue of his fic and never bothers to update after that. Usually fluffy otp fics. The plot goes with the whole "your dog is in love with my dog and I'm in love with you" trope. Tends to write for the less popular otps though, because that's who he ships.
  • Sehun: Writes a self insert harem with ten million chapters. He likes the vampire genre, so it's pretty much a coven or two of vampires fucking him and falling in love with him. Also threatens not to update if he doesn't get his comment quota per chapter. Makes his fics subscribers only because he doesn't want just anybody to read his fics.

The Guild-Shipping Queen

Going by Erza’s advice, Juvia waits inside the guild with Gray’s present wrapped and ready to give to him.

However being inside seems to get her a tad anxious as she starts to see through Rose-Colored-Ship ‘o’ Matic eyes.

She is truly the embodiment of the Fairy Tail Shipping Fandom.

((I bet there were so many people’s otp-heads exploding after seeing this.

Oh Mashima, you’re awesome. XDD))

Steve and Bucky piling every blanket they have on their bed during the winter, sleeping twitsted together from head to toe, because even though their heating works fine and neither of them really feel the cold, old habits die hard. 

Steve and Bucky lying around in the central park sunlight, Steve carefully sketching Bucky’s features while he sits stone still, as only a trained sniper could. 

Steve and Bucky making rice krispy squares and Bucky getting melted marshmallow all over his left hand which Steve proceeds to lick away. 

Steve and Bucky riding around Brooklyn on Steve’s motorcycle, going no where in particular, with Bucky’s forehead tucked into Steve’s neck to hide from the wind and dust. 

Steve and Bucky spending most of their time in the gym rolling around on the mats, giggling like teenagers until Tony tells them to get a room. 

Steve and Bucky going out on their first official date, because they never could before, and being awkward as hell at the overpriced restaurant and leaving before they even get their appetizers to sit in some crappy old diner, Bucky’s feet on Steve’s lap under the table, smiling and happy.  

Just, Steve and Bucky.