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Reasons why I love season 2 of supergirl!

- Alex discovering herself and finding someone to be happy with
- James having a story arc that isn’t about a love triangle
- James being a hero
- Winn’s humour quota has been upped
- Winn finding love
- The alien bar giving us a space where aliens can hang out and do normal things like normal people
- Brian
- you don’t really know who ALL the villains are so, ~suspense~ (and the fact that there’s more than one main villain)
- deals with real life issues
- Kara meeting someone who challenges her and them both learning from each other
- Kara finding love in someone she can be herself with
- more information about the different planets from different galaxies, meeting new, quirky and wonderful aliens
- introducing minor characters I care about, then bringing those minor characters back every now and then (like Brian)
- Kara realising that she can have it all - the superhoing and relationships
- Kara learning to put aside her prejudices about Daxam for Mon-El, similar to J'onn learning that there are good white Martians, like Megann
- Sanvers and Karamel doing domestic couple things like cuddling on couches
- a mix of fun villains (and some who aren’t really villains anyway) and the scary villains to keep the show lighthearted and fun to watch while still conveying serious messages
- Winn/Alex brotp
- Mon-El/Winn brotp
- Alex and her gun - Danvers sisters relationship
- Mon-El’s 180 character development arc (not there yet but still well on the way!)
- teaching important lessons about relationships: none of them are perfect, relationships need honesty, all of them have complications, relationships take hard work, and they can inspire you to be a better person, even if you’re not together
- all KARAMEL AND SANVERS moments!
- not one, but TWO crossovers in one season!
- badass fight scenes - reblob and add more of your fave reasons!

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Supercorp for the OTP ask thing

Which one cried during a fucking Disney movie?
You would think it’s Kara but it really isn’t. Kara has unlimited knowledge of Disney songs, she sings along to them all. She’s always singing and constantly humming and bopping along to them as she types up articles and does research. Kara shimmies up to Lena and sings into a spatula, she often distracts Lena when she’s cooking or reading by singing and insisting they dance to “Tale as old as Time”. However, it is Lena Luthor who is the movie crier. Lena sobs when the Fox and the Hound meet, she sniffles as Bambi’s mother gets shot and she’s in full hysterics when Stitch gets reunited with Lilo and Nani. Kara did not expect Lena to be so emotional and she doesn’t know whether to tease her girlfriend about it. She feels that there is something more to it but she never pushes the topic, instead she traces patterns along Lena’s forearm and rubs her back. Lena tends to curl into her and when she’s emotional she burrows, her head falling to the crook of Kara’s neck and her arms wrapping around Kara as she clings to the safety of her Kryptonian. Kara kisses Lena’s forehead and they enjoy the rest of their film marathons with Lena perched in Kara’s lap and Kara kissing away her tears.

Who put a goddamned fork in the microwave?
Kara when she first came to Earth and it scared the Danvers half to death. It happened to Lena once after a hell day, she was exhausted and not paying attention. She’s never done it again - not after the 20 page slideshow that Kara and Jess The Secretary put together on reasons why she is working herself too hard and reasons why she should be more careful. Nowadays they just use Kara’s heat vision.

Who does the silly hands-over-the-eyes “Guess who” thing? 
Kara 100%. Despite knowing that only one person can fly through her balcony door Lena always plays along which results in soft giggles along her neck and soft kisses stolen before meetings.

Who puts their cold hands/feet on their partner?
Lena. She was hesitant for touch at first being so touch starved so on her part she held back from touching casually. She flinches sometimes when they hug but their apartment can get really cold and after a few months Lena takes to padding out of the room in just one of Kara’s old t-shirts and her underwear, hair down and bare feet - which was definitely a mistake because then her feet get really fricking cold. Kara is still somewhat flustered given Lena’s appearance but what she definitely doesn’t expect is for her girlfriend to practically jump on her and attack her with cold feet. She doesn’t really care because she’s basically a toaster oven and any excuse to warm Lena up gives her free reign, running her hands over exposed thighs and kissing down Lena’s jaw line. Lena gets cold a lot…

Who had that embarrassing Reality TV marathon?
Kara forces Lena to watch horrendous shows and Lena protests but she always caves and indulges her girlfriend. Watching Kara talk back to the television set is one of her favourite past times. That was one of the first times she heard Kara curse. She was just amused that she wasn’t the only one putting money into the swear jar. That is until Alex and Maggie come round for a new and improved sister night. There is a lot of money along with her credit card in the jar that night. Lena likes to watch cooking shows and Kara finds it fascinating because it inspires the chef in Lena and then she gets lots of yummy food experiments to try.

Who laughs more during sex?
Kara is naturally giggly and the sound of her laughter warms Lena’s heart, she loves the melodic sound so she makes it her mission to get Kara to laugh at least once most times. Lena is all about comfort and given that Kara was initially scared to go further they took it slow and became comfortable with one another, lots of practising and finding out what the other liked. Lena and a reluctant Alex made very tiny doses of Kryptonite that Kara fully consented to so that Kara could let loose a little during more heated times. 

Lena usually. Kara feels comforted when she can hold Lena in her arms and she is really protective of Lena at night. They both suffer from nightmares and being comforted by the gentle but secure arms of their lover really helps. Lena has a thing for Kara’s arms and she is definitely supposed to be sleeping but she can’t help it when Kara’s arms are resting along her waist, it really isn’t her fault if that leads to late night activities. There are the times around Kara’s Earth birthday and Astra’s death where Kara needs to be the little spoon, she sobs and Lena holds her, singing Kryptonian songs softly as she lulls Kara to sleep. It gets easier when for Kara’s Earth birthday Alex and Lena decorate the bedroom with stars and things that look as similar to Krypton as possible, Lena goes further (with the help of J’onn) and manufactures a special bedside lamp that can mirror colours from Krypton. Kara proposes under the sun of bedroom Krypton.

(Side Note: If you couldn’t tell I love them and I have a lot of headcanons for them! Send me questions if you want and I’ll gladly talk about other headcanons I have or if you want little drabbles then prompt away!)



     Mahogany Sawyer was thought to never let weakness in. It’s how you survive, there’s nothing holding you back. Or no one on that matter. However, Mahogany never believed in that. If there was someone in her life she cared about, she knew for whom she was fighting for. Even if she never believed love was weakness, she still was loyal to HYDRA. So when she was asked to go as undercover agent for SHIELD, she said yes in a heartbeat. 

     Mahogany wasn’t the only one who went undercover as a field agent, in fact Grant Ward joined her as well. Two heads are better than one, referred Garrett as he faced his two students that day. It was easy pretending to be loyal agent for SHIELD for months. However her loyalty was being tested when a girl going under the name Skye was recruited into Phil Coulson’s team. Mahogany never thought she will have to choose if she wanted to stay with HYDRA or SHIELD.

    Oh yeah, not to mention, she was married to Ward, so there was that.

#ThankYouBones Week - Day 9

4 hodgela scenes that made you cry

  1. The Blackout in the Blizzard: the scene where you see them sad about their baby possibly having LCA (hell that episode in general!!)
  2. The Change in the Game: “Every time you take my hand I feel your whole life vibrating with mine.”
  3. The Last Shot at a Second Chance: when Angela is crying in their bed and Hodgins comes up to her and takes her hand.
  4. The Doom in the Boom: Angela’s scream. Oh my gods, her scream.

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Anon asked you "how can you imagine their first fight going" and I read it like "how can you imagine their first time going" and I'm not sorry. Mordo's thoughts during the entire movie: "STEPHEN NO *prince charming mode on*" Stephen's thoughts during the entire movie: "How do I get this guy to put out??? *movie ends* Mordo was not into me, Wong, he only swooped in into my rescue every single time, was the only one that laughed at my jokes, cried when he thought I betrayed him... oh... oh fuck"

Oooooh. Hahaha! In regards to their first time together I think that’ll depend of when exactly that initial fucking takes place 🙃 I’m rather fond of the idea that they finally fucked sometime post-movie and it was rough, emotional, wild, and desperate. It would be a mix of angry fucking with damn-it-I-miss-you fucking. With an extra order of angst.

Gaaaaaahhhhh I really would love if it Stephen’s in denial when he hears reports of what Mordo’s been up to :( Cause that can’t possibly be the same man who acted as his knight in shining armor, could it? Also just the thought of Stephen wondering if Mordo still loves him after everything that happened 😢 Man why is this pairing so dramatic and angsty? XD I love it.

*shamelessly throws Promptis fluff at you*

I come bearing  Promptis fluff- sort of just playing around with some OTP feels in this, but it’s recent and it’s a fic and… I saw you were looking for those, so! 

Cheers, and keep doing the thiiiing! We’re lucky to have you as a source of excellent, quality sin. >:D

(P.S. Sorry if this sent twice! My computer did a weird thing when I was clicking and, welp. X3)

Aw! I don’t usually read ships but this was cute!


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