JJ made some calls. Agent Hall’s retiring in a month, but he’s finishing his caseload at home, so, while you all were away, mama set to work clearing out the rest of his boxes and setting up an uber office fit for our acting unit chief.

It’s kind of blah for my taste, but I figured you needed to keep up with agency standards. I did make you your own… Secret Fun Zone!


›Analog Interface → things are evolving (2/?): “i can hear you”

— What’s in this code?
—Memories. They’re its memories. You call it a life, I call it a machine, but the truth is… somewhere in the middle. Even when I was building it, I began to encounter anomalies. As if it had imprinted on me, like a child with a parent. Then it started looking out for me, altered its own code to take care of me. It was behaving like a person. But the world didn’t need a person to protect it. It needed a machine.
You took its memories.
Not just memories.


a playlist full of songs that remind me of the cuties who are destroying my life (◡‿◡✿)

  • Let Her Go- Passenger
  • Can’t Help Falling In Love-Ingrid Michaelson 
  • Story of My Life-One Direction
  • Say Anything-Tristan Prettyman 
  • Kiss Me-Ed Sheeran
  • Stubborn Love-The Lumineers 
  • Gone, Gone, Gone-Phillip Phillips 
  • Without You (cover)-Jake Sime
  • Sweater Weather-The Neighborhood
  • May I-Trading Yesterday
  • Arms-Christina Perri

(Listen Here)


"krystal is not somewhere between pretty and livid. she is somewhere between broken and aching. and kai is somewhere between those broken lines, writing a new love song just so that he could, in some way, save her between the lines.. hoping she’d also understand between the lines. (x)