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These are the 57 blogs I follow that have to do with writing or otps or aus. I adore all of these blogs and their owners for all of their hard work. Thank you for helping so many people find the inspiration to write! If I left any out please let me know and I will add them to this list. This is specially for all-oftimenspace. Enjoy and feel free to share!

woah-au​- awesome reblogs from all over and original au prompts.

auprompts-love​- lovely au prompts.

a-u-prompts​- lots of reblogs and original posts.

auprompts​- reblogs and posts au prompts and other general writing tips to make stories more believable.  

meetcuteproject​- reblogs and posts love and rom-com themed au prompts.

nightlightwriting​- posts daily sentence prompts.

apromptadaykeepsthecriticsaway​- posts a writing prompt every day.

dailywritingtips​- post and reblogs writing tips.

cutiepieprompts​- posts lots of otp prompts and au prompt lists.

inboxstuffers stuffers​:- rp meme sentence starters that can be used as writing prompts.

otpauideas​- posts and reblogs au and otp prompt ideas.

omg-memes​- rp memes you can use as writing prompts.

miz-joelys-sherlollilists​- reblogs au prompts (as well as Sherlolly master lists :D)

the-write-ideas​- posts and reblogs sentence starters and inspiring pictures.

ablockforwritersblock​- detailed writing prompts.

onetruepairingideas​- lots and lots of au prompts!

idareyoutowrite​- writing prompts that start with “i dare you to write…”

auideas​- posts au prompts and if you send them an ask for a certain type of au they will respond with a list of ideas!

fyotpprompts​- posts and reblogs otp prompts.

writingpromptsarecool​- posts writing prompts.

fuckyeahcharacterdevelopment​- help with character development and writing in general.

@imagineyourotp​- I don’t think this blog is active anymore but it has an archive of nice otp prompts.

get-scribbling​- writing advice and prompts.

thepromptperson​- lots of great prompts and dialogue prompts.

pretty-bad-au-ideas​- detailed au ideas.

promptsbyceebee​- posts poetry prompts.

daily-prompts​- posts writing prompts.

awritersinspirations​- posts tons of things to inspire writing.

the-almost-constellation​- posts writing prompts and story starters.

otpisms​- otp prompts.

fathomingtheconstellations​- post writing prompts and quotes.

promptsgalore​- posts mostly creative nonfiction prompts but they could be used for fiction or fanfiction.

promptly-written​- prompts, quotes, pictures etc. to inspire writing.

fywritingprompts​- posts and reblogs writing prompts.

veiledinspiration​- writing prompts and advice.

rpfunstuff​- posts and reblogs rp sentence starters that can be used for story starters.

imagineyourotps​: posts some otp prompts.

otpprompts​- posts otp prompts.

otp–prompts​ more otp prompts!

relatableotpfeels​- get all the feels with these otp prompts.

otp-your-imagine​- otp prompts of all kinds.

imaginetheotp​- (I am running out of clever things to say about each one of these blogs but) still more otp feels!

otpdisaster​- more more more more otp otp otp otp.

thesarcasticmuses​- quick writing prompts.

awful-aus​- this blog is on permanent hiatus but it has over 300 au posts still available on the blog.

dailyau​- the blog name does not lie.

awritingpromptaday​- over 1400 writing prompts.

shippingoars​- not very active but a good archive of otp prompts.

suddenlyprompts​- you ask and they give you ideas for your story.

alloftheprompts​- THIS IS AN AMAZING BLOG. One of my favorites. They have over 400 prompt lists with ten sentences each and other story inspiration.

otpoftheday​- posts otp prompts from all over tumblr.

unblockingwritersblock​- so many interesting writing prompts and places to go to research stuff for stories.

putthepromptsonpaper​- many awesome prompts!

dailytextprompt​- one word or phrase each day to inspire writing.

angstmemes​- some very serious angst and tw sentence starters.

writeworld​- pictures, sentences and sound bites to inspire writing. I love this blog!

otpprompts​- probably the ultimate source for otp prompts on tumblr.

Bad Nights

It was one of those nights.  They have both had them. Something from either of their pasts paying them a visit in a vicious nightmare. The type so surreal and so disturbing they would need to immediately reconnect with the good that they had in their lives, each other.  

Tonight was Ravens turn. She woke up shaking and her entire room slowly vibrated with her energies, her heart threatened to brake its way past her ribs. Forget hallways and doors, she didn’t even think on instinct she just phased though the wall into Beast Boys room.  

His instincts woke him up, and the look in her eyes told him everything that he needed to know. Beast Boy got up and wrapped his arms around her. He kissed her cheek lightly and lead her to his bed, and tucked her in next to him. Raven turned to her side and laid her head on his chest. Beast Boys arm wrapped around her shoulders, while the other reached out and held her hand.

Soon her heart slowed down, and the tension slowly left her body. A wave of relief hit Beast Boy when Raven settled down into sleep. She was safe, he was safe. They were each other’s protectors. A few deep breaths and feel of her warmth sink into him.

A knock on the door and Cyborg yelling about something or other got Beast Boy’s eyes open. He was going to get up to tell his best friend that whatever the hell he wanted, it was too damn early. To find himself pleasantly trapped.  Raven was practically on top of him. Both her arms were wrapped around him and his leg was trapped between Raven’s. Beast Boy tried to role Raven onto her side but she just tightened her embrace.  

Beast Boy let his head flop back into the pillow a smile  breaking across his face.  He let his fingers comb though her hair. She won. He wasn’t going anywhere till Raven woke up. Cyborg, Jump City, the world was going to have to wait. The woman he loved needed him right now.  

“Rae when you wake up” he said quietly. “We are moving in together.  No buts”  Ravens only reply was her deep steady breaths.  

“Person B of your OTP not letting Person A get out of bed by aggressively cuddling them.”  So this was posted by @otpdisaster, then it was shared by @challengingchangeling then reposted by @bbraefan1530 or something along those lines so hopefully I got everyone and the credit that they deserve. (or as close as I could get without making a chart). One of them said “Someone BBrea this” So here is my attempt. Also if it looks familiar I might have posted it as a reply to something but I think Tumbler ate it.  This one took about 6 false starts and there were versions that were more fluffy but I couldn’t  get the tone right. 

Watch the Mops


Your OTP aren’t together and on a date with different people at the same place. After learning they particularly dislike–or are absolutely repulsed by–their respective dates, the two somehow end up hiding in the same cramped supply closet in hopes of avoiding their current date.

Bonus if they start fighting over who got there first. 

Haven’t done an OQ one-shot in a while and I needed a break from my stories, so YAY! Here ya go!

“Another winner, mother,” she mumbled to herself. “You really know how to pick ‘em.” She pulled out her phone, checking the time again as she wondered how long she’d have to wait before her date gave up on her ever coming back and left. The cleaning closet was cramped and dark, but it was the only place she knew for sure he wouldn’t be able to track her down. Too easy for a waitress to check the restrooms, and the exit was visible from their table. She was well and truly stuck. She really needed to learn to stop agreeing to these blind dates. Just because she was thirty-five and single did not mean she should stoop to the desperation her mother thrust on her on a near-constant basis.

She tensed as the door opened, the bright light streaming in, temporarily blinding her until she was blanketed in darkness again. She stood paralyzed, hearing that there was now someone else in the closet with her, but with her eyes having to readjust to the dark, not having any idea who it might be. Surely an employee of the restaurant would have turned on a light. And her date could not possibly have figured out her hiding spot.

“Ouch!” She gasped in pain as someone stepped on her toes. “Watch it!”

“What on…Who are you?” a man’s accented voice asked.

Good. Not her date.

“Who am I?” she asked incredulously. “Who are you? You’re the one walking into closets without turning the lights on and stepping on people’s toes.”

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“But what if He Who Must Not Be Named finds out about us?”

“Voldemort is not going to find out.”

“You don’t know him Harry, he has spies everywhere.”

“Draco, he’s not going to find out. Even if he does, it won’t matter, I’m not going to let him hurt you.”

“It’s not me I’m worried about.”


“My thanks to you, Lucius, for bringing this… disgusting union to my attention.” Voldemort boomed, the Death Eaters around him hissing, laughing, and catcalling at the teen being held down on his knees at Voldemort’s feet. Next to Voldemort, being held in place by a death grip on the back of his throat, was a deathly pale blonde teen.

“Now, how shall we punish our dear young Malfoy?” Voldemort said, looking around at his Death Eaters as they called out horrible ideas and requests. But the look in the man’s eyes said he already had a sickening idea.

“Ah, perfect. Draco,” Voldemort turned to look at the teen next to him, while Draco continued to stare blankly at Harry. Harry’s head snapped up to lock eyes with Draco. “Draco, I want you to torture Mister Potter here. Seems a fitting punishment, don’t you think?”


Voldemort’s eyes flashed at Draco’s immediate response, but his lips curled into a sickening grin as he pointed his wand at Draco, “Crucio.”

Draco’s blood curdling scream tore through Harry as the blond fell to the ground and curled into himself, writhing in pain as he screamed until Voldemort lifted the curse. “Torture him.”

Draco lifted his head, his eyes soaked in painful tears. He looked at Harry, who had tear tracks running down his face as well, Harry silently mouthed, It’s okay. Lucius, the one holding Harry down in his kneeling position, had turned his head away.


“I wasn’t asking, Draco.” Voldemort responded softly, too calmly, pointing his wand once again at Draco. “Imperio.”

Draco’s body went rigid at first, as he tried to fight off Voldemort’s control. It was only a few moments, and then Draco’s body relaxed, his eyes glazed over, and he stood. Voldemort looked positively gleeful as he handed the boy his wand, and Draco slowly pointed it at Harry.

“I love you Draco.” Harry said softly, looking up at his boyfriend.


Harry’s head fell back as his spine arched and he screamed, eyes welling up with more tears. Tears for his pain, and tears for Draco. Lucius stepped away and let the boy fall to the ground. The spell only lasted for a moment, and Harry slowly got to his feet.

“Ah, it seems even my hate of you being channeled through Draco isn’t enough to make the spell have that much of an effect through the wand that your lover holds,” Voldemort laughed coldly, “At least as you die, you’ll know that he loved you. Now what was that spell that Severus told me about… Ah yes.”

“Sectumsempra!” Draco called out, and Harry was thrown off his feet, deep gashes opening up all over his torso and his blood spilling out onto the floor. Draco’s face remained completely passive, but tears began to form in the corner of his eyes.

“Much better Draco! Again.”

I love you Draco.

“Sectumsempra!” Draco’s voice shook as he called out the spell again, and Harry screamed out again and again, more deep gashes forming on his body as he rapidly lost blood. Draco’s tears spilled over down his cheeks, but Voldemort’s spell kept him in place.

Voldemort is not going to find out.


Harry’s voice broke as he screamed again, all the cuts all over his body making the Crucio spell feel ten times worse, even if it wasn’t as powerful.

I’m not going to let him hurt you.


It’s not me I’m worried about.

Harry’s screams were reduced to silent sobbing as his body rapidly paled, losing blood faster with every Crucio that Draco was forced to cast. Draco’s arm shook and he was openly crying now, tears streaming down his blank face.

“Just one more spell, Draco.” Voldemort said gleefully, his voice the only thing Harry or Draco could hear through the roar of physical and emotional pain.

“NO!!” Draco roared, finally breaking Voldemort’s hold and whipping around, punching Voldemort square in the jaw and catching him off guard before pointing his wand at the man, pure rage coursing through his veins, “Crucio! Crucio! Crucio! CRUCIO!!”

Voldemort hissed in rage and pain, Death Eater’s flying out in black smoke left and right, none of them wanting to get caught in the crossfire as Draco cast Cruciatus after Cruciatus after Cruciatus, some of them hitting Voldemort and others exploding the walls around him. Some Death Eater’s tried to stop him, but Draco’s rage exploded in accidental magic that created a shield around him, and they too disappeared.

Draco finally stopped casting his spells and while Voldemort was stunned, he all but flew to Harry’s side, and had barely held the limp and bleeding boy to him before he apparated away.

They both landed with a thud just outside the wards of Hogwarts, Harry coughed up blood before falling still and Draco lifted his wand, desperately trying to think of every happy memory with Harry that he had.

The day that they admitted to themselves that they loved each other. Then the day that they admitted it to each other. The lazy broomstick rides around the castle that they promised each other wouldn’t be a race, but always wound up becoming so. The first day that Harry told his friends about Draco and tightly held his hand as Weasley exploded. Their first Christmas together. Draco’s official Weasley sweater.

Draco cried out and a bright white eagle burst from his wand and flew toward the castle. His hoarse cry rang throughout the castle as Draco fell to his knees at Harry’s side. Harry had not moved since they landed there.

He was so pale. He’d lost so much blood.

Draco collected Harry against his body and continued to scream in rage and sorrow that were tearing their way throughout his body. Harry still wouldn’t move.

“Harry! Harry! Wake up Harry!”

“Draco…” Harry whispered, through his eyes didn’t open, “It’s okay.”

Draco’s sobs turned into a historical laugh as he pulled Harry closer. He could feel Harry’s body growing colder against him and he could feel Harry’s labored breathing against his chest.

“You’re going to make it, right Harry?” Draco said, his voice growing higher in his hysteria, “You’re always okay in the end. You’re the Boy Who Lived.”

“Draco…” Harry’s voice was growing fainter, “Just… Just hold me… Okay…?”

“No no nononono,” Draco held Harry tighter to him, feeling Harry’s breaths growing fainter and fainter, and the labored heartbeat slowly fading away as he sobbed and screamed himself hoarse.

The last thing Draco saw before he passed out from shock and stress with a cold bleeding Harry in his arms, was a cat with glasses shaped markings around it’s eyes streaking towards him.


A/N: Hey guys! I know it’s been awhile since I posted anything, school and work has been crazy! So, anyways, here is some supper angsty Drarry to brighten your day!

Any questions or complaints can be left with @otpdisaster, as I got the prompts that inspired this story from their blog. :D

PROMPT: Person A, without fail, adamantly interrupting Person B with harsh, self-deprecating comments whenever B tries to give A genuine compliments. Absolutely fed-up one day, Person B covers Person A’s mouth securely with duct tape and passionately lists all the traits they love about A without interference.


This is for y'all Bechloe fans! Love you all! Keep faith for our Bechloe-ever-after. Enjoy.


Chloe groaned for what seemed like the umpteenth time that day.

This wasn’t what she had in mind when she decided to ask Beca to come clothes shopping with her. She had imagined shyly taking the DJ’s hand and walking together from shop to shop, complimenting the younger girl; spoiling her. She wanted to coax her gently into Chloe’s world and in return, have Beca let her in to her own word.

Don’t get her wrong, every second she spends in the smaller girl’s company never failed to quicken her heart rate, make her hands sweaty… but even a bright ray of sunshine like Chloe has her limit.


Beca, on the other hand, couldn’t fathom how anyone could spend so many hours looking at pieces of fabric: t-shirts, trousers, coats… aisles upon aisles stuffed to the brim with clothes. It dawned on Beca, that she would literally, rather be anywhere else; including with Aubrey instead.

Side-stepping fallen shirts that lay crumpled on the floor, making a mental note to tidy her room, she held back a laugh as she saw two grown women fighting over the same t-shirt. That’s right. Grown women. God help her.


“Becs! Come on!” Chloe grit her teeth as annoyance seeped into her voice.

“I don’t see why I need to try this on Chlo! I thought we were shopping for you!” Beca bit back, her left eye twitching in frustration.

Normally Chloe would find herself smiling at the brunette’s twitch. It was a tell-tale sign that Beca was getting impatient. She would usually see it when observing Beca mix her music, not that Beca noticed. She was usually so immersed in what she was doing to realise that the world around her continued moving forward. Now however, Chloe ignored that and kept her eyes trained on Beca’s.

“Beca, you are my best friend. I wanted to go shopping with you. I wanted us to enjoy a day out together, without worrying about Worlds, or exams, or graduation!” Chloe could feel her eyes start to fill with tears.

Seeing that Chloe was truly upset, Beca backed down from the argument and moved closer to the redhead, resting her hands on Chloe’s shoulders.

“You’re right Chloe! I’m an ass and I’m sorry. I’ll try on whatever you choose for me, no complaints. I promise.”

Beca smiled as she saw Chloe’s demeanour change; the redhead physically perked up, a grin lighting up her whole face. The brunette felt her heart quicken and her breath catch in her throat. Damn Chloe’s beautiful eyes. So much for her badass persona.

“C'mon, let’s take a look at the dresses!” Chloe grabbed Beca’s hand and dragged her to the dresses. Beca’s eyes widened in horror.


Chloe was sat on the changing room chairs, her head in her hands, waiting for Beca to come out of the fitting room stall. The brunette had been in there 10 minutes and refused to come out and show her.

“For gods sake, Beca! If this is about modesty, I’ve already seen you naked!!” Chloe complained loudly in obvious impatience.

Chloe’s head shot up as she heard a door unlock. A mother and her young daughter exited from another stall, the mother shooting her a dirty look as she dragged the younger girl out of the room.

“I don’t like it Chlo! It doesn’t suit me at all!”

Chloe came up close to the door, placing both hands on the door and leaning her head against it, as if willing it to open.

“Just let me see it Becs. Please just open the door and let me see it for myself. You know I would never judge you or laugh at you.” Chloe pleaded.

She heard Beca sigh, soon followed by the sound of the door unlocking.

Chloe took her chance and entered Beca’s fitting room before Beca could change her mind. After re-locking the door, Chloe looked up and her jaw dropped.

There Beca stood in front of the mirror, clad in the simple red dress Chloe picked out for her; her back to the door. She looked beautiful.

Chloe dared not to breath, fearing that any louder noise may scare Beca.

“Becs… you look…” Chloe was lost for words.

“I know. I know. It looks awful.” Beca bluntly stated, her voice as emotionless as the look on her face. She turned to face Chloe, her arms wrapped protectively across her stomach.

Just as Chloe’s heart rate finally regained its normal pace, there Beca goes speeding it up again.

Beca’s words sunk in. Chloe’s eyes shot to Beca’s in fury.

“No Beca! Absolutely not! You look beautiful!” Chloe couldn’t help but raise her voice. How Beca couldn’t see what she could see, baffled her completely.

Beca gave her a self-depreciating smile, turning around to face her reflection again; her eyes lowering to gaze upon her figure.

“For starters, this dress makes me look fat… all the dresses you picked out for me make me look like a beached whale. It makes my pale skin look even paler. It clashes with my red cheeks, making me look like a tomato.”

Chloe was shaking her head as Beca spoke.

“My legs look like sticks, and it accentuates my knobbly knees and my large thigh gap… and my ass? Haha. What ass? It doesn’t even look like I have one. It shows off my cleavage, but I can kinda see some of the stretch marks there, which looks so unattractive. And don’t even get me started on-”

“-No!” Chloe’s eyes held a fire in them that Beca had never seen before. She could see the redhead’s hands clench into fists, shaking ever so slightly at the pain of her nails digging into her palm. Her bottom lip trembled as she tried to hold back her tears. Beca braced herself.

“How dare you!” Chloe shouted, her hands flailing as if she didn’t know how to use them.

Beca winced.

“How dare you stand there and talk shit about yourself!” Chloe had lowered her voice, but the bite still remained in her words.

“But-” Beca was interrupted by Chloe digging into her handbag, a look of severe determination on her face. She pulled out a… roll of duct tape? Uh-oh.

Chloe tore off a strip and leapt at Beca, covering her mouth firmly with the tape. Shocked by Chloe’s actions, the brunette remained paralysed in her spot until it sunk in what Chloe had done. She started struggling against the taller woman, outrage and betrayal spreading through her body like a wild fire.

Before she could rip the offending tape from her lips, Chloe grasped both her wrists in her hands and held them quickly behind Beca’s back. Beca continued to struggle against the redhead, not believing what Chloe had just done.

The taller woman pressed herself into Beca’s back, gently resting her chin on Beca’s right shoulder. Beca felt tense against her, and so she whispered into her ear to try and calm her down. “Please don’t do this, Beca. I’m sorry to have to restrain you like this, but it is not my intention to hurt you. Please just listen to me, that’s all I’m asking.”

Looking into the reflection of Beca’s eyes in the mirror, she could still see hurt swimming in the brunette’s eyes. Chloe’s stomach churned at the thought that she is the cause of the hurt, but this was important.

Gently pressing kiss into Beca’s shoulder first and then her temple, she felt Beca release a deep breath, her body slowly relaxing against her.

“You are so beautiful, Rebeca Mitchell. So very very beautiful.” She could feel Beca scoff, and saw Beca roll her eyes in disagreement. But once again, Chloe ignored it.

“You are the most beautiful woman I have ever met, Beca.”

She had Beca’s full attention now. Good.
Chloe knew that she needed to finally get what she was going to say off her chest. It had been there for too long now. Far too long.

Feeling her lower lip tremble with the emotion she was trying, and failing, to hold back; she felt a tear trail down her cheek, alarming Beca.

“Hearing you talk about yourself like that, you have no idea what it does to me Beca. My heart hurts to hear those words come from you, and it hurts even more to know that you truly believe them. Your head is feeding your heart lies, Bec… lies. You are not fat Beca. At all. And even if you were, I’d still think you were the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. So what if you are pale?! It doesn’t make you any less of a human being. It makes me want to slather you in sun cream and protect you from burning under the sun!” Chloe was half-serious with the last comment.

“I happen to love the redness in your cheeks. They are so endearing, and it’s why I love making you blush. They are hot under my hands when I hold your cheeks, and your cheeks are so soft to touch anyways. Your legs are not sticks and your knees are not knobbly. Your legs are slim and so smooth to touch, and your knees are so strong. I love that the muscle twitches when I lay my hand on your knees… and your ass… just wow. Throw on a pair of tight skinny jeans and I’m a goner. You in this dress though… talk about stuff from my fantasies. And as for your stretch marks, who cares? Practically every girl has them, they make you real Becs, not superficial. You are so real.”

Chloe’s eyes glazed over, clearly lost in her own thoughts. Beca nudged her.

“My point is that you are perfect to me, Beca. You see flaws, and all I see is how endearing they all are and how add up to make you who you are. You are so beautiful that it’s all I can do to not stare at you every single second we are together, and yet my eyes never stray too far from you. If you don’t love yourself, then let me show you that you are worth loving. Let me show you how beautiful you are to me. I can show you how to love yourself. Let me show you how to love yourself, by letting me love you. I love you Beca. Let me love you.”

FrostIron Prompt

Person B stabbed by a magical poisonous dagger that can only be removed by someone who truly loves them. No one knows this fact as B writhes in excruciating pain, but right before Person B takes their last gasp of air, Person A yanks out the blade with ease.

Prompt belongs too: @//otpdisaster


Loki cried out in pain, slumping to the ground moments after. “Argh, fuck!” He only realized then after that Tony was rubbing off on him, with all his Midgardian cursing.

His pale hands flew up to the dagger’s hilt, trying and failing to pull it out; it dawning on Loki that this wasn’t an ordinary dagger.

The god felt the poison slowly seep out of the blade, sinking into him. Another wave of pain crashed through him, causing him to wince and shudder.

His seidr soon reacted to the poison, keeping it at bay; sparing him longer to heal before it’s effects began. Loki tilted his head up, watching as the other mage was beaten by the hulk.

He wracked his brain for any information on an inremovable dagger, but his brain was fogging from the pain. The god felt a salty tear fall from his eye; he groaned and fell to the side.

Through the fog in his mind, he realized what it was. “Shit.” He gasped out, before another’s presence was made known.

“Hey Lokes, why aren’t you-” Tony froze, the dagger still prominently in Loki’s chest. The latter glared at him in fury, before another convulsion tore through him. He let out a strangled gasp as his seidr faded from the wound, the constant stream of poison overpowering it.

“Stark, go!” Loki whimpered, squeezing his eyes shut and tensing his body. “Wha- Why?! You’re dying!” Tony protested, the other gritting his teeth after.

“You CANNOT save me!” He snarled, voice sharper than intended. Tony felt a stab of hurt at the mage’s words. “Let me at least try,” He grumbled in response, bending down and gripping the hilt of the blade.

“Stark no you can’t it’s not a nor-” The blade seemingly slid out of his ribcage as Tony removed it, Loki being cut off as blood gushed from the now open wound.

“There.” Tony grunted, dropping the blood-covered blade onto the grass. He raised an eyebrow, looking at the god in suspicion. “What do you mean I couldn’t save you?” He laughed a bit.

Loki glared up at him, the gaping wound in his chest now glowing a soft green. “There, see; you’ll be fine.” Tony watched as the seidr healed the hole, knowing there was more going on the inside.

The mage felt as his seidr took its turn at overpowering the poison, he was going to be fine. “You fool!” He spat, “That could only be removed by so-” Loki paused. “Oh, shit.”



Pairing: Barry Allen x Reader

Genre: angst

Summary: Person A undergoing physical/mental torture that essentially leaves them broken and as the shell of the person they once were before. Person B saves them and cares for them, doing everything/anything in their power to bring some–any–semblance of their old self back. The day Person A cracks a smile, Person B nearly has a breakdown. (Prompt is from otpdisaster)

Barry knew telling (Y/N) that he was the Flash was dangerous, but he loved her too much not to. And the day he told her was the happiest day of her life.

The fact that he trusted her with such an enormous secret made her love him even more. And now it was the only thing keeping her alive.

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ladywolfmd  asked:

I found this from @otpdisaster: Person A being held hostage in exchange for B’s money. Person B furiously barges through the door and strangles the captor, purely over the fact that the sum demanded was nowhere near the amount A is worth. (Think this would go well with Jonsa lol)

oml I love this prompt, thanks for sending ♥ idk what this is really, a quick little pirate au … 

* * *

By now, Sansa had gotten quite used to being captured.

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My Sunshine


The Detective fell to floor as the bullet entered his body. The pain was unbearable. Blood was pouring out and no matter how much he tried, Abe could not stop the bleeding.
He knew one thing.
He wasn’t going to make it.

He cursed the bubblegum man under his breath, and pulled out his phone.
If he dying, he had a very important phone call to make…

*POV switch brought to you by Monokuma*

You were contently curled up reading your favourite book. Abe was out on a case but he said he’d be back later, and he had never broken a promise to you.
Abe was the best thing that had ever happened to you. Underneath his tough act was a heart of gold. He would move heaven and earth to make you happy.

You pulled out of your book by your phone ringing. Frowning you pulled out your phone to see who it was. The moment you saw the caller ID your frown was replaced by a smile.
You ignored the nagging confusion in the back of your mind and answered

“Abe! Hi there dumbass!”
A breathless laugh was the response you got. “Hey there sweetheart, how are you doing?”
“I’m doing OK, how about you? You sound off…”
There was a small pause. You began to worry, Abe spoke. “Yeah I’m fine, just had to run for a bit, I’ve got a stitch”
You gave a cheerful laugh, “you best come home so I can look after you silly!”
“Yeah… listen Y/N, you know I love you right?”
What had brought this about? Abe didn’t do the mussy stuff over the phone. He was very private with his affections. “Abe… I love you too, but are you sure that you’re OK?”

“Yeah… I just… I feel like I don’t tell you enough. I love you Y/N. You’re my world, everything that I ever wanted. I don’t deserve someone as wonderful, as beautiful, as handsome, as… perfect as you. You appeared before me, when I was in the lowest and darkest place I had ever been. And then you breezed in like nothing mattered… you saved me. I worship you. I’d trade my life for yours. Promise me that if anything ever happens to me… you’ll never forget about how much I love you.”

Tears were streaming down your face and you didn’t even know why. Abe had just gave a confession straight out of a book you had read. Why did your heart feel like it was breaking?
“Promise me Y/N!” The urgency in his voice was terrifying.
“I… I promise Abe. Please come home now!”
No response.
Still no response.

And there would never be anything again.

Your sunshine was gone.


*wipes the tears away* thanks to @otpdisaster for the prompty thingy.

Owie my feels

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Hi! I know this is super random. But I kind of just discovered whump has a tumblr community and your blog is amazing? Now that I know there are other folks out here, I've made a secondary blog myself for whumpy posts, but I don't have much on my dash yet. I already follow you of course :) but do you have any other names you'd suggest looking into?

Oh gosh, Nonny! You’re so sweet and wonderful! I love you already! :D

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There are a lot of whump blogs on Tumblr right now and even some that cater to specific niche interests or characters, so I’m sure you’ll have no problem filling your dash up with great stuff! And to get you started, here are some of the classic, long-running whump blogs that I consider “must follow” blogs and were the pioneers who were whumping on Tumblr even before the current surge in whumpdom! <3

@justwhumpythings for all your meta needs!
and @medicbaymax for medically accurate info for whump writers!

There’s also some new whump blogs who are providing great services to our growing community:

@whumpapedia - they’re making a database of whump!
@whump-confession - for all your anonymous confession needs!
@whumpspiration - posts all kinds of whumpy writing prompts!
@canyoutellmewhereithurts - writes whumpy fanfics on request!

If you’re a fan of Killian/OUAT and want some more fun content in that vein, I recommend @justsomewhump (a fellow Killian whumper) and @dirtylittleouatsecret (a blog devoted to naughty OUAT confessions).

Also, two non-whump blogs that may be of interest to whumpers…
@otpdisaster - angsty/disastrous prompts for your otp
@ropermike - men in bondage in mainstream media over the years (be warned, there are occasional nsfw posts on this blog).

Hope that helps you get some good posts on your dash, Nonny! And if you need even more, @fyeahvulnerablemen has a list of whump blogs here! Keep in mind, some are personal blogs of whumpers and some seem to no longer be updated, but it’s still a pretty comprehensive list of blogs to check out!

…and in making this post, I kinda realize we need a whump Yellow Pages XD

Favorite Man

For the otpdisaster could you write one for the reader and Sirius?

Imagine for Anon


You knew Sirius was extremely reckless sometimes and that’s exactly why you gave him a cell phone. You told him that anytime he needed anything to just give you a call or a text. For the most part, you just got normal texts and planned when your dates over phone calls, Sirius eventually admitted that he rather enjoyed using a cell phone rather than waiting for an owl to do the exact same job. At this point and time, Sirius was thankful for the phone more than he had ever been. His leather jacket had started to pool and gather the blood pouring from the gashes across his chest from a particularly nasty spell hitting him straight over the heart. He winced in agony as he left hand reached into his jacket and yanked out his phone. He wiped the blood from the screen onto his jeans and shakily dialed you up. After a few rings, he heared the phone connect “Love?” His voice comes through the phone groggy and dry. “Are you alright, Sirius? What’s wrong?” You didn’t hear his voice like this often and you knew he was either hurt or drunk and it seemed a little too early in the day for him to be drunk, but then again, Sirius was always surprising you. He cleared his throat, another searing stab of pain spread across his torso as he did so. “Yeah, I’m fine, just wanted to talk to you. I love you.” A smirk crept onto his lips and a giggle escaped yours.He would miss your laugh. The way the edges of your mouth curled up and a laugh slowly bubbled out of you, or even when the laughter would burst through your pink lips without warning. He would miss those lips. He would miss kissing you. The times when you just be talking about something that happened during your day and Sirius would use rough, calloused fingertips to pull your chin up until your lips met his. Sometimes the kisses were soft and a way to say I love you without needing to say it out loud, and sometimes the kisses were passionate and ended with growing hickeys on your collarbones and along his jawline. They would end in you catching your breath and feeling your swollen lips starting to bruise from him biting and pulling on them with his own soft ones. “I love you too,” your voice pulled him back from his thoughts, “how about we meet up at our usual restaurant for dinner tonight?” “I would love that,” his voice was dripping with excitement, which then turned to sadness knowing he wouldn’t live to go to dinner tonight, “but maybe another night. I’m a little busy at the moment.” He heard you sigh softly on the other end of the line and his heart began to rise into his throat. He hated disappointing you or letting you down, but he also wouldn’t be able to bear the sadness in your voice if he told you what was really going on. "I will always love more than anything in this world.” He spoke with such a tenderness that you knew he meant it. He knew you were upset and you knew the way it had an effect on him. “I love you too. I don’t know what I’d do without you,” you responded tenderly. Those words hit him and stung him stronger than any wound could. His pain radiated from every point in his body as he began to imagine the grief you would have to go there, having to figure out what you would do without him. He repeated his love for you incessantly as the phone conversation continued. You knew that it was slightly out of character for Sirius to act this way, but you didn’t mind it. Sirius always acted very macho and tough, but you knew with one touch you could make him melt into the sweet teddy bear he had come to be. Sirius didn’t want the call to end, but more importantly, he didn’t want to leave you. “Now that I’ve made it perfectly clear how much I adore you, tell me about your day,” he chuckled realizing that he had never called to say I love you this much and how weirded out you must be. You took in a breath and began to tell him all about your day, from the moment you woke to this exact moment in time. Somewhere after the story about going out to lunch and before the story of your bus ride home, Sirius’ vision blurred and then went dark. You began to tell him about your trip to the market when your voice began to fade away in his ears. The last thing he heard was your voice telling him how happy you were to see an incoming call from her most favorite man in the world. He smiled as he slipped away into nothingness, knowing that he was your favorite man. ——————— Xx all writing is the original work of L.D.A and if used all credit should be given to the author xX —————————— Please send in all your requests or ideas, I would love to write them! I really hope you enjoy this. Let me know what you wanna see next. Love you all x

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Person B hearing orgasmic sounds of pleasure coming from Person A in the room nearby. Intrigued and turned on, B opportunely enters the room, finding Person A eating their favorite food. 

I couldn’t resist: Peeta’s Mid Night Snack

 Peeta shifted in his bed.  His eyes looked to the clock on the night stand it was two in the morning.  Peeta swallowed thickly as he heard Katniss again.  

“Mmmm” her throaty moan made his body react and twitch.

His door was open because Katniss would join him when she had a nightmare or couldn’t sleep.  When it was a nightmare her screams would wake him up.   Tonight it was not her cries that awoke him.

“Oh,” she grunted.

Peeta licked his lips.  

“Ah,” her breathy high pitched sound caressed his skin and vibrated through his bones.  His hand shifted down toward the elastic of his pajama pant.  His breathing escalated.  His fingers itched to slip beneath the elastic. His imagination was running wild with vivid naughty scenarios of Katniss.  Peeta swallowed as he pictured what she was doing.  

“Katniss,” Peeta ground out as quietly as he could. At the sound of her name on his lips Peeta came to his senses.  This was Katniss who blushed at a heated look he gave her.  Katniss couldn’t or wouldn’t do what he was picturing.  

Curiosity propelled him forward.  He looked toward the door as he attached his leg.  Her groans made his hands shake.  Peeta had to find out what was going on. He stood on shaky legs and made the trek to her room.  He paused, took a deep breath, before he entered the room.

Katniss innocently sat on her bed a bowl of cheese buns in her lap and a cup of hot coco in her hand.  She was dipping the cheese bun in the chocolate and stuffing her face.  With wide child like grey eyes she gazed at him. Her cheeks were full and looked like chipmunks cheeks when eating a nut.  “Pee’ha, wha’s wong?”

“Nothing,” Peeta was embarrassed, his face red.

“Are you hungry?  Want some?”

Peeta’s blue eyes flickered over her body.  He was hungry.  And he realized this was the first time in a long time he was turned on. He laughed and brushed his hand through his hair.  “You don’t mind?”

“No, sharing is caring.” Katniss said moving over.

Peeta joined her on the bed.  Tonight they were sharing a cup of hot coco and cheese buns and in a months time they would be sharing each other.

I Guess We Should

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Word Count: 1239
Summary: Prompt from @otpdisaster - Person B overhearing Person A admit to C that while they love B more than anything in the world, they’re certain that B doesn’t love them back at all. Person B spends the rest of the day proving just how much they do sincerely love A.
Paring: Allison x Y/N

You huffed as you slammed the door of your locker shut. “I love her Lydia. I don’t know what to do anymore.” You confessed, glancing over at Allison who was walking towards her locker which was right next to yours. “Just tell her, I’m sure sh-“ you held your finger up to your lips, shushing Lydia. You had had a crush on Allison from her first day at Beacon Hills and nearly everyone knew this apart Allison herself. “Hey guys, you ready for class?” Allison asked as she grabbed her books from her locker. “As ready as I’ll ever be. I hate sitting through chem.” You sighed, you hated having to sit through a class where the teacher hated you and spent the whole lesson picking you out. Allison closed her locker and began walking to class, with you and Lydia following closely behind.

“I can’t, Lyds. I simply can’t. She doesn’t feel the same way, there’s no point in telling her.” You whispered, watching as Allison walk a few steps in front of you. There was no way you could ever tell her how you truly felt, so you did what you did every day. You buried your feelings down deep inside. You had hidden almost everything from everybody, except Lydia. Lydia was the only person that knew every little bit about you, but you wanted nothing more than to share yourself with Allison too.

As you walked into the classroom and sat in your usual place, Allison slipped into the seat right next to you, the spot where Lydia would normally sit. Lydia shrugged it off and sat in the seat in front of you both. Each second felt like a minute, and each minute felt like an hour. You didn’t understand why you felt so claustrophobic but you were certain you could feel Allison inching closer to you, or her hand occasionally brushing against the side your leg. It wasn’t that you didn’t mind, you loved the attention you were getting, but you didn’t know why she was doing this to you.
With less than five minutes before class was over, Allison scribbled something at the top of her notebook, nudging it towards the edge of the desk so you could see it, Come to mine after school? You swallowed nervously before writing sure underneath her own note. You looked up at Allison, who was taking notes on something the teacher was saying, and you noticed she couldn’t stop smiling.

The bell rang signalling the end of first period “Is everything ok, Alli?” You asked as you stood up, packing away your binder and notebook in your bag.  “Mmm hmm” Allison nodded, you knew something was up but you didn’t think much of it. You were just glad you were spending the afternoon with her alone. Lydia and Allison were both quick to rush out of class, but you needed to catch up with Lydia; surely she would know why Allison was suddenly acting weirdly around you. “Hey, Lyds! Wait up, do you know why Alli is suddenly being this way with me?” You whispered as you walked side by side. “N-no, I have no idea-” Lydia giggled “I’ve got to go, I’ll see you at lunch?” And that was it, Lydia had run off to catch up with Allison and you were none the wiser of why she suddenly wanted to hang out with you alone.

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Turning Time

Harry hated time turners. Honestly, he hated them. And he hated the guy who ‘improved’ them so that your soul goes back and re-enters your body so you don’t have to worry about running into your past self…

Of course these ‘new and improved’ time turners were only recommended for short trips into the past to amend small mistakes, and there were only three of them in the world. The ministry had found out about them, deemed them unsafe, and ordered them to all be destroyed. So the three that remained were very rare, very expensive, and very very hard to come by.

Naturally, that meant his beloved husband, Draco Malfoy, had to have one.

And Harry, being the selfless idiot that he was, had ‘borrowed’ it to go back to his 14 year old body in his fourth year and stop the horrible deaths that had started in that year. To stop Voldemort from rising in the first place, and then go find and destroy the horcruxes with his friends and his husband before Voldemort ever had the chance to rise again.

“Move it scarhead!”

Speaking of his husband… 14 year old Draco Malfoy shoved past him and his goons shoved Harry into the wall as he was leaving the castle. Harry felt the broken pieces of his heart shatter, as they always did when he was forced to remember that he and Draco weren’t together in this time period. When he was forced to remember that all the happy memories they had shared together were all a thing of the future… and when he was forced to remember the series of happy accidents that had occurred to land then together in the first place during 8th year. Happy accidents that he couldn’t hope to recreate, not unless the events of his past were allowed to happen again.

Could he let all those people die just so he could have his happy ending with Draco?

The answer was no.

He couldn’t put himself or even Draco above the lives and happiness of all those people.

And everything he did to get close to Draco, to make him see… just push him farther away.

And that was tearing Harry up inside.

He couldn’t even take solace with Hermione or Ron, because they had no idea about his original future relationship with Draco either, and would only think he was crazy if he tried to explain. Not to mention he had found it very difficult to relate to them at this age, as he was spiritually in his 30s and in his future they were married with their own Weasley brood. So he had wound up pushing them away as he fought through the Triwizard Tournament on his own.

He had already dug up evidence against Crouch Jr. masquerading as Mad-Eye Moody, and just before the start of the final Task in the tournament, had exposed him. The paranoid Fudge had immediately had the man kissed without a trial, but that had worked out in Harry’s favor as that meant that Voldemort still expected the cup to be a portkey, and would be thrown off guard by no one ever arriving in the graveyard. Hopefully thrown off guard enough for Harry to get away from the school at the end of term and start hunting for the Horcrux’s.

Now he was on his way to the final task, and would make his way through the maze. He didn’t really care who won, but he did have an advantage of already knowing what awaited him, and he still had to act like he cared. If he won he would still donate his winnings to Fred and George, so that fueled a bit more desire for him to win.

“Good luck Harry!” Speak of the devil, as twin hands slapped him on the back, “We’ve got great odds on you winning this thing! You’re going to make us very rich men!”

The twin guffawed as they slapped Harry on the back one more time and walked past him. Harry forced a weak laugh that he hoped sounded like nerves rather than the depression he was actually feeling.

Then he walked into the area for Champions and prepared for the task to begin.


The maze was much easier than Harry remembered it, but he supposed that was because he was older now, mentally anyways, and knew much more advanced magic than he should at this age. It also probably helped that he had walked this maze for years in his nightmares after the war.

So here he stood, staring at the bright blue and silver trophy, with no one else even near his location. But… every time he reached out to touch it, he got horrible flashbacks of that graveyard, and he couldn’t make himself grab it…

“Harry!” Cedric’s voice rang out behind him and he whipped around to see Cedric racing toward him, hand outstretched.


Even if the cup would take him to the graveyard, Cedric would not die this time!

Harry whipped around and grabbed the cup, and felt the sickeningly familiar feeling of being transported by a portkey. It was too late though, and he couldn’t let go, his hand was glued to the cup.

He was deathly white when he landed and looked around, but instead of a graveyard, he was back in front of the maze, and instead of deathly silence he could only hear the roaring of the crowd cheering his name. It took a moment before his mind recognized that everything was okay before he was able to drop the cup and breathe a sigh of relief.

Everyone came down to crowd around him, slap him on the back, and congratulate him on his victory.

For a moment, Harry was allowed to feel like a normal 14 year old boy that had just done something amazing. He smiled at the crowd around him.

And then all hell broke loose.

Word had gotten to Voldemort about Crouch Jr’s execution, and in retaliation he had sent death eaters or people under the imperious curse in with the crowd. Harry didn’t know which, but it didn’t matter, all that mattered was the curses flying around everywhere. Both from Voldemort’s people and from the members of the Order of the Pheonix that were in attendance.

People were falling all around him and it was clear that the Death Eaters were trying to get to him as panicked students and other onlookers tried to escape from the attack.

The world went into slow motion as Harry saw a flash of white blonde hair running through the mayhem, and he saw the bright green spell heading straight for Draco Malfoy’s back.

“Draco!!” Harry’s scream was inhuman as he dove in front of the spell, taking it right in the chest and falling to the ground at Draco’s feet.

“Wh-why…” Draco fell to his knees next to Harry, looking terrified, “Why would you do that you great bloody prat!?” Draco demanded, shaking the dying Harry.

Harry knew it was the killing curse that had hit him, but it was flowing through the scars in his magic from of the first time he had been hit with it, killing him slowly, one piece at a time.

All Harry could do was dissolve into hysterical laughter. Of course, how could he have been so stupid? He knew how to make Draco see. To show him why he died for him, and hopefully to show him how to complete Harry’s mission.

He pulled out his wand with the arm that hadn’t already died and pressed it to his temple, Draco’s worried face shifting to confusion as Harry drew a silvery white strand of his memories from his mind. It was long, and held every memory starting with fourth year in his original life and ending at this point. He held the wand out to Draco, “Take it. Please Draco.” He croaked out.

Shaking, Draco pulled out a potion’s flask from his satchel and let the strand of memory fall into it.

I love you Draco, Harry thought to himself…

I only hope you can discover that…

And then he died.


18 year old Draco flew out of the pensive, panting, his face white and his expression that of agony.

It had taken him four years.

Four years of proving himself to Harry’s friends and then the Order of the Pheonix so he could help destroy Voldemort for that stupid prat.

Four years to find and destroy all the horcruxes.

And four years and a bottle of Firewhiskey for him to finally work up the courage to watch Potter… no, Harry’s memories.

They broke him in two.

And now he vowed to watch and wait. Wait for the time turner that had caused all this to happen in the first place. The time turner that his… other self… had bought.

He would wait to he could go back to that fateful 4th year and stop Harry from getting himself killed.

And to slap him across the face for making him experience these memories.

But most importantly, to live that life with Harry he had seen in the pensive, the life he had taken away from him by some stupid bloody Gryffindor.

He would wait as long as it took.


Your OTP being lovers in the past life. Unfortunately, only Person A remembers everything and still loves B deeply. One day, Person B is attacked, but saved by Person A, who sacrifices themselves in the process, much to the confusion of Person B.

original prompt by @otpdisaster

Call Me

Quick, trashy Reinako drabble based on this prompt from otpdisaster

“What?” Rei picked up the phone off her desk and answeredit. She was supposed to be prepping for a meeting, but she figured if Haruka had called her, it must be something serious,  

“Hey, can’t I just call my stupid girlfriend to chat sometimes?” Mina laughed on the other end of the phone. “Maybe I’m feeling sentimental.”

Rei threw a packet of sticky noted into her briefcase. “Of course you’re feeling sentimental, I have something important to do. Why are you on Haruka’s phone?”

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I said I wouldn’t let you

@drarrysinful NO! I won’t let you hurt them with your Prompts from @otpdisaster I refuse!


“I Love you Draco.”

Draco woke to find himself in the hospital wing, the day was late, the last of the suns rays filtering in through the windows. The sheets are soft his skin and the soft hum of magic cradles him, turning his head he can just make out Madame Pomfrey bustling towards him, “Mister Malfoy! Oh thank Merlin!” She brings out her wand and mutters a quick spell, “Alright, it looks as though there was nothing too damaging done to you. Physically at least,” she gives him a pitying glance and lowers her wand, “How do you feel?” 

He shifts on the bed, his tired muscles groaning at the simple movement of sitting up, “I’m fine.” The wheels in his mind begin to turn, memories of Voldemort, of the Cruciatas, of Blood and Pain, of Harry; he tenses as the image of Harry laying in his arms as he bleeds to death rushes forward, “Harry! Where’s Harry!”

Madame Pomfrey rests her hands on his shoulders, “Mister Malfoy calm down!” He struggles against her, using what little strength he has to try and leave the bed, “Harry! I need to get to him! He’s hurt! He’s dying! Please!” Madame Pomfrey holds firm, “No Mister Malfoy, what you need is rest. You’ve been through an enormous amount of stress–” His magic lashes out as his attempts grow more desperate, a potion explodes to his left and showers the two of them in glass and its contents, “Harry! Harry!” 

There’s the sound of running feet and Professor McGonagall comes into view, “Mister Malfoy–” He ignores her, finally throwing off Madame Pomfrey and scrabbling to get past the woman, “Mr. Malfoy I apologize for what happens next. Stupefy!” And Draco stumbles into oblivion.


When he next wakes, he finds himself strapped down to the bed by his wrists and ankles. Its even later now, the sun completely gone from the sky, stars glittering in its place. Professor McGonagall sits to his right reading a book, he shifts to try to remove the restraints and McGonagall looks up, “I see your awake.” He ignores her, twisting his arm this way and that to see if he could slip his hand under the rope, “You won’t break them, nor will you pull yourself free. I cast the spell myself to make sure of it.” He tries one last time, trying to use wandless magic to free himself, but his exhaustion is immense and it doesn’t work. 

“Mister Malfoy please, we don’t want to keep you in the Hospital wing longer than we have to. If you calm yourself, I will remove the restraints and let you see Mister Potter.” Draco relents, his body going slack against covers, but his mind is still riddled with worry, riddled with the memory of Harry going limp in his arms, of his body growing colder and colder, his breath slowing into nonexistence. 

McGonagall gets up and moves to his side, “You won’t attempt anything, no rushing off, no fighting back, you must follow me and do as I say, is that understood?” Draco’s hands clench into fists, all he wants is to see Harry, to see him alive, to see that Harry somehow made it through that barrage of spells that he was forced to cast. He nods. 

With a flick of her wrist the restraints are gone, Draco sits up and removes the covers. When he is ready, McGonagall leads him to the back of the Hospital Wing, one of the beds has all the curtains drawn, a bubble of magic surrounds the curtains giving it a warm glow. McGonagall steps through the bubble and when she notices Draco has stopped she motions for him to follow, “It isn’t meant to keep people out Mister Malfoy, its a precaution for Mister Potter’s health.” 

Draco’s chest tightens painfully and he takes a deep breath as he steps forward. McGonagall parts the curtains and Draco feels his breath catch in his throat.

Harry rests on the bed, his skin a deathly pale, silver scars littered on almost every part of his body, potions upon potions rest next to the bed in case his health falls any further, and you can only tell he’s breathing if you look closely at the shallow rise and fall of his chest. But he is breathing. And that fact alone is enough to let the knot in Draco’s chest loosen. 

Draco slumps down in a chair by Harry’s side and reaches for his boyfriend’s hand,its cold to the touch, but its warmer than when they first escaped. Tears pool in Draco’s eyes, his voice no louder than a whisper, “Harry? Harry can you hear me? Please tell me you can hear me.” 

McGonagall slips out quietly and advises Pomfrey that no one other than she should disturb Mister Potter’s bed.

Draco clutches Harry’s hand, hoping to get some kind of response, “Harry I’m sorry. I’m so sorry,” tears fall freely, “I knew this would happen. I knew you would get hurt. I’m sorry… I’m so sorry.” He buries his head into Harry’s arm and sobs, the pain of it all like a knife carving into his heart with every tear. 


Draco stays there for days.

No one bothers him. No one tells him to leave.

Madame Pomfrey comes in every now and again to check on Harry, seeing if the potions and spells are doing their work, and then leaves again. The house elves alter the spell that makes the food from the feasts appear in the great hall so that a small portion appears in the Hospital Wing as well. But still Harry doesn’t wake up.

His heart beats faster, his skin returns to its normal dark hue, his breathing strengthens, and the scars fade into tiny slivers. But still he sleeps.

Draco tries talking to him, bringing up memories, antics, laughing dryly at old jokes that have lost their meaning. He tells Harry how much he loves him, how much he’s sorry, sometimes threatening Harry that he’ll leave him if he doesn’t wake up soon. Nothing works.

One day, two weeks after their return to Hogwarts, Madame Pomfrey suggests that Draco try eating in the Great Hall for a change, “Perhaps your friends will brighten you up a bit, it’ll do you good to have a change of scenery.” Draco bites his lip, not wanting to leave and have Harry wake up without him; Pomfrey places a gentle hand on his shoulder, “If he wakes up I’ll get you myself.” With a sigh Draco nods and gets ready to go, “I’ll be back soon Harry.” 

He tries to let go of Harry’s hand to leave, but Harry’s grip on them tightens. Green eyes open and gaze at Draco, “No… stay here…” Draco’s eyes widen and  tears gather once again, “Harry…” Harry tugs Draco’s hand in an attempt to pull him closer, and Draco wraps his arms around Harry, tears falling freely. 

Madame Pomfrey has the sense to leave, using the excuse that she needs to inform the Headmaster and Professor McGonagall. The boys don’t even notice her go, Draco sobs into Harry’s chest, “I thought… I thought… Oh gods, I thought I killed you…” Harry holds Draco tighter, placing a tender kiss to his forehead, “Its alright, I’m here. I’m here.” 

Draco pulls back slightly and kisses Harry tenderly, when he pulls away he knows that the waiting was worth it, “I love you Harry.”

Harry smiles, “I love you Draco.”



I Told You So

Originally posted by fellinlovewithblue

Word Count: 661
Summary: Prompt from @otpdisaster​ - Person A arguing with B to take a raincoat, despite it being sunny out. Person B comes home, drenched, snappy, and waiting for an inevitable “I told you so”. However, the moment Person B opens the door, they are assaulted with warm blankets, hot tea, and concerned cuddles from Person A.  
Paring: Allison x Y/N
“Look just take a coat, what if it rains?” Allison said, as she draped her grey coat over the crook of her arm. “I don’t care, it’s not going to rain. I’m not taking something I clearly don’t need-” You muttered. “Look outside, its sunny right now.” You pointed out of the window, proving what you had just said. “Okay, okay, but if it rains I’m not giving you my coat.” She teased, lacing her fingers with yours, as you both walked out the door. As you walked through the woods, on the same trail you walked almost everyday with Allison, you could feel the air getting colder. You were almost certain it was going to rain because you could hear a rumble of thunder in the distance as grey clouds started to form in the sky above you.

You were waiting for the inevitable ‘I told you so’ from Allison at any second, as she kept glancing down at you when she thought you wouldn’t notice. “Don’t say it” You mumbled, looking up at the smirk that had now appeared on Allison’s face. “Don’t say what? Don’t say I told you so? Because I really want to” Allison giggled, as she lifted up your hand, pressing her lips against your knuckles. “Well, you’ve just said it.”She took her coat from under her arm and held it out for you to slip your arms in it. “I didn’t say it, you’re just insinuating that I said it. We better get home before it sta-“ Allison couldn’t finish before it started to rain. She gripped your hand tighter as you both quickened up your pace trying to get home before you both got drenched. By the time you had reached the front of your house, you were both soaked and you rather irritated to say the least.

Allison unlocked the front door, kicking her boots off before she ran straight upstairs, into your bedroom where the blankets and towels were stored. She picked up a pile of blankets and two sets of clean clothes before running downstairs and into the kitchen to make you both a mug of hot cocoa, hanging everything over the radiator. “Aren’t you go to say it? ” You questioned, walking into the kitchen. Allison just shook her head and continued making the hot drinks. You used one of the, now warm towel to dry your hair, before slipping out of your wet through clothes.  Allison took the towel out of your hands and before you could say anything, she started drying your entire body. Her hands were everywhere. She rubbed the towel across your back, down your arms as she pressed light kisses on the back of your neck and shoulders.  “I- I can do the rest.” You giggled as you took the towel out of her hands, she just shrugged her shoulders, grabbing a towel to dry her own hair.

You were both still shivering from the cold weather you had just been out in, and you were still waiting for the snarky remark “I told you so” from Allison. “Here you go.” Allison said as she held out a mug of hot cocoa in front of you. “Thanks, Alli, for everything” You smiled, walking over to the sofa in the living room. You clambered onto the sofa, tucking your legs underneath yourself. Allison followed you in, arms full with her drink and warm blankets. She dropped onto the sofa, pulling you into her arms as she wrapped a blanket around you both. “Just say it. Just say that I was wrong and you was right” You muttered, sipping at your drink. “Honestly, I don’t want to say it, but you now know that when I say take a coat, you have to take a coat.” Allison giggled, wrapping her arms tighter around you. “But if you really want to hear it, I told you so” Allison merely whispered, before kissing the top of your head.