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"my irritating ex just walked into this cafe and i know u only sit next to me in my college class but just kiss me real quick" fake dating percabeth

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Don’t get him wrong, Percy despises coffee. He thinks that it’s highly overrated, tastes like actual dirt, and undrinkable no matter how much sugar or milk or vanilla people put in it. Honestly, he’s convinced there’s some sort of conspiracy where all of his classmates (and the entire world, basically) just pretend to be caffeine-addicted in order to confuse the actual hell out of him or maybe it’s just to sound relatable.

His hatred of the hot beverage doesn’t stop him from practically renting out a corner of Chimaera’s Coffee every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning before his eleven am class. Although he doesn’t particularly like the brand they sell, their tea is decent enough because any tea is decent when consumed at one hundred and seventy degrees, and their breakfast sandwiches have probably served as more than a few semesters worth of meals.

Percy found the place back in his freshman year, but never came back because, as stated previously, he hates coffee and never had a reason to surround himself in the aroma, until he realized it was close enough to his university that he could walk to it, but it was far away enough that no one else wanted to, especially when there’s a café on campus. So, he can park himself in this little corner of the store for a couple hours three days a week, get a piping cup of chamomile (it’s hard to mess up chamomile), and get any homework he needs to done or study for his upcoming classes or just watch an episode of Parks and Recreation in a relatively quiet setting (he’s on season six).

The shop is normally almost devoid of customers around the time he goes in—not many people need a caffeine fix at ten in the morning—and so it surprises him when he sees someone sitting in his booth. It’s a blonde girl he faintly recognizes, hunched over a laptop and cautiously sipping a cup of something that smells like coffee, but Percy supposes the entire store smells like that, so he shouldn’t judge, at least not so quickly.

He considers just grabbing a different table, but the outlet is right there and Percy really wants to finish this recall episode that he fell asleep watching last night. And his computer is nearly dead. So, he quietly slides in on the other side of the booth, and starts messing with own stuff until she speaks.

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percabeth + spin the bottle (and a kiss that goes on for longer than anyone would've expected?)

Honestly, he doesn’t know why he’s even here.

Well, that isn’t completely true. Technically, Percy’s here because it’s his cousin’s birthday and her father is out of town (like always), and like a cliché teenager, she’s throwing a party so large and obnoxious that she would have probably had the cops called on her a few hours ago, if there was another house within a quarter mile.

The real question is: why is he still here?

Half the attendees are either gone or passed out in one of the many bedrooms in vicinity, and most of those left (and awake) are, like him, downstairs in the spacious basement, drinking and being complete and utter idiots.

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two am

part one

After a snowstorm makes her flight run late, Annabeth, without a way home, is stuck at an airport at two am. AU all human.

“You’re joking.”

The man at the desk is not joking, of course, and Annabeth huffs in annoyance as he pleasantly gives her a receit for a replacement ticket and—once again—apologizes for the inconvenience.

She considers biting back with some snap, but quickly realizes that this man is certainly not to blame for the cancelled flight—that, she can pin on the temperamental northeast winter, which currently is expected to blow a huge storm in their direction in approximately ten to thirty minutes, as the one from further south in Pennsylvania has been consistently moving toward Manhattan since it began.

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overheard conversations

i love sally a lot, and i love to write her, so it’s likely you’ll get a lot of sort-of linked fics at some point.

Percy has never been one for long, winding lectures, about things that he honestly cares nothing about, probably something to do with his short attention span, so it’s definitely comes as a surprise when his mother finds him sprawled out across his bed on his stomach, hand tucked underneath his chin, seemingly listening with a certain determination, to someone speaking on the other side of the room.

She doesn’t mean to pry, truly, but her son has been rather unlike himself of the late. This, of course, means that Sally stands, back against the wall and an empty laundry basket pressing into her hip, peeking at him through the few inches of space between the door and the frame.

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