Imagine your OTP.

A is a teacher.
B is a YouTuber.
A: It was really hard day. Sometimes I hate my job and teenagers.
B: Hmm.. Yea…
A: Did you listen m..?
B: Tomorrow I’m meeting this my fans! Is this really cool, isn’t it?😃😃😃
A: Is more your fans are school kids?
A:*deep noise *
A: Great. *sarcasm*

That feeling you get

When your OTP kiss

that bubbly and tingly feeling in your stomach when you can’t help but smile

when your whole body crunches of delight at the pure sight of these beautiful human beings

when you feel like doing weird hand gestures to express your feelings

when everything else no longer matter

when you’re just so happy you got to see when they shared that moment

That’s the best feeling ever