“Would you want to live with any of the others?” “No.”

“You two live together?” “Yeah, me and Harry.”

“Harry gets annoyed if he is on the phone with Louis and Louis doesn’t say "I love you” before hanging up.“

"Harry and Louis are like an old married couple.”

“I think he’s always wonderful.”

“You’ll never leave Louis.” “No, never.”

“I’d fancy Harry. He’s quite charming.”

“Hot and dangerous.”

“Handsome, manly, and rugged.”

“Since the x factor, me and Louis have always said we wanted to move in together. That was it. It just kind of happened.”

“My first crush was Louis Tomlinson.” “How does he feel about you?” “Mutual, we’ve discussed it.”

“Always in my heart, Harry Styles.”

“Who would be your dream valentine, Harry? You can have anyone in the world.” “You.”

“There’s something between Harry and Louis we can’t explain.”

“Harry and I always share a room.”

“Do you have girlfriends?” “Boyfriend.”

“Harry my boyfriend.”

“Harry’s beautiful.”

“Now kiss me, you fool!”

“‘Should we all go away at Christmas with H and Anne, as I might miss him?’”

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4:59, after Liam sings “I cannot hide this, even though I try”, Louis looks right at Harry.