otp; they bonded by killing

Ok I gotta talk about these highlighted sections here. Because I’ve got questions.

How does Mor know when Azriel will arrive? She’s there when he arrives. Every time. Az is the freaking spymaster, he’s sneaky and secretive as hell, but Mor knows when he’s going to return. And unless she’s getting Cassian to fly her up there she’s walking up those however many ridiculously numbered steps to meet him. That takes effort and planning. UNLESS SHE’S USING HER IMMENSE POWER THAT WE KNOW ALMOST NOTHING TO GET UP THERE INSTEAD!

Yet she’s there and she waiting!

AND WHAT GOES ON AT THE HOUSE!? What is IT!? These are things I need to know. And look at them. Mor is the only one to get Azriel to take a break… these two are really killing me.


Even though you did try to kill me