otp; riley x terrell


No, you’re wrong Tiffany. He is wrong. I’m right this time! He’s no good for you or anybody. He's destroying you from the inside out.

You don’t have any idea what you’re talking about Kelly. I don’t stick my nose in your business, so keep yours out of mine. 

Yeah. Go home to Alex. I’m sure he’ll brainwash you like he has been for the past year.

Not sure what happened after that. All I know is I snapped.



“Thank you.” These people always warmed my heart. “I just wanted to start by saying thank you for staying behind me all these years! I wouldn’t be anywhere with you and all of your su-” I’m insatiable. Taryn? What is she doing?

Off script. Off record. “Kelly, I wanted to come down and say congratulations on your 6 year anniversary with the company.” All I could do is put on that big fake smile evne though I wanted nothing more than to slap that look off her face.

“Well thanks, Tiff but I wans’t done yet.” I simply smiled before turning back to the audience. “As I was sayting, I-”

“I’m not finished yet, Kelly.” I interrupted again, holding my hand up. “We're friends, right?” I smiled, waiting for her answer. Watching her nod slowly made me realize she knew something was up. “I don’t think we are and you know why.” I stepped closer to her, keeping my eyes on hers. “But please, carry on with your celebration.” I smirked slightly before stepping back and stepping out of the ring, walking back up the ramp facing her as I reached the top. “Toodles, Kel.”

“What are you talking about?" Hell, that girl has flipped a lid somewhere. She left just as quick as she came. More questions than answers. 


“I’m not out here to cause trouble, Kelly.” Stating facts I was still pretty hesitant about getting in that ring. “I’m letting it out. Since you clearly choose to deny everything.” I managed to keep my distance but Barbs clearly didn’t feel the same way. “No, don’t come near me.” What the hell, she’s cursing me under her breath. Whatever. She needed to know. “You cost me the one thing I care about in this damn company. I don’t care if I get in trouble for saying it.”

“Think about what you’re doing!” That mic was mine now and I’m gonna tell Riley what’s on my mind. He’s not gonna come out here and ruin my moment. My time is now. He had his. "Look here, Riley. I didn’t do anything to jepordize your career here! Whatever you do is your damn fault.“

"Shut up!” I grabbed that mic from her hand you could've swore it would’ve left a mark. “Just shut up! You cost me Tiffany!”

“Heartfelt.” I smiled, standing on the apron.

Holy shit, she heard all of that? She’s gonna kill me. “Yes, Tiff?”

Barbs decided she was gonna take matters into her own hands. “Nobody asked for your presence, Tiff!”


“What? But, he wouldn-” I had never felt so many different emotions at once. Part of me wanted to unleash fury that nobody knew I had in me. Another part wanted me wanted to curl up and cry. Hell, I was at work. Can’t break down around here.

I needed to see her. I missed her. God, avoiding her was probably not the best thing to do. Shit. Oh well, here I go. “Hey Tar. What are y- whoa." The energy was totally different than normal. No bubbly, happy Taryn.  "Taryn, what’s wrong?" 

"Wrong, Kev?” The serious tone in my voice had gone from normal serious to pissed off serious. “You wanna know what’s wrong?” I stood up and got inches away from him, holding my phone up to his face. “Friends? I don’t think so. Friends don’t canoodle at parties like that, Kev.” I dropped my hand as he held onto my phone. “You’re a different person to me now.” I let out before walking past him and out of the room.

Damn it. This changes everything. 


I was going to be fired. I knew it. That wasn’t the worst part. She had to fire me. That’s what was gonna hurt.

Please help me in welcoming, Alex Riley. Here it comes. No, if only he knew why he was coming out here.

Here it goes. Tiffany? I was ready to hear the words.Alex, your actions toward Kelly… I couldn’t say it because, in honesty, she got what she deserved for running her mouth. You know what? Shit. She’s going to- wait. She stopped. That’s not whats suppose to happen. Yes, Tiffany? 

No, you’re not fired. I’m not firing you. Off script. We may both get fired now. Might as well go out with a bang. Not fired? I was shocked. Awestruck, even that she was going off. I met her eyes and I knew what she was doing. Sweet thing she was. I couldn’t help it. I just grabbed her and kissed like there wasn’t a million people in the stands.