otp; promise of a lifetime


    Synchronized side by side… lets stop and freeze time. Go on close your eyes,                     recollect all of our memories. Let our shadows form one silhouette for i’m                            praying you won’t forget me and all of our memories…Tears of our last goodbye.

April 3rd with a heavy heart.


              “The love i’m sending ain’t making it through to your heart however,                                                     no engagement can amount to your friendship

Didn’t you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive!

“Congratulations, I’m happy for you!”

Some messy panels from my narusaku mini doujinshi (I might post it too). I got inspired when i saw Sakura`s  “smile” in naruhina wedding and wanted to add a story behind it. In here she realizes that Naruto can`t be with her anymore, yet she still pretends to be happy for his marriage.

Sorry for my horrible English!

I will forever love NaruSaku it brings me such joy seeing them together they protected, supported and believed in each other. They taught me so much and I’m glad they were spared the fuckery that happened with the ending I don’t know how anyone could be happy with deadbeat dads who married people because they were forced to or because the author doesn’t know. 

They had such a strong emotional bond that only a few relationships in that entire series had and no one can take that away no one can change that. No matter how much people like to deny their bond and love they have for each other. They will never erase their moments they had they can never change and no amount of shit pulling can change that either.