otp; our day will come

Alright, first I’d like to start off with an apology.

I love my OTP, and desperately so, but I just haven’t been that inspired to write (write anything, really, not just them) so I thought I’d make an AMV on my old, crusty laptop instead (since my new one – as well as my graphic tablet – was stolen recently, as some of you know). Now, unfortunately, I come to you both late on this – the magical international day celebrating our OTP – as well as coming to you with an incomplete product.

I state repeatedly; I love my – our – OTP to death. I feel so ashamed that I couldn’t complete something for the sake of this love because of all of my other obligations… but here’s what I’ve got and I wanted to share it with everyone. Please know that I will be spending my free time this weekend after work finishing it up and will – pray to goodness – have the whole thing uploaded by Sunday evening.

Now, onto the video. As you can probably tell just by listening to the lyrics (and this is a pretty old song so a lot of you may already know it), I decided to use this particular musical marvel because it stresses the loyalty that Misty showed Ash throughout their travels, as well as noting the value and care she still holds in their bond even after their separation from one another. It takes into account the good and bad of their relationship, the fights, the banter, the time apart, the mutual everything, and lays it bare, acknowledges it for what it is, and holds it dear.

That is the point of this video, to remind everyone of what they had… using my limited stash of episode/movie footage. Lol.

Anyway, please enjoy! All likes and reblogs would be appreciated! And, again, I will be spending my few free hours this weekend after work trying to piece the rest of it together so please stay tuned!