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Haikyuu!! Drinking Game

Haikyuu!! Drinking Game


1. Each time a character says the following, drink one shot:
-Nice receive
-Nice kill
-Nice serve
-Don’t mind, dont mind!
-Chance ball
-Gomen, tsukki.
-Hinata boke.

2. When your OTP touches (intentional or unintentional, on any body part) drink two shots

How many episodes can you last? Feel free to add rules. :3


It is our only logical option.

Honestly my favorite line in Truman’s Last Chance is “don’t cry on the upholstery,” and it’s all in the delivery of the line. He says it softly, warmly. He doesn’t say it to irritate Casey, and he doesn’t say it because he actually cares that much (Derek is driving The Prince! I doubt that upholstery is all that nice anyway). He says it to make her smile.

It sounds like something he would say. He’s trying to make her feel better by acting how he normally would, which is, insensitively. Except, that his tone is too gentle for it to actually be insensitive. He says it and she smiles, with a slightly exasperated eye roll, but still. She’s smiling through her Truman Tears because Derek is being Derek. And that’s exactly what he wants. She smiles, and he smiles right back.

“don’t cry on the upholstery” is Derek’s way of telling Casey that it’s going to be okay, and you can tell by her smile that she knows exactly what he’s doing.


why did you do it? you held my life in your hands.

(for @rivendells, on our first anniversary of seeing the otp that would inspire endless writing and relentless muses. now, go finish your fic.)

  • Keith: ...Lance?
  • Lance: Yes, Keith?
  • Keith: I know this mission is dangerous and there's a 90 % chance that we might get killed...*comes very close to him*
  • Lance: Nah, I'm sure we'll - Hey, um, Keith...what are you doing? *blushes*
  • Keith: ...and since this may be the last time we see each other...*comes even closer until they're only inches apart*
  • Lance: *blushes even more but doesn't back away*
  • Keith: ...I...I just want to say...
  • Lance: *already closes his eyes, ready to kiss him* ...yes?
  • Keith: you have something stuck between your teeth, Lance. There, you see? *lifts pocket mirror*

My husband pointed out something interesting last and I thought I would share:

In the last Fairy Tail chapter Zervis became cannon (we all know how much we squealed at that) and Zeref kissed Mavis after confessing his love for her. And she dies! Zeref kissed her and she DIES! -takes a moment to scream in frustration-

But Mavis never got a chance to say how she felt. And this is the part that got me thinking: ZEREF STILL LIVES. If loving someone is the ultimate contradiction and Mavis also has the same curse as Zeref, then, if Mavis loved Zeref, shouldn’t he have died too?

Because his love for her killed her. If her love was the same as his love, then when he kissed her they both should have died. So is Zervis really cannon? Or did Zeref kiss Mavis before she could reject him?

Just some food for thought. Don’t hate me!


Hunger Games + Book Moments

“He can wrestle,” I tell Haymitch. “He came in second in our school competition last year, only after his brother.”

“What use is that? How many times have you seen someone wrestle someone to death?” says Peeta in disgust.

“There’s always hand-to-hand combat. All you need is to come up with a knife, and you’ll at least stand  a chance. If I get jumped, I’m dead!” I can hear my voice rising in anger.

“But you won’t! You’ll be living up in some tree eating raw squirrels and picking off people with arrows. You know what my mother said to me when she came to say good-bye, as if to cheer me up, she says maybe District Twelve will finally have a winner. Then I realized, she didn’t mean me, she meant you!” bursts out Peeta.

“Oh, she meant you,” I say with a wave of dismissal.

“She said, ‘She’s a survivor, that one.’ She is,” says Peeta.

That pulls me up short. Did his mother really say that about me? Did she rate me over her son? I see the pain in Peeta’s eyes and know he isn’t lying.

Suddenly I’m behind the bakery and I can feel the chill of the rain running down my back, the hollowness in my belly. I sound eleven years old when I speak. “But only because someone helped me.”

The Olicity vows last night made me so emotional but these two moments broke me.

Oliver saying And I don’t know if I still deserve that trust… if I deserve you.” was heartbreaking enough but when he turns to the officiant and says…

that broke my heart into tiny pieces. Very tiny pieces. :(

Then this moment when Oliver says, “You are my always. And I just want the chance to be yours.”  and Felicity responds with a barely audible…

Yup. Those tiny pieces of my heart were then stomped on, put back together so my heart could break into tiny pieces once again. Oh, this hurt so much but at the same time was so beautiful. Just look at their eyes and their body language. So much love but so much hurt. 

There is no question that Felicity is the love of Oliver’s life and Oliver is the love of Felicity’s life. No doubt. Now they just have to figure out if their love and relationship is worth fighting for. Is it worth digging deep into some uncomfortable places and taking a long look at themselves and doing things differently. 

I believe they will go there both individually and together. They will come out of this stronger and more in love. Is that is even possible with Olicity? I believe it is because they are still growing and learning more about each other as they go through all of these trials and tribulations. This is not going to be easy but I believe because of who they are and their foundations of friendship and love, they will be together…forever.

Yikes. I didn’t plan to ramble on.