otp; it's been true for a long time

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But like these stans think Michael has taken off time to make his relationship with Gross work right? It's been nine months. If it takes that much work it can't be saved

Its a tough life stanning for a true love story that no one else cares about. How long was he supposed to have been in sunny SA ”getting a nice tan”? Six weeks?? and then he goes to SXSW looking like this

At the end of the day, how willing would you be to admit your OTP was a farce?

lately ive been seeing a lot of new ships coming up….so i thought it would be time to show yall my true otp. clog.

every night when clyde goes to sleep, clyde frog looms over him and tucks him in. afterwards, he climbs under the bed to eat clyde’s childhood memories. whenever they kiss, clyde frog’s lips stay wet. for a long time. because its made out of cotton and tears. clyde frog also tops in every situation, clyde loves it