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Real quick because it was driving me nuts; the rest of the part I intended to write for the Quirkless!Izuku au that I’ve been doing but couldn’t fit. I also call this story The Ethics of Sportsmanship (How Life isn’t Fair) which means that I’m in trouble because once I name something it grows into a larger story that goes on ao3. I guess at some point I’ll be cleaning this up and doing rewrites on it.

Part one is here, part two is here, part three is here.

Midoriya beats the other General Studies student easily. Apparently Midoriya is familiar with his quirk and the best ways to counter it. Shouto destroys Sero in combat and feels terrible about taking out his irritation on someone who has never been anything but kind in class.

Shouto passes the rest of the round thinking about his match with Midoriya. Midoriya knows the ice side of his quirk fairly well, they talked about it at length during the USJ attack and Shouto wouldn’t be surprised if Midoriya has his own observations to add. Shouto has the advantage of overwhelming power to Midoriya’s complete lack of it. He has no idea how Midoriya plans to win but he also knows that Midoriya won’t give up.

They stand across from each other in front of the entirety of Japan and Midoriya’s determined face reminds Shouto of the anger he saw Midoriya show before Shouto explained his past except more tempered.

“Midoriya,” Shouto greets as Present Mic does introductions.

“Todoroki-kun,” Midoriya greets back.

“Sorry about this,” Shouto says, because he really is.

Midoriya’s determined face gets more intense and then there’s no more time for words because the match is starting.

Shouto produces a large wave of ice, similar to the ice he produced during his match with Sero. There’s so much of it that it blocks his vision and he breathes out frost as he straightens up to examine the large iceberg. He can’t see Midoriya inside of it but he doesn’t have time to be concerned that he’s hurt Midoriya because the boy in question punches him in the face from his left side.

It isn’t hard enough to do much more than push Shouto back but it still hurts.

“Don’t be an asshole,” Midoriya cries, and then he punches Shouto in the ribs.

Shouto turns, bringing his right hand up to grab hold of Midoriya and freeze him in place but Midoriya is light on his feet. Shouto has no idea what kind of training someone without a quirk does but it must focus on dodging because he’s a slippery fighter.

Midoriya stays on Shouto’s right side and every time Shouto turns Midoriya circles him. He’s not just on Shouto’s right side but he’s also staying slightly behind Shouto so that he can’t get a good look at what Midoriya’s doing. Shouto takes two more punches to the ribs, still not strong enough to do any damage, before he’s had enough.

Instead of turning to the left to try to catch Midoriya where he can see him he spins to the right and throws his arm out behind him somewhat blindly. Midoriya makes a cute squeaking noise in surprise when Shouto’s fingers brush skin and he has no idea what he’s touching but he freezes it as much as he can before Midoriya pulls back. 

There’s a foot on Shouto’s lower back and he’s kicked forward before he can regain his balance from his spin. He does a somersault and whips around to see that he’s frozen Midoriya’s right cheek and jaw.

“Cold,” Midoriya says, rubbing at the ice with one hand like he might be able to melt it off quickly.

“That’s the idea,” Shouto replies, sending another wave of ice Midoriya’s direction.

Once again, Midoriya is surprising. He jumps over the wave of ice. It’s short enough this close that Midoriya clears it easily, jumping straight for Shouto. He’s aiming for Shouto’s left side again and Shouto isn’t fast enough to get out of the way or turn his body. Midoriya grabs his left shoulder, gets his feet back under him, and does the same throw he had used on Shinsou.

This time Shouto gets his right hand on the back of Midoriya’s uniform. He freezes it as much as possible, giving himself a jumping off point to freeze Midoriya completely the next time he can get a hand on Midoriya’s person, before his back makes contact with the concrete and the wind is knocked out of him.

Shouto slaps his right hand to the stage and spreads ice in Midoriya’s direction. With the wind knocked out of him it’s hard to control and Midoriya dodges it easily but it buys Shouto time. 

“Stop holding back,” Midoriya says and when Shouto sits up he can see that Midoriya’s expression is still determined anger. “I’m quirkless, with power like yours you should be beating me but you’ll lose because you can’t even be bothered to actually try.”

Shouto grinds his teeth together. “I told you.”

“Don’t make excuses,” Izuku spits and something that sounds like hurt is edging into his voice. “Don’t look down on me.”

Shouto surges upwards, hands outstretched to grab Midoriya and end this once and for all where Midoriya can’t dodge but Midoriya dances backwards and rips his half frozen jacket off as he goes, throwing it in Shouto’s face. By the time Shouto gets the fabric out of his vision Midoriya has run back to Shouto’s left side and he’s bringing his fist up to punch Shouto in the face again. Shouto jerks his head back and Midoriya’s fist almost grazes his nose. All Shouto can see is tan skin and he grabs it with his right hand and encases it in ice.

With a jerk Midoriya wrenches his arm out of Shouto’s grip. It’s completely frozen now but that doesn’t slow Midoriya down. He spins, lashing out with his frozen arm and hitting Shouto in the back of the head with his new ice block weapon. Shouto curses.

“This isn’t everything you can do,” Midoriya cries, dancing back and out of the way of a the plain punch Shouto throws at him with his left hand.

“I’m not going to use his fire,” Shouto growls, turning to face Midoriya fully.

“It’s not his, it’s yours.” Midoriya says back. They’re both just standing in the middle of the ring now and Midoriya’s green eyes seem to swallow Shouto’s entire world. “It’s your quirk and if you won’t even use it then what’s the point of trying to become a hero?”

Shouto thinks of Midoriya, quirkless and doing everything in his power to become a hero. He thinks of All Might and the words he had forgotten until just now. He thinks of his mother. 

He bursts into flame.

Midoriya smiles and to Shouto it looks a little crazy. His eyes reflect back Shouto’s fire, highlighting the golds in the green and making them look stunning. 

“Amazing,” Midoriya says quietly but somehow Shouto can still hear him. “Beautiful.”

Shouto wants to tell him that he’s wrong, Midoriya is the beautiful one, but that seems inappropriate. Instead he says, “Don’t smile. You’ve lost.”

“No,” Midoriya says. “I’ve won.”

Shouto’s heart skips a beat because Midoriya was doing this on purpose. Midoriya was trying to make him feel this way, powerful and heroic and complete.

Midoriya rushes him again but with fire blanketing Shouto’s left side there’s nowhere for Midoriya to strike. Still, he manages to melt the ice encasing his arm on Shouto’s fire before Shouto traps his feet. He builds the ice up Midoriya’s legs to his waist because he isn’t taking anymore chances with Midoriya’s tenacity.

Before the match is called Shouto looks Midoriya in the eye. “Thank you.”

This time Midoriya looks away. “Don’t thank me.”

Shouto opens his mouth to ask why but Midnight calls the match and the crowd loses their minds.

All I want is a main character to be gay.

I don’t want one of the ‘main’ side characters within the show, I want the actual main character in which the entire show revolves around.

I don’t want the entire show to be about them being gay, I want the show to be about something entirely different. And maybe in season 2 they meet this cute other character and they fall in love, and it’s just a little side-on thing which isn’t really important to the story other than they’re happy.

I don’t want them to be gay entirely for the shock factor, or some cheap sex scene. I want cute PG gay couple who are healthy and happy.

I don’t want it suggested that they’re together in some cryptic frendship/relationship way. I want 100% undenialable gayness. I don’t want queer baiting either.

And I want them both to stay alive.

Is that too much to ask for?

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Shouto's going to try to talk quirkless Izuku out of doing the 1 on 1 fights after they finish up the cavalry battle, isn't he? (Since he won't be dragging him off to ask if he's All Might's love child for obvious reasons). Not sure why Shouto would spill the backstory though... Maybe Izuku gets fed up and says something to the effect of "You keep going on about my lack of a quirk, but you actually have a quirk and yet you only use half of it!" making Shouto feel he must explain.

It’s that time again. Time to do as requested and continue a series that a lot of people seem to really love. I hope you enjoy the continuation of Shouto and Quirkless!Izuku.

Special thanks to the requesters; @sassytherivergoddess @5ft @asexualkittyclaws @interstellarmonkeys @ladysunami

Part one can be found here, part two can be found here.

When Midnight announces that the winner of the footrace is going to be worth ten million points in the cavalry battle Shouto can’t help but wonder if Yuuei is trying to kill Midoriya. Maybe he’s messing with fate. Still, he has a compulsion to try.

During the team building phase everyone avoids Midoriya like the plague. He’s approached by someone from the Support Course first, who he seems to agree to team up with tearfully. Next he goes to the purple haired boy and only other General Studies student in this part of the competition. They argue and they don’t end up teaming up. After that Shouto loses sight of Midoriya when Kaminari distracts him.

In another life, maybe, he would have tried to be on the same team as Midoriya to take advantage of Midoriya’s tactical mind to win but his second goal for the game is to take Midoriya’s headband as quickly as possible in order to remove the target from Midoriya’s back. He can’t do that and win if Midoriya is on his team so he builds his team from classmates and resolves to focus on winning first and removing Midoriya from the game second.

After the planning period is over Shouto’s eyes find Midoriya again, sitting atop Tokoyami, Uraraka, and the Support Course girl. Shouto prepares himself and makes it his mission to take care of Midoriya’s team as soon as possible.

He doesn’t get the chance.

As soon as the game begins Midoriya’s team takes to the air where the only one who can touch them is Bakugou with the aid of his explosions, only for Bakugou to be knocked away by Dark Shadow. Shouto has Kaminari disable most of the field and he freezes them in place, taking several headbands on his way past for insurance. Much like the footrace, Shouto chases Midoriya down from the ground while Midoriya flies through the air. 

It takes over half of the allotted time for Shouto to finally corner Midoriya in a field of ice. His support items are broken, which Shouto thinks means that he’s won. Of course, Midoriya is tricky.

Midoriya seems to have noticed that he only produces ice from his right side and he keeps to the left, stopping Shouto from freezing him in place. Kaminari is out of commission and every time they get too close Dark Shadow pushes them back. Midoriya buys time until there is only a minute left and Shouto is getting desperate to remove Midoriya from the games. Iida comes through at the last second with a frankly terrifying burst of speed and it seems like Midoriya’s team will end the game with zero points.

What Shouto did not expect was for Midoriya to rush them. Midoriya’s team is still coming at him from his left side and Iida is in the way of his right. Iida can’t move, apparently, which leaves it up to Shouto to protect their points for the last ten seconds.

Dark Shadow seems to be everywhere and Shouto can’t take to the air like Bakugou. Dark Shadow keeps up the pressure and Shouto tries to dodge without falling and he sees Midoriya’s hand out of the corner of his eye. With a sudden panic, the sudden overwhelming thought that they will lose at the last second, fire erupts from Shouto’s left side. Midoriya’s hand snatches back and Shouto’s first thought is that he’s burned Midoriya. He forces the fire down with disgust, both at himself and his father, but then he feels a tug at the bands around his neck and turns his head in time to see Midoriya make off with three of them.

Shouto turns, reaches out to try to snatch them back. He hears Bakugou’s war cry before Midnight calls time and Shouto is frozen with his hand outstretched towards Midoriya, who holds just enough points in his hands to move on to the next round.

When Iida, Yaoyorozu, and Kaminari let him down he can only stare at his hands, specifically his left one which lit up with fire the moment he was cornered.

“What was that?”

Shouto looks up, feeling a little lost. Midoriya stands in front of him but Shouto isn’t sure when he got there.

“I’m sorry?”

“The fire,” Midoriya clarifies. “I didn’t know you could make fire.”

“Didn’t you?” Shouto wants to ask, but instead he says, “I can but I don’t.”

“You can but you don’t,” Midoriya echos. Shouto doesn’t respond to that, he just looks back down at his left hand.

It feel like a long time, or maybe it’s not time at all. Shouto looks at his hand and thinks about fire, about his father’s pride, about the promise he made to himself. He’s so lost in thought that when Midoriya grabs his wrist, his left wrist, he flinches from the sudden sensation. When he looks at Midoriya’s expression he sees something in it that he doesn’t want to argue with and he lets Midoriya drag him from the stadium and through back hallways until Midoriya has pulled him to a quiet place.

“What does ‘I can but I don’t’ mean?” Midoriya asks him.

“My quirk is half-hot half-cold,” Shouto admits, “but I don’t use my flames because of my father.”

Midoriya stares at him for what seems like a long time and then says with something like anger, “You don’t use half of your quirk because of your father?”

So Shouto explains to Midoriya about Endeavor and Shouto’s childhood. Midoriya’s face goes from angry to slack with surprise to open with horror. When Shouto is done he feels drained and he walks away from a Midoriya who is too stunned to respond.

He wonders if Midoriya will ever talk to him again or if he will only think of Endeavor whenever he sees Shouto from now on and feels a new level of hatred for his father rise up within him. Midoriya is crazy to try most of the stunts he does without a quirk and yet, somehow, some part of Shouto is starting to respect that insanity and want Midoriya to respect him in turn. Losing to the shadow of his father makes his blood boil.

He finds out later that the third game is a simple one-on-one tournament and that if he and Midoriya both win their first matches they will fight each other.

Aa, I couldn’t fit the entire Midoriya vs Todoroki match in here with everything else or it would be way too long for the dashboard. I know what happens, though, if that makes anyone feel better? No? Didn’t think so.

Sorry this part is so boring.

If you’re looking for more part four is here.


He looked helplessly at Hermione, whose face was stricken. “Harry,” she said timidly, “Don’t you see? This… This is exactly why we need you … We need to know what it’s r-really like… Facing him … Facing V… Voldemort.” It was the first time she had ever said Voldemort’s name and it was this, more than anything else, that calmed Harry.

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