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Teach & Doc’s 1st Valentine’s Day

This is an excerpt from one of the roleplays I did with @beabaseball​ involving a more modern take on Doc & Teach’s relationship. If any of you are familiar with the “3G’s’” universe where all of our Gasters are lumped in the same neighborhood, this takes place in that au some time before Doc & Teach meet the others.

Fair warning: this is incredibly mushy and cute.

As the months started to pass, things got a little less awkward between the two. They slowly learned one another’s boundaries… or rather, Teach learned Doc’s and Doc’s opened up a little more.

They still didn’t do anything in public. They kept their relationship quiet and between themselves, behind closed doors.

But it was getting less awkward.

After a long day Teach could walk up and hug Doc without fear of him flinching away. He could grab his hand and hold it whenever he wanted. They cuddled on the couch while watching their shows and snuggled up together when they were in bed.

It was really nice to have someone so close. Teach hadn’t realized how much he had been lacking without it.

It was getting easier. Being so close.

Doc felt a little healthier, somehow. Maybe it was the constant hugs and affection? But… he looked forward to it at the end of the day. Getting a hug from Teach. Curling up with him. As long as he wasn’t approached from directly behind, surprise hugs or suddenly finding himself being leaned on? It was nice. It was just… an extra bit of warmth to the day.

He also realized that, uh. He. Also liked doing things. For Teach?

First winter holidays was mainly Doc forgetting the holidays even existed and Teach reminding him by turning on the radio to the loudest, most incessant Christmas tunes he could find. First Valentine’s day?

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OTP Doc! What's the most interesting thing you've done as the nurse at Teach's school? I figure you're probably glad for the relative peace, but still.

He doesn’t understand how children survive to adulthood. 

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“Here I’ll help you, I know first aid, just sit still” --for Jocasta and Doc? :D

The fic is a little short, but it’s silly and fun. I needed some fluff after today.

The blaster shot had hit Doc in the shoulder. She’d been unable to block it. If only he’d listened to her and stayed on the ship. Kira should have been there, but instead, Doc had given the young woman “the day off.” Jocasta knew it had something to do with their recent marriage. He’d grown extremely overprotective as of late and while it was cute at times, it was putting him into more danger than before.

Now he was sitting against a crate at the closest Republic camp, complaining loudly to anyone who could hear. The wound was cauterized, but that didn’t stop the dramatics.

“I’ll help you, Doc. Just sit still.” Jocasta told her husband, kneeling before him, medpac in her hand. She hadn’t needed to patch anyone up since he’d joined their squad, but now she had to recall the specifics of treating wounds. Jocasta reached up to expose the wound when he flinched at her touch.

“You call this first aid?” His face contorted into a pained expression. “A colicoid could do better.”

“Doc.” Her tone held a warning and he visibly shut his mouth.

“Can we feed him to a colicoid?” Kira asked as she watched the scene, arms crossed over her chest. She clearly found the entire situation amusing, but held back any other comments while Jo worked on the wound.

“You’re not helping, Kira.” Jocasta responded, pressing ointment to Doc’s injury before wrapping it. Once she was finished, the Jedi pressed a kiss to her husband’s cheek. He blushed at the sudden contact, not expecting it nor for them to have an audience in Kira. “Better?”

Doc nodded before a smile appeared on his face, relieved that the pain was passing. “You’re my hero, beautiful.”

Jocasta grinned at the nickname. “I couldn’t let anything bad happen to you, sweetheart.”

Kira made a disgusted noise before disappearing further into the camp. Doc and Jo’s laughs followed her.