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these are some of my best selfies of the year (feat. romania and my niece) this year has been a cruel bitch but it’ll get better im full of hope & love and i wont let 2017 fuck me up me like 2016 did… im stronger, kinder, and more hopeful than my demons :) im tagging @zinkmatter @socioscorpio @thiccmom @mudgoddess @guernica @sapphicperrie @bodyglitter @gayanqel @dylanlovesthemets and the rest of my followers, i fucking love you guys

To My Followers

To my followers. Don’t let anyone tell you that you are not worth it and that you are a waste of time. You’re perfect, beautiful, lovable, sweet, funny, caring, strong, and more than enough. You guys make me happy and are more helpful than you may think. You guys are not just followers, you guys are my friends and family. And I’m here for you, I really am. 

To my first follower, @conorsmole. You gave me hope and inspired me. I believe that I can someday get to where you are. Thank you Love!

To my freaking amazing friends that brighten up my day when I see their username. @itsmegsyabish, @marshmallowyme, @stydiascreams, @sophiestimeline, @iridescent-maynards, @jomiconsparackosholi, @jackmaynardblog, @stydiascreams, @twistedlywrites

And for the rest of you 200+ people, just because you weren’t tagged doesn’t mean you don’t have a place in my heart. I haven’t talked to every single one of you but know that I would love to. All your requests, follows, likes, reblogs, comments, they all count. I think I’m going to cry now. But for real, I love all of you and WE’RE ALL FAMILY. If you want to talk, DM me. That’s what I love about Tumblr!

So I’ve been feeling kind of down lately because my boyfriend and his family always go on vacation during Christmas. They’re leaving in 3 hours to go to Florida.. except my boyfriend - who’s made me think for weeks now that he’ll be going with them cancelled his flight and is instead spending Christmas (and my birthday) with me. I just woke up, saw he was still sleeping and panicked thinking he needed to get to the airport soon but no.. this boy.. I have no words..

Christmas has always been a weird day for me. Our christmas is the 24th which also happens to be my birthday. Growing up my Christmas was usually spent hanging out with my siblings and staying away from our stressed out/will beat you up if u interrupt her mother and my alcoholic father.. we would get a nice dinner followed by opening presents with my dad drinking more and more as the evening goes on until he’d reach his explosive drunken state which is when we would hide out in our rooms hoping he wouldnt find us.. since I was kicked out my Christmas and bday has been spent with other relatives but also most of it I spend worrying about my siblings that live with my parents..

At least I get to spend it with my bestfriend/boyfriend this time around ♡