[One-shot] Flowers

This total YaDong fluff-fest was inspired by @whiteconfession‘s edit of Dongwoo as a florist and is dedicated to her and @judginghoya

It was already 7pm when Lee Howon realised he’d forgotten his mother’s birthday. Cursing his bad memory and the relentless rain drenching the streets, he found himself in a frantic search for anything he could give her when he showed up at the family home – undoubtedly late, most definitely soaked and dead if he was empty handed. The busy street near the subway station was crowded with school kids, couples on midweek dates and businessmen on their way home, filing along the wet pavement, ducking into the numerous coffee shops and small bars. Looking this way and that, he desperately sought out a shop, just any shop where he might get a little gift. It didn’t need to be elaborate or fancy, hell even a card would do, but he had to get something.

He’d almost given up, wondering if he might be able to grab her a box of chocolates at the 7/11 near her apartment, when he saw it; faintly lit by a warm glow, the sign outside worn with age but in an almost charming way, the dark green paint flaking a bit around the gold-leaf lettering: Jang’s Flowers. Perfect, Howon grinned to himself, I’ll just get her a bunch of whatever and then she’ll be happy.

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