Finally got Jay’s World Wide Album and I love it! 

From You Know, Want It, On It, In This B*tch, Worldwide, the songs are soo good! Such fire! I got a few good laughs listening to the JYP reference in F*ckboy, it was great.  

Also, Cha Cha Cypher is the jam! You get 18 quality songs on the deluxe album you guys, go cop it. 

I'm looking my brothers and sisters (Sense8)

Hi everyone!!

I’ve recently found a girl from Spain and she has the same age as me and she born in the same day.
So I was wondering if I can find others like us.

We born in May 17th of 1994

No matter where are you from, but please send a message if you born in that date

May 17th of 1994

We are 2: Spain and Mexico