otp:we are endgame

Since I have been gone for FAR TOO long I am making up for lost time! I have all of my ideas for the upcoming Klaroline MashUp Event started and underway! I am super excited about the event and plan to contribute AT LEAST once a day!

If you haven’t heard of the event yet, it is coming up in two weeks from tomorrow! You can find the list of daily prompts for the three day event HERE.

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I for once am not mad about the potential Olicity breakup…if Felicity finds out about the kid and Oliver hiding it and because she already had the trust talk with him, I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen…I’ll be more mad if they try to pretend nothing happened…Oliver needs to learn his lesson and accepting his lie is not the way for it…I also think that Felicity insecurities will come out to play, with her father and Oliver’s lie and her new condition too, so maybe this trust thing goes both ways…That said, I don’t think they’ll be apart for a long time, maybe whoever dies makes them realize life is short and they want to spend it together…their love for each other is never in question, but this is about learning a lesson: love has to be nurtured with trust…they will get there, that I’m sure.


We are endgame

 "You and I both know how this thing ends. I don’t know how, or when, and I don’t care where you’re living or what dope you’re shacked up with. We are endgame. I know that and you know that.“

I managed to  finish this video before my birthday! I’m so happy right now! Hope you’ll like it. PLEASE,READ THE DESCRIPTION, if you gonna watch it ^^

Love you all.