You two have been together for the whole time McFly have been famous...

G: We met when we were 13, then broke up for two years when we left school because we went to different colleges - I lived in Essex and he lived in Harrow, which seems like a long-distance relationship when you're 16. Then I went to Namibia for a year. I had another boyfriend but I kept thinking about Tom. I got home and we were talking all the time. He used to send me love songs he'd written and one was something like, 'Take a leap of faith, don't look back, there is no tomorrow'.

T: So cheesy!

G: I drove over to my boyfriend's and broke up with him, and we've been together ever since.


Tom: We met at school and because our surnames began with F we sat next to each other in assembly.

Giovanna: The day we met, he asked me my name so I said: “My name is Giovanna but you can call me Gi” and he just smiled and said: “My name is Tom, but you can call me T!”. He was a chubby little short boy with blond curtains really cute and he made me laugh instantly.


“Another year over and we’re still together. It’s not always easy but I’m here forever.

17th July, Happy 29th birthday Thomas Michael Fletcher!

Hello, dear. Today you are completing 29 years!!! How much insane is that?! Look how fast time passes! I remember the first day you came into my life. That was a 9 years ago when you had just 20. At that time, I knew how special you were. A talented boy, completely unique. Over the years, you just became more amazing to me. I would never imagine your importance in my life. But you made me stronger, you made ​​me a dreamer, you have made me happier. And I just want to thank you for allow me grow around you, grow listening to your incredible compositions, grow according to your advices. Thank you for be who you are and thank you for be a such inspiration for me and so many another fans. I love you, Tom!