A marital skit of how I got into Dark Shadows by Helena Bonham Carter from Harper’s Bazaar magazine interview

December 2010:
Location: our bathroom while giving the kids a bath
Tim Burton: I think we should take a break and not work together on this film.
Me (Helena Bonham Carter): Whatever you feel is right for the project. I get it. By this point I hadn’t read the script of seen any of the original TV series so I presumed there were no good parts for women anyway
Three weeks later:
Location: our kitchen
Tim: Um, would you mind reading it?
Me: Of course! I’d love to know what you’re working on even if I’m not going to be in it. I read it and discover it’s riddled with fantastic women’s parts. I pictured myself particularly in the lead as the sexy, vampy, hilarious witch Angelique
Location: my house
Tim (very serious tone): I need to talk to you.
Me: Of course
Tim (almost funereal tone): Theres something I need to say.
Me (thinks): OMG, he’s going to propose or he’s leaving me.
Tim: This is very hard for me because I’m changing my mind but, I would like you to consider being in Dark Shadows. There’s a part I think you are so right for.
Me: Oh baby! Angelique right?
Tim: No! No way! Dr.Hoffman.
This sends echoes down the corridors of my memory to our very first conversation ever, over the phone, when I was in Australia on a night shoot and he was in LA in 2000 and his opening line to me was, ‘Don’t take this the wrong way but you are the person I thought of to play the lead chimpanzee.’ So in 10 years I’ve graduated from chimp to alcoholic phychiatrist.

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That last ask was so cute 😍 would you mind doing ten more cute tilena facts?? Still low key in denial tbh love your blog tho 😘 xoxo

I wouldn’t mind at all! & aw thank you babe!  😊❤ 

(Decided to also add other Tilena “stories” or info said by fans or other outside sources, these are starred ***)

Here we go:

  1. One of the nicknames Tim Burton called Helena Bonham Carter was, “nugget” ***
  2. According to a fan, Tim Burton once had a candid picture of Helena Bonham Carter smiling as his lock screen on his phone ***
  3.  Tim Burton threw Helena Bonham Carter a surprise birthday party in 2006
  4. Though they were never married, they have a framed “wedding photo” of them getting fake married on the set of Sweeney Todd in their home. (HBC was in her Mrs. Lovett wedding dress)
  5. When HBC played Elizabeth Taylor and TB would get annoyed due to her channeling Taylor’s voice. His retaliation was acting as Taylor’s ex husbands. 
  6. When they first met HBC & TB, ran away together. They took a road trip to a cabin to get to know each other. 
  7.  Helena Bonham Carter made Tim Burton watch all her old period pictures. After the movie marathon he stated, “I can’t believe it. I must be in love”.
  8. According to fans numerous encounters in lingerie stores, Tim Burton often bought corsets & lingerie for Helena Bonham Carter. But also while Burton is away Bonham Carter would purchase lingerie pieces to welcome him home with ***
  9. One of their first photos that hinted they were in a relationship was actually a photo of HBC coming out of Tim Burton’s hotel room wearing his coat to pay his parking meter early in the morning.
  10. Even after the break up, they still do live next door together and talk very well of each other! They might not love each other the same way they did before but they still do love each other regardless.

Just because a relationship ends doesn’t mean two people stopped loving each other. They just stopped hurting each other.” - Anonymous 

Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter
Tilena (2001-2014)

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Can u post 10 random Tilena facts? Just cuz im bored? ^.^

Omg lol okay i’ll try my best 

  1. Tim Burton is 6’ 0” (1.82 m) and Helena Bonham Carter is only 5’ 2” (1.57 m) which gives them a 10 inch (0.254 m) height difference.
  2. Tim Burton’s poem:
    When she kissed him 10 times
    that’s all I could see
    ‘cause that was 9 1/2 
    more times that she had
    kissed me
    Is said to be about when Tim kissed Helena to show Mark Wahlberg how to kiss her in a scene in Planet of the Apes.
  3. They once had a Nerf gun fight on the set of Alice in Wonderland which led Helena running around set in full costume with a Nerf machine gun with Tim chasing her.
  4. They came up with Native American nicknames for each other. She calls him Big Chief Little Patience. He calls her Little Squaw Running Mouth
  5. It is said that even though they have separate houses they usually sleep in Tim’s house but go to Helenas for breakfast.
  6. Tim has made a mini hot water bottle for her nose once (x)
  7. Helena Bonham Carter says she’s the boss at home and does most of the cooking in their home and Tim only does the fetching.
  8. The couple spent a long time bidding against each other for a TOM JONES ring, when Tim finally won. He then gave the ring to Helena. The ring was £10,000 and Helena has been seen wearing it while walking about in London.
  9. They’ve been together for about 13 years now with 2 children in 3 adjoining houses (which is really one huge house now)
  10. And they are just like really really in love okay.

Burton and Bonham Carter ultimately fell in love. Really in love. Speak to anyone who knows them and they will tell you that this is one of the great love stories; a truly happy ending for two shy, funny, kind, complex, emotionally weathered souls who have found their better self in the other.

Vogue (July 2013)

“They are very much in love, and that is obvious if you only spend a few minutes in their company. Without wishing to sound negative, they are the sort of couple who are so in love that the children are secondary to the parents’ love story. She is very unguarded and genuine, and, in a way, really an innocent, and he just sits there looking at her adoringly and saying not an awful lot. They need each other very much.” 

- A friend of Tim Burton & Helena Bonham Carter