otp:the dream team

Okay but Ed sending Harry/Louis his demos of each song, Harry instantly loves Shape of You, loves the “mmmm” and the beat, turns it up on their stereo and lets it reverberate through their house, slips slides around next to Louis with socked feet on wood floors dancing. Louis giggles at Harry’s “moves” and makes an awkward giraffe joke that makes Harry laugh his guffawing cat hiss Louis laugh which makes Louis giggle harder, so then there’s giggling soft kisses and dancing and singing.

Meanwhile Louis’ obsessed with Castle On A Hill, he plays it in the evening when he’s working around the house, his raspy voice hitting the high “ooooooos” just perfectly as he tries to organize their pantry, he looks up to see Harry leaning in the doorway just staring his Harry stare at him. Louis has a frown on his face and is surrounded by cans of soup, but when Harry crosses the room to kiss the frown off of his face he smiles, all crinkly eyed, as Ed’s voice and the guitar croon in the background “I miss the way/ you make me feel/ it’s real.”

So when Ed calls two weeks later to ask which single they like best, Harry puts the phone on speaker and they each plead their case for “their song” until Ed laughs at them and says: “Think I’ll just do both. Thanks boys, you’re the best. See you soon, cheers!”


  • Ophelia: *staring at Jules and thinking* you're so precious. An actual angel. I'd kill for you. I'd destroy anything that threatened you. Their life would be over before it even started. I'd leave rubble in my wake if it meant protecting you. I'd-
  • Jules: Ophelia are u okay?
  • Ophelia: ! Yeah just thinking :)

Wait wait hold up a minute here.

We’ve got Gang AU’s because of the bbs in GTA but.. where’s the AU for Bryce, Ohmwrecker, Cartoonz and Delirious for Rainbow Siege? XD I’d love to see an AU of them being like badass swat guys who go around rescuing people, stealing them back, and doing all kinds of cool CIA shit where half the time you can’t tell if they’re the good guys or the bad guys.

CIA au where Cartoonz is the sniper outside the downed aircraft while Bryce and Delirious play frontall distraction and Ohm tries to grab the hostage. Then they’re on the run from the terorists and trying to get this person back to a certain country, hiding out in some worn down buildings. Ripping up chairs and tables to board up the windows, throwing down traps outside open doorways.

Them doing all kinds of black-ops under undercover shit like, so deep you don’t know what they’re into.