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If you haven’t seen this before, sort it out! This is, without doubt, my favourite Destiel trailer out there. Whenever I’m having a shitty day, whenever I feel down, I watch this and I feel all aglow with lovely feels😊 I smile as soon as I hear the music. Everyone needs this beautiful piece of work in their lives, the creator is a genius!

Below is a link to a fantastic fan fic inspired by the trailer, I loved it😍


“Who mixes their blood and bones into paint? No woman’s ever done that for me.”

(Art featured is mine. Please do not repost it outside of this without permission).

The brilliant @postmodernmulticoloredcloak​ got me thinking all sorts of thoughts about Dean and communication yesterday. I blame them for distracting me from my work today to ramble on about this stuff. Okay, I’ll admit it - personally, I like the disease. 

Admittedly, season 10 was not my favourite. There’s a Cole-stained blemish on the first half and that certain event that ends in a bathtub that I still am angry about. But there are some absolutely wonderful moments that I’m starting to think about more now, as they connect with where Dean and Cas are in season 12. 

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This is how destiel will go canon.


There gets to be a point where it’s just embarrassing that it’s not Canon. And that point is when every single character to ever come into contact with these two ship it. They fucking ship themselves. Profound bonds and I need you = I love you and we all know it. 

{Edit} Oh fucking also:

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These are people who can’t even SEE the eye fucking. They’ve just read about it and know there is something between Dean and Cas.

The Game is On

{Castiel smiled at him. “Sam is brilliant. He’s unmatchable among most humans for his capacity to learn, retain and utilize knowledge of all sorts. And you, Dean, are the strategist who sees the whole war, and the leader who thinks on his feet during battle. It is a different sort of intelligence, my friend. Never let it be said that yours is lesser, simply because Sam’s is more apparent. Those who have known you a long time…We have a great respect for your mind, Dean.”}

Readers tend to comment that my Sastiel always respects the strong and profound bond between Cas and Dean even while there is a romantic pairing of Cas and Sam. The above interaction might be one of my favorite passages, because I love exploring the hammer/grunt/Not-the-man-either-of-our-fathers-wanted-me-to-be/daddy’s-blunt-little-instrument exchanges between Cas and Dean, and the respect they have for one another in spite of their arguments and teasing.

I think Castiel’s love and true respect for both brothers is what keeps him fighting at their side. He’s in love with humanity, but individual humans tend to confuse and exasperate him. But he’s found in the Winchesters a kindred protective warrior spirit, and he will never truly leave them because of that. Angels aren’t meant to be solitary. And I love writing about the family and brothers-in-arms as much, if not more than the romantic or sexual pairings.

My Sastiel will always include healthy doses of big brother Dean.

Every Universe But Ours

First rec for an underappreciated fic is Every Universe But Ours, written by @areiton. Set in those last few moments at the end of Season 11, it speaks to all the universes in which our boys get the happy ending they deserve. It is short and sweet (less than 700 words) and a beautiful homage to all the wonderful work fanfic writers do to give Dean and Cas the life together we feel in our heart of hearts they deserve.