“I wrap my arms around his neck, feel his arms hesitate before they embrace me. Not as steady as they once were, but still warm and strong. A thousand moments surge through me. All the times these arms were my only refuge from the world. Perhaps not fully appreciated then, but so sweet in my memory, and now gone for ever.”

I am trying to find well-written Everlark fanficition but I can’t find it. Some writers like to turn Peeta into gross fuckboi and it makes me sick. Can you guys recommend me a good au fanficition ? I want these things to be included:
-Peeta’s crush on Katniss (like in the books)
-well written and not rushed development of their relationship
-they are still teenagers
Thank you 🤗

Top 5 ships

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I can’t decide what ship is my favourite. So I will do this without numbering.


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They are so sweet and cute. They have better and worse days, but it doesn’t matter - and this is what makes this relationship real. We can see how love can help with the character’s development. From pirate to hero. It’s just true love.

PEENISS (well, the name of this ship is strange and awkward…)

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The Hunger Games - this book series (more than movies) will always have a place in my heart and the relationship between Katniss and Peeta is for me one of the most important plot. It’s something like a slowburn. We know Peeta loved Katniss, but she didn’t love him. But then she just realized ‘oh god, I love him’. And he made her change her mind. I just love them so much…


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Well, Sherlock often was hurting Molly. Even if he didn’t mean to. But she always forgave him. I know he cared about her. I can’t be really sure if from him it was love. But when I see these two, my heart mealts :)

JOHNLOCK (yeah, I ship Sherlock with two people)

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I just can see a chemistry between them. They are best friends, but there is something else. They love each other and I only don’t know in which way. Well. maybe it’s just a bromance, but who knows…


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In Shadowhunters I will have to wait for them, but I love their relationship in books. Simon was thinking she is hot, she was flirting with him only because she did it with every boy and at the beginning it was only that. But then… They just fall in love

Some of my favourite ships are not canon, some of them are… 

Remember that they are MINE favourite ships, You don’t need to agree with me. No ship wars, people ;)

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PSA to the Everlark fandom

As someone who’s dad is a leg amputee, the way people in this fandom go about Peeta’s prosthetic is the most annoying fucking thing. Especially when it comes to the toastbabies and how they would view it, or how Katniss would feel about it, or how he would wear it in bed, or how other people would view it… So here’s a list of handy dandy things from MY experience with a real life prosthetic leg, a real life amputee, and basically experience as someone who’s lived with a disabled father for her entire life.

(I’m doing this on mobile so idk how these bullet points will format but here it goes):

•The toastbabies would NOT think anything at all about Peeta’s fake leg. They wouldn’t touch it or play with it or ask him why he’s made of metal (trust me, that was in a fic once and it was the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever heard). To them, their dad having a leg is NORMAL. It is all they know. When I was a little kid I thought ALL dads only had one leg. Like that’s how little I knew about the world. The toastbabies wouldn’t be any different.

•Peeta would NOT sleep in bed with a prosthetic on. Newsflash: Prosthetics are UNCOMFORTABLE. THEY CAN AND DO CAUSE PAIN. Peeta would most definitely take it off at night. Unless your Peeta had a futuresque prosthetic that magically adapted to his body and helped support his leg perfectly, he would not be 100% comfortable with the leg 100% of the time. You see, to put on a modern day prosthetic, typically you have this rubber “glove” type of thing that has to over the stump of the leg. And it gets hot. And sweaty. And (especially for a grown man), it can smell. You have to clean it and you have to keep it dry and you have to make sure it fits PERFECTLY on the stump before you slip on the prosthetic because if you don’t, you’d be walking imbalanced all day and would be giving yourself sores. So yeah. They suck sometimes. And some days the last thing an amputee wants to do is put their leg on. So in fics I HATE it when they act like Peeta can just “slip on” his leg real quick, or can just hop out of bed and put it on without thinking too much about it. Putting it on and taking it off is work tbh. It’s not v easy. It’s not a sock. It’s a medical device ffs.

•Katniss would not care at all about him having one leg. My dad lost his leg when he was 18 years old, and a year later he met my mom. Do you think my mom gives a shit about seeing my dad without his leg on even tho she’s never seen him with his two real legs?? Pfft. She doesn’t. Now I know I’m not speaking for ALL amputees, but tbh the wife/spouse does! not! care! when they see their sig. other without their leg on. Katniss knew Peeta when he had two legs, and she spent the vast majority of her time with him when he only had one. There is no way in hell that your fic could be placed in the canon-epilogue timeframe and you STILL are writing Peeta as being insecure about his prosthetic-less leg around Katniss. An amputated limb without anything on it is NOT A BIG DEAL TO ANYONE IN SAID AMPUTEES FAMILY. It’s literally just a rounded patch of wrinkly skin and scar tissue. It’s not ugly or gross or scary, it just is what it is. So for the love of God STOP tiptoeing around Peeta’s leg in your fics like its something to be ashamed about. It’s a fucking leg.

•Realistically, Peeta would crawl on his knees to get from point A to point B in the middle of the night when he’s too tired to put on his leg, or too sick or hurt or whatever. He would also hop. DO NOT write about that or about him hopping on his good leg unless you’re being serious about it and not turning it into a joke.


•Do not.

•Obviously, adding every realistic detail to your fic about something as trivial as Peeta’s fake leg isn’t something to worry too much about, but basically all I’m trying to say is don’t act like Peeta’s leg is something completely foreign to his children or to Panem in general. Don’t make it odd. And don’t ignore it’s there, either.