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Hey! Can you tell me some really good "Mitwa moments" episode dates? Pretty please? :D

Hello Anon Ji! How are you doing? Haha! 

Anyways, of course I can tell you some amazing mitwa moments (but ti be honest they are all good….) So the ones that I tell you about aren’t specifically the best, theyr’e just the ones that I can remember or have found first… Because with my goldfish type brain it is hard to remember stuff, especially dates. 

So here they are in no specific order:

25th December 2012. This was when Asad was carrying Zoya home after the Akram Marriage fiasco.

22nd April 2013. This was just a few days ago, and I really loved the “Mitwa” music development. It was the airport scene, when Asad was looking for Zoya.

23rd March 2013. I absolutely loved this “Mitwa” scene! Because it was just so light hearted! And it was when AsYa were trying to approach each other about the BNHH scene. Then on the same day, the part where Zoya gets Asad to admit that he remembers what happened the other night, and when she falls into his arms! Hayeeee….

28th March 2013. When Asad puts rang on Zoya for Holi, in the bathroom!

26th February 2013. Even though the scene is a sad, I loved it because it was when Asad realised for the first time how much pain Zoya had been through and was going through. It was also when Zoya for the first time opened up to Asad.

23rd January 2013. The part when they are home, from all of the Mangalpur fiasco and Zoya says, “Mujhe laga meh abhi bhi ap se bandi hoon,”… It wasn’t a full on “Mitwa” moment, but it was still really good.

7th December 2012. (Yay, first ot 20 something date…lol) This was I think the first “Mitwa” ever, and it was when Asad told Zoya to go and she encountered some ghunda types people, but Asad saved her!

28th January 2013. (Lol, we’re back to the 20’s!)  The part when Asad says that “No one will be able to save you from the panchayat,” and Zoya’s like, “Ap bhi nahi?” I thought it was cute! Sorry….

6th March 2013. The very beginning where Asad walks out and Zoya is wearing a sari! Then the part where Zoya is showing of her cutsie se dimples, and then the last part where Asad is telling Zoya that he likes her-ish.

1st March 2013. I loved the whole funny scene after and before this! This was when Zoya fell in through Asad’s window.

24th April 2013. This is really recent, but I cannot not add this! The hug was too good!

3rd April 2013. It was so sad but amazing, again! The part when Zoya says “I should go back,” and Asad looks so torn!

And sorry that’s all I can think of, hope these are enough… And I’m extremely sorry for a really delayed response, it just tool me forever tosit down and hunt for Mitwa scenes… Sorry, but I hope this helped…


Song: Mitwa
Movie: Lagaan: Once Upon a Time in India (2001) - wikipedia
Starring: Aamir Khan, Gracy Singh, Rachel Shelley, Paul Blackthorne
Music: A. R. Rahman
Singers: Udit Narayan, Sukhwinder Singh, Alka Yagnik, Srinivas

Mitwa - Lagaan | Aamir Khan | A.R. Rahman

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