People are asking me how I figured Yousef wasn’t a muslim a while back.

For the past 2 seasons, Julie has been giving the main a love interest that encompasses everything they are against, and that challenges them and shakes them to their core.

- Noora (feminist) fell in love with a fuckboy.
- Isak (closeted and prejudiced against mental illness) fell in love with a bipolar boy.


- Sana (muslim) falls in love with someone who doesn’t believe in God.



One of my favorites

Pidge is the new favorite

Pidge: *accidentally gets hurt in training*
Shiro: My favorite child, are you okay?!
Lance: She’s fin- wait what do you mean favorite child?!?!
Keith: Yeah, I thought I was the favorite!
Lance: WHAT?!
Pidge: *looking deeply into Keith’s eyes* Not anymore Keith, not anymore.

This is based on the idea that Pidge is actually the favorite and not Keith XD