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Who's Lexus? Can you tell us about them?

lexus is a good and Precious daughter. look at my girl

  • selectively mute, depressed, and with not so friendly facial expressions, lexus gets misinterpreted CONSTANTLY by others. they assume she is unfriendly and mean and avoid her
  • lexus isnt the friendliest, thats true…but shes also very far from malicious
  • shes honestly just very gay and very sad
  • speaks only when she feels comfortable around the present company. when anxious or around strangers, lexus more or less shuts down and falls back to just observe
  • extremely perceptive, insightful, and observant! her limited commentary on your situation can be very helpful, even if its only a sentence or two. well, helpful or hilarious; she is very sarcastic, and it can be hard to tell exactly when shes joking or not
  • sona is her girlfriend and often will speak for her when shes unwilling or unable to herself. the two of them are very deeply in love
  • she loves birds. she gives gifts to crows and they bring her gifts back. mumbles her darkest secrets to a pigeon. it chirps. she says thanks
  • plays the violin and cello! she deeply loves art and music and uses them to express herself since her words dont do such a good job. if she lets you be in the same room as her when shes playing, she really likes you
  • just dont try and touch her instrument. seriously, dont. even sona isnt allowed
  • has depressive episodes where she isolates herself and just. lies around too sad to do anything. sona lies with her and waits it out
  • frequently uses sign language, considering the present company can understand it
  • loves her friends
  • they love her too

Lexus Sport Yacht concept, 2017. The new 12.7-metre long yacht has been revealed in Florida by Lexus chief branding officer Akio Toyoda (the same Akio Toyoda who runs Toyota) and is said to “demonstrate how the luxury automotive brand could expand into new areas of lifestyle and recreation”. It is powered by two Lexus 5.0-litre V8 engines