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Last Wish

When I am on my death bed, if the walls are covered with the photos of all my OTPs, being happy and cheerful, gazing into each other’s eyes with love, then I am pretty sure I will die happy.

Employee Discount (A Kurtbastian Ficlet)

Fic: Employee Discount
Ship: Kurt Hummel/Sebastian Smythe
Betas: dievampiredie, digopheliadug, Scout451
Rated: G
Words: 1,930

There are few things more exhausting than working at Macy’s on the last Saturday before Christmas. Luckily, Kurt has his coworker, Sebastian, to keep him on his toes.


Kurt rang up the last customer to the tune of $300 and then sighed and dropped his head. He’d just rung out 30 people in a row, and his head was spinning. It was the last Saturday before Christmas, and Macy’s was absolutely insane. This was the first chance he’d had to breathe in the first three hours of his shift.

“Holy fuck,” Sebastian said, dropping down onto the chair next to Kurt. “I swear to god, the next time some clueless husband asks me to help him pick out a gift for his wife, I’m going to stab myself.”

“Just don’t do it where I can see you,” Kurt deadpanned. “I bet that would involve a lot of paperwork.”

“Your compassion is touching,” Sebastian replied, shooting Kurt a grin. “Maybe I’ll remember you in my will.”

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Kurtbastian fic - “A Dalton Boy Intervention” (Rated NC17)

After his conversation with the Dean, Sebastian heads to his room, eager to get to Kurt’s house and start his weekend.

But Hunter has other plans for Sebastian … (8299 words)

So, this comes right after what has actually been the last chapter written of this series so far, which is “A Dalton Boy in the Hot Seat”. There’s a bunch of individual scenes that come before this, but since this is actual story line stuff, I figured I would post this first and fill in later. If anything seems confusing (though it really shouldn’t) let me know <3 Minor, momentary mention of Blaine, but no Blaine wank. Also warning for being tied down, blindfolded, and gagged in a non-consensual way.

Dom Kurt, sub Sebastian, Dom Elliott

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As it turns out, Sebastian doesn’t get time to think of how he’s going to get back at Hunter. Hunter walks into Sebastian’s bedroom seconds after Sebastian, catching the door before it swings shut. Sebastian has no idea where in the hell he came from. He wasn’t following him back from the Dean’s office. But like Elliott down at Kurt’s club, Hunter has a tendency to pop up, as if in a puff of smoke, whenever’s least convenient. Sebastian wishes he wouldn’t, that he would learn a thing or two about “personal boundaries”. Hunter seems to love invading Sebastian’s space. Sebastian didn’t have a name for the fact that it bothered him before Kurt came along. Sebastian always thought that it was a “territorial thing”. They do go to an all-boy’s school. The dorms in particular are rife with testosterone. But Sebastian has begun to realize that he regards his dorm room as his “safe space”. It’s his private sanctum to hide out and unwind at the end of the school day. Hunter shouldn’t be in Sebastian’s room without permission.

Sebastian wouldn’t give permission to him if asked, which is probably why Hunter doesn’t to begin with.

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Kurtbastian one-shot - “A Dalton Boy in Candy Cane Stockings” (Rated NC17)

Kurt decides to play with Sebastian’s limits by dressing him up in lingerie and having him put on a show for his customers - accompanied by a female slave on her knees. (4896 words)

I’m jumping all the sharks here. Written for @lilinas Bitchmas prompts cane, green, sing, decorate, and probably a couple of others I tossed in there that I’m forgetting, and all of the Klaine Advent Drabble prompts from audience to tacky. 

Warnings for Dom/sub, Sebastian wearing lingerie and heels, Sebastian with someone else, Kurt and Elliott getting kinky, and oral. Dom Kurt, sub Sebastian, and a lot of jealousy.

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“How do you swing, preppy?” Sitting in his chair in his office, Kurt wiggles the toes of his bare right foot against his sub’s crotch while Sebastian massages the left.

“I don’t think I understand what you mean, Master?” Sebastian grabs Kurt’s bottle of citrus massage oil and squeezes a few more drops in his palm. He presses his hands together to warm it up, then goes back to giving Kurt a massage.

“I mean, how fragile is your masculinity?” Kurt raises his head from where it’s resting over the back of his chair to look at his boy when he answers.

“I would like to think not all that fragile, Master.” Sebastian leans back a hair when Kurt’s right foot goes from wiggling to rubbing.

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nicolefranzel  asked:

is Hummel Holidays planned for this year too?

I’d definitely be interested in running it again. Would anyone be interested in participating? We could do what Kurtoberfest did and just use the prompts from last year (with some adjustments for Hanukkah dates, of course) if all else fails.

So, if you’d be interested in writing/drawing/assisting, maybe reblog or like this? I’ll reblog it a few times on my personal to try to spread the word to other Kurt rare pair shippers! Forgive me for tagging in hopes of spreading the word as well.