We broke up twenty minutes later || Kurtbastian

Reserved, predictable, innocent and safe could be some of the description you would get if you asked the member of New Direction about Kurt Hummel, but then again everyone has their own secrets when no one is looking. Kurt was no exception there. He liked everyone one to think all those things and more about him because he feared what they would think about him if they knew what he enjoyed doing as a stress reliever. He enjoyed going to Scandals, it was the local gay bar in Lima, well actually it was the only gay bar but Kurt didn’t mind it was one of the rare places he felt accepted and free.

Another day down, another day of sitting in glee club listening to everyone side with his ex and Kurt was done, done with everyone thinking he was the bad guy when he did nothing wrong. He decided to go out and forget the day. When Kurt went to Scandals it wasn’t to find a guy to hook up with, actually he rarely talked to anyone when he went. Instead it was more to just drink and dance to music letting himself relax…alone, and that was what he planned on doing that night.

As usual Kurt dressed to kill in his skin tight black pants that literally fit him like a second pair of skin paired with a tight dark green button up shirt with the first few undone revealing the top of his chest, he for-went the vest or any neck ware tonight and just styled his hair up and grabbed his coat leaving his house long after his father had fallen asleep smiling at the excitement.

He flashed his fake I.D at the door, not really sure why he brought it Kurt had become known around there so no one would question him but he still brought it. Entering the bar he ignored anyone comment to him and just went to the bar sitting down and crossing his legs ordering just a cosmo for now letting the night begin. It didn’t take long for the one drink and the music to get to Kurt before he was out on the dance floor softly dancing alone just relaxing in the music. 


“Hey,” he says, another giddy little grin flashing over his lips before he can stop it, “You’re here.”

“I’m here,” Kurt breathes back. He realizes he’s never meant those words more. He’s going to have to figure out another plan to pay for NYADA because he’s here, and he can’t imagine in this moment a place he’d rather be.

A Change In The Weather, chapter 20


Don’t need you to save me…

Painting for edyferrone :) Thank you for being so nice to me :) I hope you like it:) 

I’m kinda tired and I’ve a totally forgotten to do painting for actual paid work… ehm…well, anyway. might work on this one more later! 

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