Pure and Fair

A Jaime x Brienne story.

Taking place in the Progress universe/series

Summary: In a realm ruled by King Gendry and Queen Arya, Brienne of Tarth finds herself in Winterfell with a Kingslayer.

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The freezing winds crashed into the trees causing them to shake and Brienne to shiver. It was colder than she could ever imagine. She had lived through winter before — but no winter felt like this in Tarth. She remembered huddling under blankets and wishing to be warm but nothing had come close to how cold she felt now sitting in her saddle.

“It’ll get colder than this, my lady,” laughed one Northerner when he saw her teeth chattering. His smile was kind. “This isn’t even a real winter yet. But Winterfell is warmed by the hot springs — you will be comfortable there.”

Brienne wished she could remember the rugged man’s name but thanked him as best she could. He nodded and grinned again before moving up with the rest of his men. He was part of the guard that met Queen Arya and King Gendry’s Progress at White Harbor. They and the troupe of courtiers that had come with the King and Queen had sailed from Gulltown — but it was a small crowd. No one was eager to travel the North with winter coming.

Even King Gendry looked uncomfortable in the wintry weather, despite the layers and layers of fur he wore. He rode slowly — too encumbered by his furs to do anything else.

Looking at her King made Brienne think of Lord Renly and so she looked elsewhere, wishing that she did not like Queen Arya so very much. I could be with Lord Renly now if I had not agreed to the Queen’s wishes, she thought, her heart twisting as she remembered Lady Margaery, Lord Renly’s new wife. Brienne could never be with Lord Renly in the way she wished.

Lord Renly had been left behind in the Red Keep,  off-footing Hand of the King Lord Tywin Lannister and his grimaces with sweet, kind laughter. Brienne wished she could hear that laugh now instead of the Kingslayer’s cruel mocking laugh.

Perhaps the Kingslayer missed his home — perhaps he missed the rest of his family (his sister, his niece, his nephews, his brother, his father) — but whatever the reason he truly did not need to be so cruel to everyone around him. It was unkind and no true knight would treat others as he did. But that was it. He was no true knight. He was a Kingslayer.

When Brienne asked Queen Arya why the Kingslayer was one of the Kingsguards chosen to travel she had glowered at her husband, who sat with his uncle on the other side of the room. “It was Gendry’s stupid idea,” the little Queen had said with a scowl.

Brienne wanted to know more than that but wisely didn’t ask, knowing it was not her business. It was all right, however. Ser Barristan and Ser Arys had also joined the Progress — even though the crowd of courtiers diminished after visiting the Eyrie.

King Gendry pronounced his adventurous plan when they all were still warm and happy in King’s Landing. “It shall be the Crownlands, the Eyrie and then to the North and to the Wall, then we shall set sail from Eastwatch-by-the-Sea and travel to Maidenpool and then we’ll ride to Lord Edmure Tully’s home in Riverrun. From there we shall see the Rock and then travel back to Dorne —“

“A pleasant place to spend winter,” Lord Renly had japed.  

King Gendry ignored his uncle’s laugh. “From there we shall travel through Dorne’s lands and meet the Dornish people, traveling up into the Stormlands. Lady Brienne,” King Gendry said, meeting her eyes. “I would like to see Tarth and then travel to Dragonstone from there. Will that be possible?”

“I will make sure it is, your Grace.”

King Gendry’s grin reminded her of Arya’s. “Good. I hope Uncle Stannis won’t be too upset that he’s last on the list.”

“Why would he be upset?” Queen Arya had asked her husband. She had not yet met Lord Stannis, Brienne remembered, but she did not want to be the one to explain Lord Stannis to the Queen.

She allowed her King to do that, excusing herself from the plans and the room. If only I had stayed, Brienne thought, if I had stayed I could have persuaded them not to bring Ser Jaime.

But they had brought Ser Jaime, much to Brienne’s annoyance. The Kingslayer seemed to seek her out — out of boredom or malice Brienne could not discern. Now in the icy winds of the North, he rode next to her, sulking in the cold. “How many more miles of this utter shit do we have to take?”


anonymous asked:

Hi! So if there's a Braime Bunch will Jonsa be featuring in it too? You know bc of the parallels- the awkward waves, the armor/nedfurs etc. Any headcanons of Braime Bunch episode with JonSa in it? The Jaime/Brienne and Jon/Sansa parallels give me life btw.

OH SAME. I adore them. I had a post of parallels I was doing for it, and started with the wave and it was impossible to gif so I gave up on it. One day.

It’s funny my Stark loving side and J/B shipping side never really live in the same orbit. The side of me that loves Jaime around Brienne doesn’t mix with the side that’s Team Stark! I wish they could.

But okay 

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Chapter Two: The Dress and the Drink

Story Summary: While trying to secure a $1 million donation for his museum, a flighty, vain researcher is pursued by an often irritating heir and her pet direwolf “Baby."aka the Bringing Up Baby Au you didn’t know you wanted.


The girl, if she could be called that - she looked more man than woman, was already at the bar making awkward conversation with the bartender if her scowl was any indication. Jaime bit his lip to keep from grinning. She looked absolutely awful in a dress. Especially a pink dress.

Somehow, she sensed his staring and spun around on the bar stool, her blue eyes flashing.

The Tempered Kingdoms

Chapter 18 - Brienne II: The Beauty weds and beds the Kingslayer.

Story Summary: After years of wars, death, destruction, politics, and White Walkers, a tentative calm has returned to Westeros partially due to the rulership of King Jon and Queen Daenerys. But politics twists its head once again as Stannis Baratheon demands his right to rule, while the former Queen Cersei languishes in a cell, plotting her revenge against all who live above her. Meanwhile, Sansa Stark is forced to return to King’s Landing after being found by the rumored lovers Jaime Lannister and Brienne of Tarth. Faced both with her past and her family, Sansa becomes torn on becoming involved in the “game of thrones” once again, this time as a player instead of a pawn.

Chapter Snippets:

She couldn’t think of her father now, even if his death was the reason she was sitting beside Jaime. She couldn’t think of anything but the bedding that was to come - the men who would steal her clothes and the women who would steal Jaime’s. There would be a long line of women after Jaime and many men would love to humiliate her before she was bedded - she had heard some of them speak of it days prior when they had not known she was listening. She was used to this after the bet Hyle set up - but it still hurt, more than it ought to have.

Those men were vile and unworthy, Lady Sansa told her after Brienne confessed to eavesdropping, but Sansa’s eyes were worried. Sansa had been saved from her own bedding with Lord Tyrion but Brienne suspected she wouldn’t be able to avoid hers.


He drank from his glass before pouring her one and finished his own before she had taken a sip. Does he need to be drunk to bed me? She almost asked him but looked towards the window instead, where the stars hung high in the sky. “It’s beautiful,” he said. He stood close beside her, close enough that she could feel the heat emanating from his skin. She wondered if she’d fall to pieces if she touched him.

“It is,” Brienne agreed, sipping her wine, hoping to find the courage to face him within it.

Perhaps that was he was looking for, she thought as he started on his second glass, the courage to bed me . We are both cravens. “You did not drink like this out there,” she said, trying not to sound too disapproving.

But she must have for Jaime snorted with amusement at her comment. “Are you my wife or a septa?”