otp:it's magic

Do you know this feeling when you start to fall in love with a character/ship/show/book and everytime you think about it you feel happy and you get butterflies in your belly ?? This feeling is so pure and good ??

strophie  asked:

I have a question for dosing i just got upped from 2mg to 4mg and before i was doing the 2mg sublingually but im worried that doing 4mg sublingually will be too much? thanks

Too much in terms of it just being a hassle to keep all that under your tongue or? I feel like it should be doable. You could also spread it out. Like I take one at midnight and the other at noon (though that is also a hassle and tbh I should really stop bothering because I don’t think it makes any kind of difference). I’ve also heard like so much conflicting info about taking stuff sublingually. I think it might depend on what exactly you’re taking. Like I think it doesn’t make a difference with estradiol valerate (which is what I’m on and like is why I’ve mostly reverted to just swallowing it).

It’s worth noting that I don’t actually know what I’m talking about. I’m just some kid that ordered drugs online, shoved em into their mouth every day, and magically ended up hot.