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► Regina & Emma || Six degrees of separation [Swan Queen] 

A SQ vidlet this time ^^

I was reading 3 fics at the same time with Emma and all of her drinking problems lool …. then days later I heard this song on the radio and thought “why not?” loool So those fics were my inspiration for this video. I hope you guys enjoy it ^.^

How I imagine the next episode of once upon a time

Emma finds Regina and apologizes for not believing in her. Regina is a little upset first but Emma calms her down. Emma invites Regina to granny’s for lunch with her and Henry. Regina goes, Henry tells her he’s sorry he didn’t believe in her. They have a nice lunch and Regina really enjoys it. When lunch is over Regina wants to talk to just Emma. She tells her it she had a nice time and would like to do it again. Emma says she had fun and would love to do it again.

Then Emma and Regina beat Cora by combining their magic and find out they are each others true loves and kiss and Henry is happy to get both his mothers back in his life.

It sounded better in my head then it does here but I decided to share anyways.