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Hello Sweetie - River Song & Twelfth Doctor

Hello and welcome to Queenie’s Corner!
This is a fanblog dedicated to the love between my sister and Newt.
Or as we all know them NewTina ♡

Please feel free to stick around if you’d like. I reblog a lot of shippy things.
If you want to know my opinion on things just take a look at the tags!

Oh! And this awesome piece was made by Zoef design after she caught me hovering mistletoe over Newt and Tina. (Sadly they only kissed on the cheek but its something!!!!)


Hey! I am in love with your blog. I started one called @hetalia-got-hot but it's not near as good as this! I'm so in love with this blog! It's goals. - Anon

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Thank you very much sweetie! I’m happy and a little bit astounded to know my blog is goals, but it definitely made my day. Oh, and if anyone wants to check out their blog https://hetalia-got-hot.tumblr.com/ please do so and show some love! :D