Complete Haylor Timeline (2012-2016)

March 31st 2012 - Harry and Taylor meet for the first time at the Kids’ Choice Awards. Taylor was seen dancing along to 1D’s What Makes You Beautiful.

April 5th 2012 - Justin Bieber tells us about a certain someone’s crush on Harry after both 1D and Taylor hang out in Bieber’s LA mansion.

April 7th 2012 - The boys tease Harry about Taylor in an interview with MTV (x)

April 16th 2012 - Harry is asked about Taylor in another interview (x)

April 22nd 2012 - Harry is photographed kissing Emma Ostilly and the rumors regarding Harry and Taylor come to a stop. 

July 31st 2012 - Taylor and Conor Kennedy start dating. 

September 5th 2012 - The boys are asked about their celebrity crushes and Zayn whispers “Taylor Swift” in Harry’s ear. (x)

September 6th 2012 - Harry and Taylor meet again at the MTV Video Music Awards where the both performed. The boys also watched Taylor’s rehearsal. After the show they went out for a meal at Katsuya with some friends, including Ed Sheeran.

October 6th 2012 - Jonathan Ross asks Taylor who she was dating at that time and whether he’s a good looking boy. Taylor lets a “mhm” slip before she covers it (x)

October 7th 2012 - 1D and Taylor perform at the Teen Awards. They were spotted hanging out backstage

October 12th 2012 - The boys get asked whether Taylor invited one of them to dinner after a show. Harry denies the rumor. (x) On this day he gets the “Things I can” and “Things I can’t” tattoos after Taylor says this:

October 2012 - Harry talks about Taylor for Seventeen’s November issue. 

October 2012 - Harry talks to Cosmopolitan for an issue due to the beginning of November about a girl that he likes.

October 2012 - Taylor and Conor break up. 

November 7th 2012 -  Taylor is seen leaving her London hotel wearing Harry’s paper airplane necklace.

November 8th 2012 - Taylor is seen wearing the necklace again.

November 15th 2012 - Haylor hang out backstage at the X Factor USA where Harry also watches Taylor rehearse. Mario Lopez talks about the two of them.

November 29th 2012 - Taylor attends the ARIA Awards where she asks Temper Trap, the band, to write down the lyrics to one of their songs: “Sweet Disposition” because Harry had some lyrics from this song tattooed to his arm and Taylor thought the lyrics on his arm were wrong so she wanted to prove it.

Later on, in 2014, when Taylor had the secret sessions, a fan saw the lyrics framed above her stove. She never got the chance to give it him. 

December 2nd 2012 - they are seen together in public, in Central Park.  

December 3rd 2012 -  Taylor makes an appearance at 1D’s MSG after party where this happened 

December 3rd 2012 - Harry spends the night at Taylor’s hotel

December 4th 2012 - Harry is seen leaving Taylor’s hotel in the morning wearing the gray t-shirt he’s holding in the picture above, Taylor following behind. He also comes back that night to spend the night with her again.

December 5th 2012 - He’s seen leaving her hotel in the morning

December 6th 2012 - They both attended Emma Stone’s birthday party

December 7th 2012 - Harry is seen leaving her hotel yet again. 

Harry is asked about Taylor on the red carpet (x/x). 

They are also seen backstage together (x)

They both performed at the Jingle Ball. After the show, they flew to London together on a private jet.

and that’s probably when Harry joined the mile high club

December 12th 2012 - Taylor and Harry went to the Lake District, fed some birds and did some shopping.  

They also had dinner later that night with Gemma, Harry’s sister

December 13th 2012 - They were seen walking around Cheshire together

Harry got Taylor the purse from the picture above and 23 cupcakes for her birthday.

Harry took Taylor to dinner that night too

On the same day an interview with Barbara Walters is released where Haylor is mentioned (x)

 December 18 2012 - Harry gets a new tattoo, the boat, and Taylor joins him

December 19th 2012 - Harry and Taylor are spotted in LA, spending time with her family

December 20th 2012 - Harry is asked about Taylor on the red carpet at the X Factor USA Finale (x)

December 21st 2012 - They go on a skiing trip in Utah with her family and grab lunch.

December 22nd 2012 - They meet fans at a restaurant. It is also assumed that this is the day they got into a snowmobile accident. On this day, in 2015, Taylor announced that the music video for Out Of The Woods (which is related to the accident) will be out on New Year’s Eve. On New Year’s Eve Harry and Taylor kissed when the ball dropped, in front of dozens of people.

December 23rd 2012 - Harry tweeted about the accident

December 24th 2012 - Harry returns home, hiding his chin

A friend of his from home posted these pictures on twitter

December 25th 2012 - Liam asks Harry about his injury. 

December 28th 2012 - Harry flies back to the USA and we don’t seen them together until New Year’s Eve

December 31st 2012 - Taylor performed in Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year’s Eve. while Harry went to the Coldplay/Jay-Z concert. They met up just in time for the ball drop

Fans also saw them making out in an elevator

They both went to Taylor’s hotel that night

January 3rd 2013 - Harry and Taylor are spotted in Gorda, British Virgin Islands

January 4th 2013 - Haylor supposedly break up. Taylor is seen on a boat, leaving Gorda.

January 10th 2013 - Taylor attends the People Choice Awards and shows off Harry’s…work

February 20th 2013 - Haylor meet for the first time after their break up. Both 1D and Taylor perform. They also attended the after party.

February 10th 2013 - Taylor attends the Grammys and “mocks” Harry’s british accent.

February 17th 2013 - Harry is asked if he’s okay after the break up and you can tell he’s not okay just by the tone of his voice (x) 7:34

April 10th 2013 - During One Direction’s show in Newcastle, Louis says “Taylor Swift” after Harry sings “And I’m in love with you” (2:10) and at 0:34 Louis says “Oh Taylor Swift to me” instead of “It makes no sense to me” (x)

August 25th 2013 - The Video Music Awards. 

Haylor possibly texting each other

Taylor also “dissed” Harry again but it turned out she was just teasing him as they were friends.

They also went to the after party and hung out with friends.

Reeve Carney about Harry

August 27th 2013 - A video of Harry being asked about Taylor’s speech at the VMAs (x) is released.
On the same day, an interview in which the reporter teases Harry about Taylor is released (x)
Another interview where Harry is asked about Taylor is released (x)

Niall and Harry roleplaying. 

August 30th 2013 - Another interview where Taylor is mentioned (x). Harry asks the fans what she was listening to on her way there and…

On the same day, This Is Us is officially out and Taylor makes an appearance (x)

November 16th 2013 - Taylor is mentioned in a Jonathan Ross interview (x)

March 2nd 2014 - Harry and Taylor attend the Weinstein Company’s pre-Oscar bash. 

October 13th 2014 - Taylor talks about Out Of The Woods (x)

October 14th 2014 - Taylor releases the first single off 1989. “the rest of the world was black and white but we were in screaming color” are some of the lyrics from Out Of The Woods. Next time Harry posts a picture on Instagram, it’s in black and white. 

October 27th 2014 - Taylor releases 1989 and talks about the strange inspiration for “All You Had To Do Was Stay” (x)

October 30th 2014 - Taylor talks about her friendship with Harry (x)
One Direction play a game with Yahoo! (x)

October 31st 2014 - Taylor talk “Style” with Ryan Seacrest (x)

November 5th 2014 - Fan asks Harry if he’s listened to 1989 yet (x)

November 7th 2014 - Taylor talks about “that person that floats in and out of your life” (x)

November 9th 2014 - Harry talks about Taylor writing songs about him at One Direction’s Four Hangout (x) 28:35

November 17th 2014 - Harry talks about “being in some woods” and defends her once again (x)

November 22nd 2014 - Harry denies that he’s sent Taylor 1,989 roses to congratulate her on her success (x)

November 23rd 2014 - AMAs. Taylor received the biggest award of the night, Dick Clark Award of Excellence and One Direction perform their new single “Night Changes”.
Harry watching Taylor give her speech for the Dick Clark Award of Excellence

They’re interviewed on the red carpet (x)

November 26th 2014 - The boys attend ARIA Music Awards where Harry meets a haylor shipper

December 2nd 2014 - They both attend the Victoria Secret Fashion Show after party. 

January 15th 2015 - They both attend to Caleb Followill’s birthday party

They also sat next to each other 

May 17th 2015 - They both attend the BBMAs but Taylor brings her boyfriend.

Harry and Louis attend Taylor’s after party but Harry goes straight home

June 16th 2015 - Harry catches a paper airplane (x)

August 18th 2015 - Taylor? Like Swift? (x)

October 16th 2015 - One Direction release a new and very controversial single called “Perfect” co-written by Harry and Louis. 

November 16th 2015 - James Corden asks (teases) Harry about Perfect (x)

November 18th 2015 - The boys play “Never Have I Ever” on Ellen’s show and Taylor is mentioned (x)

November 24th 2015 - Harry talks about Perfect on Jonathan Ross’ show (x)

December 4th 2015 - Whilst on The Late Late Show with James Corden, the boys play tattoo roulette. Harry loses and so, he has to get a tattoo that says “Late Late”. The tattoo artists who gave him the “Late Late” tattoo is the same one who tattooed the ship when Harry was with Taylor (x)

February 1st 2016 - Harry turns 22 and he tweets the lyrics to Taylor’s song “22″. The tweet is the most retweeted tweet of 2016 so far. 

June 1st 2016 - People magazine releases the first article confirming Taylor and Calvin’s break up (x/x/x)

June 16th 2016 - Taylor is confirmed to be dating Tom Hiddleston 

Let me know if you remember something I missed :)

I have a little story children, and since its receipts time I thought I’d go ahead-

So, pretty much everyone here knows that I am a chef.

The company I work for gives me the opportunity to travel and work in restaurants, catering, stadiums, coliseums, basically anywhere and everywhere you can think of.

A girl I work with named Suzanne is from Tennessee, and I knew that but I didn’t know what part.

We had a big convention we were waiting to plate for last week and we had about 2 hours to just sit and be quiet, so we started playing games.

She said “okay has anyone ever met a celebrity?” It was my turn so I said “well I’ve met Chris Brown, 2 Chainz, Juicy J, Lady Antebellum, and Taylor Swift, etc, etc. They were all nice except for that crazy bitch.”

To which she replies “oh I went to high school with her. At parties, all she would do was pop Vicodin and sit in the corner playing her guitar and crying about how nobody loved her.”

I literally fell in the damn floor laughing, and then I asked her what she thought about Haylor.

She said “oh, definitely punishment on his part. I mean, you can feel the "I suck dick” vibes wafting off of him for fucks sake. She needed album sales, he needed to not look gay as a pink elephant, win-win situation!“

I crawled under the prep table with tears rolling down my face.

This was Me and her the whole rest of the night:

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