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don’t tell the gods (we left a mess) by bottomlinsons 

After a misunderstanding with Liam’s mother, Louis agrees to accompany his best friend to a family wedding and pretend to be the world’s best boyfriend. But their simple plan goes awry when he learns that Harry, ex-boyfriend/ex-love of Louis’ life, will also be in attendance. (aka: fake!boyfriends with a twist ft. bromance, romance and cake.)

harry/louis | COMPLETE | 12/12 | 71K | EXPLICIT 


Hi guys :) You might recognize Harry from one or two of my old videos .. I was tagged in the Married for a week challenge so I asked him to be my husband ! We had to live together for a week and take each other out on a couple romantic dates and that, check out the video to see how it went :) Give it a like if you enjoyed and maybe subscribe if you haven’t already. Love you all 

- Louis x

(harry/louis, 20k, mature)
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we both knew the cost | irishmizzy & @miss-bennie

Harry/Louis, 64k, explicit

Louis expected certain things from the hiatus: song-writing sessions with Liam, long meetings for his new label, and lots of time in LA with Freddie. He never thought “getting together with Harry” would be on that list. Or that it would be followed quickly by “breaking up with Harry.”

It’s been nearly a year since they spoke, but when Niall’s save-the-date comes, Louis knows it’s only a matter of time before he and Harry have to talk about everything that’s happened between them. It doesn’t help that One Direction’s hiatus has an end-date and that, too, is rapidly approaching. The last thing he wants to do is spend an entire week trapped in an Irish castle where he’ll be forced to deal with everything, but Niall and Liam aren’t giving him any choice in the matter.

written for the @1dbigbang, world’s most amazing art by @rubycurls! here’s her post with two beautiful pieces she did for the fic!!

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based off this prompt:
collage au where jock!harry always serenades flowercrown!louis with love songs in their music class. what nobody knows is that harry actually kinda means the words he sings.

But instead it’s Louis as the jock and Harry as the flowerchild because I do what I want.


Harry and Louis are the Stevie and Lindsey of the mermaid-tattoo-era stadium-rock eye-contact game. Louis’ eyes are dark, intense, controlling, with a surly “damn your love, damn your life” edge. Harry’s eyes say “I hear the darkness you’re expressing and it’s important to me but my heart tells me to twirl right now,” so he twirls and touches his hair. The brooding look vs. the beatific twirl. When one of them gets happy, the other gets wistful. When one of them gets bitchy, the other gets sugary. I could watch them sing together for hours. I could probably watch them do laundry for hours. (I doubt they do laundry.) (x)