you would’ve been 82 today… I guess I’ll make February 5th a holiday from now on. I will celebrate the life of one of the most beautiful beings to grace this side of heaven. You made me love myself.
In your light, thick Alabama accented voice, you would tell me “brickhouse, you got some big ol legs just like maimé nem! You built just like them people (those were my grandpas folks).
You never called my by my name lol
Always brickhouse.

I remember being a kid and asking you why you called me that and you said it is because I am built strong and sturdy like a brick house.
I looked around and noticed that my cousins had big thighs and big booties just like me.
I had no reason to not be confident in myself; I came from a linage of strong, beautiful BLACK women.

Because of you, I live my life with purpose, and that is to inspire and encourage others.
There are lessons that you’ve taught me that are etched in my brain forever.
God gave me the best gift ever when he made me your brickhouse.

I will continue to remain strong and reverence your name in all I do.

This degree will be for you.
This business will be for you.

I love you Izonia (Tip) Wright- Lee.
You’re my star.