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hi! you've been posting a lot of dramione tonight and i was wondering if you could make a quality dramione fic rec list or link me? thanks :)

[cracks knuckles] its my time to shine. sooo i would just like to recommend these stories to start off:

love yourself and read all of these. true dramione nostalgia.


“I know,” she told him gently. “I know you do, and I love you-”

“Then don’t go-

“Draco, please.” She dropped her forehead against his and felt his brow wrinkle against hers. “Enough now.”

He shook his head vehemently. “Why you?”

She sighed and pushed her fingers into his hair, stroking the too-blond strands of his fringe away from his face. “Do you ever think about a future for us?” she asked. “I do, and I don’t want us to have to hide. To run.”

“I would rather run with you than walk alone,” he said.


I knew he’s like nobody else in the world.

When I’m with him, it’s life and I split in half.

Part of me is on fire: the constant and silly bickering, the nudging of our toes when we lounge on the couch with our books, batting away his hand when he pat my hair down out of the blue- mostly it’s because I will go crazy if I’m not touching him.

The other part, mostly making rare appearances when I am alone with him, with my head cushioned on his chest, is calm and peaceful, knowing he chose me, knowing he cared and knowing he is the one for me.

(credit to Sweet moment of Peace by Skyltik)

Dramione Drabble

The hardness of the wooden floor helped jerk Draco back into reality. He moved to stand up, brushing imaginary dust off his clothes, and walked towards his wife, who was chewing on her lower lip and eyeing him with a worried look.

He placed his arms around her waist, and with the straightest voice he could muster, he addressed the situation at hand. “Hi pregnant. I’m Dad.”

That earned him a smacking on the arm. “Really Draco? Have you been reading that muggle joke book again?”

“Relax, Granger. I was just trying to lighten the mood” He joked, moving as if to rub the sore spot on his arm.

She just scoffed at him, folding her arms on her chest. “Right. Relax. Like I’m the one who fainted not five minutes ago.” 

Draco ignored her comment, wrapping her in his arms instead. “That book was pretty hilarious, alright? Besides, I’ve got to come up with a couple of dad jokes now.” He said with a grin, resting his chin on top of her head.

His wife’s face finally lit up with a small smile and she looked up at him, brown eyes slightly tearing at the corners. “We’re having a baby”, she whispers. “Are you happy?”

So that’s why she seemed upset. He briefly wondered where she even got the notion that he wouldn’t be happy about them having a child, but he chose not to voice the question and decided to just quell any other remaining worries she might have had by pulling her tighter in his embrace. “I’m more than just happy, Hermione. I’m ecstatic.” He assured her, sealing their lips in a passionate kiss.

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Imagine Draco and Hermione as well regarded Potions Masters and business partners.

They travel to places far and wide, in search of rare potions ingredients  

When suddenly there’s an avalanche and they are then stuck in a cave, wands lost in the snow. They only have a lone backpack full of the minimal necessities and have to, eventually, come together for warmth. 

That is…if they wish to survive.

But how much of it is it really forced? And how much is an attraction that has been long overdue?

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Dramione #6 things you said under the stars and in the grass

agomg i’m sorry i’m just getting to this now! i actually made dramione in The Sims 3 and was playing like all day…Oops. 

If I may, I recommend listening to Be Still by The Fray while reading. 

Hermione came home from an exhausting day at work to her dark and empty flat. Wednesdays were her least favorite days; Wednesdays was known around her office as “Meetings Day”. From the time she arrived to the time she finally managed to slip out of her office, she was trapped in conference rooms with hours old coffee listening to the drone of her Head’s voice. As if that wasn’t enough, the latest scare in the Wizarding World had the Ministry employees sacrificing every ounce of personal time they had. The first murder happened two months ago, the third one just days ago. 

She kicked off her shoes, flicked on the lights and stared at the emptiness before her. It always seemed too quiet when she got home. She checked her watch. Quarter after eleven. Hermione sighed, tied her bushy hair into a bun and proceeded to head to their…her bedroom to change. After throwing on a old t-shirt and a pair of shorts, she grabbed her wand headed to the park down the street. Their park.  

It was hot and humid tonight, the air completely still. The loose strands of hair framing her face were already beginning to cling to her face. She hated this weather, but she needed to talk to him tonight. 

Lying down in the grass, she stared up at the velvety black sky with its twinkling stars. This was the first time today she felt calm. 

“We’re not any closer to catching him. Or even figuring out who he is for that matter…” she muttered. 


Hermione sighed and rested her hands on her stomach. 

“There’s nothing I want more right now than for you to be here lying next to me.” Hermione whispered into the darkness. 

She thought the air grew cooler, but couldn’t be sure. It could have easily been the dew sticking to the grass finally cooling her down. Yes, that was the only explanation. Because Draco was gone. He wasn’t here with her. Probably couldn’t even hear her, yet here she lay. Like she had done since he passed six months ago. 

“Do you remember our first date?” 


“We laid in the grass, just like I’m doing now. I suggested we went to a park after dinner. It was dark by then…and you were skeptical, but you went. You thought I was crazy for just lying down in the grass and the dirt.”

She snorted into the humid air, recalling the memory with ease. As though it had only happened yesterday. 

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So I changed up my epub folder, and I added Mandy’s previous fics (I unzipped that file) and I have all the fics under folders according to authors, so much easier to find and download.

I will start back downloading and adding fics to the folder since so many fics are being deleted now.

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To Dean: A Dramione short.

During the summer before his 5th year Dean Thomas is near fatally wounded outside of a record store in muggle England. He is then rushed to St Mungos and goes through lengthy recovery process due to the severe beating that he had endured and the multiple stab wounds that had then followed. 

And all due to the color of his skin. 

When Dumbledore makes the announcement the evening of the first of September after the first years are sorted many of the Slytherins and purebloods throughout the Great Hall are confused. “Wait a minute!” Pansy Parkinson frowned. “You mean to tell me that some random muggles attacked Thomas simply because he was black?”

Seamus Finnegan, Dean’s best of all friends, shook with rage. But it was Hermione who explained. “In the muggle world people are hated and persecuted for many reasons. Religion. Sexuality. Political affiliation. And even just for being a woman.” She frowned. “But skin color is definitely a big one. There are some people who find those with darker skin to be naturally inferior and deserve to either die or serve under those with white skin.”

Many of the darker skin students in the great hall that grew up in the muggle world nodded knowingly. However those that didn’t seemed like they just couldn’t believe what they were hearing. Draco frowned while he and Theodore Nott glanced at their close friend Blaise Zabini. A young black pureblooded boy who many within Hogwarts thought him to be once of the most beautiful boys in the school. “But people don’t get a choice when it comes to the color of their skin. How…how could muggles hate and kill people for something they have no control over? For being who they are! For who their parents are and were later born to be!”

The Great Hall grew quiet as Hermione made eye contact with Draco for some time before glancing at Blaise and then over to a solemn Seamus. “I don’t know, Malfoy. I really don’t.” Looking back at Draco she smiled sadly. “How can you purebloods judge US for being muggleborn and halfblooded? For being something that we have no control over? For being who we are and for who are parents are? How can you hate us…for something we have no control over?”

A hush fell upon the Great Hall as most muggleborns and halfbloods gaped in awe. This was exactly how it felt. And this fifth year Gryffindor had hit it on the head. Her housemates felt proud while the professors up on the staff dais stared at her in awe, except for a lone figure clad in pink who dare not speak of.

The Slytherins, however, sat in shock. Not knowing what to say. Hermione’s words had stuck a chord and they were still trying to process it. If what was said was true people like Blaise would be persecuted and killed. And all for what? The color of his skin? But he couldn’t control that! Was that…how it felt to be a muggleborn? 

Draco glanced up at Hermone and after a few seconds nodded slowly. He understood. Or at least…he was starting. The other Slytherins around them wore a similar expression of confusion morphing into a slow understanding.

Hermione smiled back and raised her goblet filled with pumpkin juice. “To Dean. May he recover fully and return to us as swiftly as possible.” 

The Gryffindors raised theirs. “To Dean.”

The Ravenclaws and Hufflepuffs followed. “To Dean.”

The professors. “To Dean.”

And then…the Slytherins. It started with Blaise, the handsome dark adonis of green and silver. Then lead with Theodore, Crabbe, Goyle, and Pansy. Soon the rest of the house raised their goblets as Draco followed suit and, staring into Hermione’s eyes, simply said. “To Thomas.”

She smiled. 

It was a start.


It’s 1am and I’m seeing double so forgive me for any grammatical errors that might have escaped me. 

Just a little something that I had in my head and needed to get out.
Hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

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Just published another fanfiction. Hope you enjoy and tell me what you think!

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