Some Yule Ball Dramione 😉
Two sweet little ones taught us how to do the waltz from the scene in the film. They were so good at dancing! I’m horrible at it, but here is a gif set anyway! 💖

Draco by: @crossjessing
Hermione by: @memerlee-cosplay
Yule Ball dress made by Tavariel on Etsy

To Kill or To Kiss
  • <p> <b>Hermione:</b> Malfoy, do you want to kill me?<p/><b>Draco:</b> Why the hell would you think that?<p/><b>Hermione:</b> According to Psychology, having eye contact for more than 6 seconds without looking away or blinking reveals a desire for sex or murder. You were staring at me, so did you want to kill me?<p/><b>Draco:</b> You're still alive, Granger.<p/><b>Hermione:</b> So that leaves...sex.<p/></p>


Pairing : Draco x Hermione
Words : 1,341
For : slytherdornet’s new beginnings challenge

The Malfoys are missing for months after the war. Aurors are searching for them, they’re on every wanted list, there’s a hefty bounty on all three of them, and there are posters everywhere.

So Hermione is more than a little shocked when Draco shows up at her doorstep late one rainy night in October. A bit dazed, she lets him in but looks to her fireplace and thinks about calling Harry. But when she looks at him and sees that he’s soaked to the bone and shivering and bleeding she realizes that it may not be the right move.

“You have to help me, Granger!” he pleads, his eyes wild with panic and fear and she’s genuinely a little frightened of what’s happened to him. “I don’t know where else to go, please.” So she tells him to calm down and sets a drying charm to him, then grabs the blanket out of the basket under an end table, leads him around to the sofa, and goes to puts the kettle on. She watches him as she fixes the tea; he’s tense and scared and running his hands through his hair and his leg won’t stop bouncing.

“Milk?” she asks when the tea is ready and he actually jumps a little before shaking his head.

“Sugar,” he replies, his voice cracking. Hermione brings the tea to the living room and he takes his and wraps his hands around the mug but doesn’t drink. She sits and waits and watches - but he doesn’t say anything, he just bounces his leg and stares at the floor. She takes in a breath and, just like she would have with any other person sitting in her living room in such an abnormal state, reaches a hand out and places it on his knee.

His leg freezes and she can see the goosebumps form on his arm as his head snaps in her direction and she almost pulls back. Instead her resolve hardens and she puts a little more pressure in her hand. “Tell me what happened,” she instructs, because she knows that what’s going to happen won’t matter if she doesn’t know what’s already happened. He sips his tea and she can see that his lip is quivering, but whether from the cold or something else, she’s not entirely sure

“They found us,” he finally says, his voice cracking.

Her brow furrows in confusion. “Aurors?” she asks, and then catches just how naive she sounds and she looks on in horror as he shakes his head and tears finally start rolling off of his cheeks and into his cup.

“D-death eaters,” he says with a sniff. She takes his tea from him and puts it on the table when she sees his forehead crease and his mouth pull into an ugly line across his face. He tries to keep it together but a sob escapes anyway. “My mother… they - they-” but he can’t say it, and his hands come to his face as his shoulders start to convulse.

Hermione moves her hand but it’s only to wrap her arm around him and pull him closer and she just holds onto him while he cries into her shoulder. She’s at a total loss and has trouble thinking of her next move for longer than she’d care to admit but it’s really hard to think with a sobbing mess of a boy who’s just lost his mother clinging to you for dear life.

After what seems like hours, his sobs subside and he’s just breathing, big breath in, shaky breath out, and eventually he pulls away. His face is wet and red and his hair is going in every direction and he’s apologizing over and over himself.

“You’re sleeping here tonight,” she says, getting up and heading towards her hall closet to fetch some pillows.

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Dramione, Motorcycle

for @valiantlyangryfoxblr

“Do you know how to fly this thing, Granger?  Did Hagrid give you lessons?”  Draco approached the motorbike cautiously.  

“No, Malfoy.  I have no earthly idea how to fly this.  But I’m definitely going to take both our lives in my hands just because.”  Hermione rolled her eyes and grabbed the helmet off the back of the bike.  “That was me being facetious, by the way.”  

She got on the bike, taking the time to go through the steps of starting it.  

“Where am I sitting?” he asked.  “In the sidecar?  Safely back at home?”  

She shot him a look.  “Get on the back.”  

  • Blaise: Are you guys arguing?
  • Hermione: [To Draco] Are we?
  • Draco: Maybe a little but that’s okay. Couples argue. We’ll figure it out and we can have make-up sex later.
  • [Crookshanks meows at the word]
  • Blaise: Hey, I think your cat knows that word.
  • Theo: Look who his parents are. Merlin knows what he’s been exposed to. He probably needs psychoanalysis.
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Imagine Draco Being Called Out for Being a Wuss
  • Draco: Granger, you will find that the word “fear” is not in my vocabulary.
  • Hermione: Perhaps, but it’s in your eyes.
Little Dramione things

•Draco and Hermione sneaking out after curfew to see each other
•Hermione sitting in Draco’s lap while reading
•Draco absentmindedly twirling Hermione’s hair
•Hermione reading muggle books to Draco
•Draco unknowingly holding Hermione’s hand whenever they are together
•Hermione running her hands through Draco’s hair every time they kiss
•Draco kissing Hermione’s forehead whenever she’s sad
•Hermione blushing every time Draco calls her beautiful
•Draco threatening anyone who calls Hermione a mud blood
•Hermione kissing Draco’s dark mark when he feels self conscious
•Draco kissing Hermione’s “mud blood” scar when she feels self conscious