• Brain:Wait, don't ship them. You have WAY too many ships already
  • Me:But they're really cute together
  • Brain:Yeah, but... Please, it's for the best. You know it
  • Me:Ahh, c'mon, they love each other, it'll be canon soon for sure
  • Brain:No, that'll never happen, but you crying over them lying on the floor will be a thing if you don't stop
  • Me:It'll be just fine if I ship them a little
  • Brain:Don't do it.
  • Me:I'll just ship them a little bit... I can control myself
  • Brain:Stop.
  • Me:Look at them, they're adorable!
  • Brain:For God's shake... STOP.
  • Me:I think it's too late now to go back lol
  • Brain:OK, FUCK YOU.
  • ily:i love you
  • ilysm:i love you so much
  • dec:don't ever change
  • iptyen:i prayed to you every night
  • sbirhycon:sorry but i'd rather have you cursed or not
  • wfwnyiny:we're family we need you i need you
  • lmblifyinlhwy:let me bottom line it for you i'm not leaving here without you
  • idntflhffyoffylifeogttica:i don't need to feel like hell for failing you okay? for failing you like i've failed every other godforsaken thing that i care about

comeasyouarecas  asked:

Okay, but what about omega!Cas + Alpha!Dean + Wedding dress shopping? Do omegas wear wedding dresses? Imagine how enamored Dean would be, seeing his perfect omega all dressed up and beautiful for him. I just really love omega Cas and wedding dresses (^∇^)

I think Cas would be okay with wearing a wedding dress, because they just look very nice. 

I can imagine that usually only traditional families bother putting the omegas in dresses, so Dean probably didn’t count on it (and to be honest, Cas looks great in a suit so he wasn’t sad about it). But then Castiel decides that he wants a dress because what other chance would there be to wear something as pretty as a wedding dress?