Dennys was a beautiful building. Her bright yellow logo was just one of the many factors that made Longhorn Steakhouse fall in love. Of course, the buildings weren’t all that near each other, so it seemed the love was forbidden. But that could never stop it. The two buildings heard constantly of the other, laughing customers shouting about the great food they had just had at Dennys, while walking into Longhorn, and vice versa.  Dennys heard of the well-done steak at Longhorn, and she swooned. Every night, the buildings dreamt of each other. Their love was strong, but yet…so challenging.

One day, the buildings decided they could not stay apart. Despite not meeting before, both were sure that the other was perfect. Longhorn was thinking about the beauty of Dennys, and decided his wait would come to an end. Longhorn shook, unconnecting himself from the ground. Once unconnected, he moved himself all the way to Dennys. People were run over of course, screaming in pain as the steakhouse destroyed their frail bodies, but like Longhorn cared. He could tell these people liked Texas roadhouse, anyway.

After hours of destroying cities and running over citizens, Longhorn finally met with Dennys. Dennys was surprised…was it really Longhorn? She was overcome with joy, and uprooted herself from the ground, just to be closer. Longhorn’s doors twisted into a smile, pressing against the sturdy wall of Dennys. She was just as perfect as he thought she would be.

“Dennys…will you…eat steak with me?” Longhorn whispered, he had been waiting for this moment for so long.

“Of course, Longhorn!” Dennys jumped with anticipation, killing a couple more humans. Maybe they were customers, but Dennys didn’t care. Neither of them needed people to eat their food as long as they had each other.