The old Fall Out Boy can’t come to the phone right now…



because they’re so much happier, healthier, and better off now so stop saying you wish they would return to pre-hiatus era and be a real fan and support them with what they do/decide or get the hell off my blog

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Penance!Carella and Ruby: How do you plan to spoil Baby Girl Gold, and will you teach her how to be a Boss Queen?

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Ursula and I have made bets on how many times Rum cries before she turns one.  We plan on being disgraceful godmothers to the child.  Teaching her to mix cocktails when she’s old enough is definitely on the cards.  We’ll also teach her how to recognise toxic people and cut them out of her life.  And of course, fashion…  Not that there won’t be room for science and school and all that bollocks, too, of course.  Both her parents are pretty and clever and bloody sarcastic at times, so she’s probably going to be marvellous fun!

We’re actually looking into adoption ourselves, so hopefully she can have a cousin to grow up with.  Of course that’s assuming she doesn’t get another sibling within a year.  That boy couldn’t keep it in his pants if his life depended on it. 

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I’m so excited!  My best friend is having a baby!  Okay, so maybe it’s not ideal timing, but these things never are.  Oh, we’re gonna have so much fun!  I can help out and babysit and take her for walks and buy her the cutest outfits for Halloween and take her trick-or-treating!  And when she’s older I can pass on the wisdom that I totally plan on having by then!  It’s SO cool!

Don't be ridiculous
  • Harry: We'll never find a partner for the Yule Ball.
  • Ron: What about Lavender?
  • Harry: Sprained her ankle. Apparently she tripped over something.
  • Ron: Oh. What about Parvati?
  • Harry: She hasn't come out of the girls' dormitory since the Potions accident yesterday. Hermione said the blemishes will fade though.
  • Ron: Huh. Okay, what about her sister Padma?
  • Harry: Nope. Somebody hexed her hair short. She's been crying for days.
  • Ron: What is going on? It's like somebody's trying to prevent us from getting a date to this thing!
  • Draco: Don't be ridiculous, Weasley!
  • Ron: Oh?
  • Draco: I couldn't care less about YOUR date!

i fucked up as DM again

early on in the campaign, i had a joke item available in the shop that would instantly succeed on all seduction rolls on robots, called the Baton of Robotica. i figured robots would never show up in the campaign, so it really wouldn’t be relevant and they’d forget they had it

well, way later on, i forgot they had it, and planned a whole story arc around a city full of aggressive robots, and didn’t realize my mistake until halfway through the arc when they were being chased by a horde of bots through the factory that was making them

one of the players pulled out the baton and just fuckin strutted up and down through the crowd with it, seducing an entire crowd of robots in seconds with his incredible charms and good looks

 i don’t even know what to do about this. they’re halfway through the arc, this potentially removes the challenge from the rest of it, and i fcukign love it

I’m sorry to announce that I’ve been forced to report the sky, denim, robin’s eggs, sapphires, Cookie Monster, bluejays, lapis lazuli, IKEA FRAKTA bags, Doctor Manhattan, The French and Italian National Football Teams, selected works of Pablo Picasso, swimming pools, and Beyoncé’s firstborn child all as being “suspiciously Zionist.”

this explained A LOT.

(second pic is the list of stuff Tyler wants to have Backstage)

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SHINee at a thrift store?? :D

~shinee’s gonna pop some tags~


  • weirdly gravitating towards clothes that don’t even look like they’re from this century 
  • “they’re comfy ok what more do you want from clothes” 
  • finds a pair of (key: ugly) elastic pants (minho: i think my grandma has the same pair) 
  • snaps the waistband a few times
  • these are his now and he’s never taking them off
  • actually pays for them while wearing them 
  • he wears (minho’s) grandma’s clothes
  • he looks incredible 


  • has been in the dressing room for a while 
  • they know he’s still in there bc they can see his sneakers (taemin: hyung you good?? / jong: *mumbling something* / ot4: what
  • can’t even open the door bc his arms are incapacitated so a worker has to open it with a key 
  • the door swings open to reveal kim jonghyun, world-famous kpop singer, national heartthrob, owner of a lambo, mother of taemin, all sorts of tangled up in a sweater with his arms sticking out and his head somewhere swallowed in the fabric 
  • shinee: ………………. / jong: …….. you guys gonna help me or what 
  • everyone snapped a picture (minho: this is going to be my new contact photo for you ahaha what a dumbass) 
  • still BUYS the sweater (jong: it looked good when properly put on ok) 


  • brought his own canvas bag 
  • “my body is ready, let us begin”
  • taemin’s pulling random shit off the hangers saying ooo~ try this giant flamingo-print shirt on
  • but he tied it so it looks good and that was not the reality taemin expected (jong: hey / taemin: you plagiarized my album)  
  • his pile of stuff he wants is v rapidly growing and he’s thinking of all the diy projects he could do 
  • actual sparkly eyes at all his new clothes and possibilities 
  • actively choosing not to question the members’ fashion choices too much bc his stress level will just go up, up, UP (hitchhiking baby)
  • is he just really good at finding good things or does just everything look good on him? (key: both. it’s both `▽´) 


  • buys another pair of track pants to add to his ever-growing collection (”i didn’t have a green one let me live”) 
  • “guys doesn’t this pullover remind you of our suits from dream girl era?” / ot4: haha yeah omg those suits
  • it’s a frankenstein’s monster of patterns and he loves it a lot 
  • he just kept on holding it the entire time they were there, very fiercely defending its honor from taemin’s general assholery (taemin: it’s ugly / minho: your face is ugly)
  • unironically wears it everywhere
  • it makes him easy to spot in a crowd tho 
  • might as well be wearing a neon sign 
  • choi minho, rising fashionista or fashion terrorist? 


  • isn’t really his scene but since he’s here might as well have some fun~
  • every time he talks to a member he’s wearing a different floppy hat but they’re not commenting on it 
  • TvT notice me senpais
  • pulling the most ridiculous things he could find and posing and strutting like he’s on a runway
  • walk, walk, POSE (ot4: *clap clap* / taemin: oh thank you thank you) 
  • sweg 
  • has been steered away from the shoes section bc nope, not today  
  • he’s actually growing kind of attached to this zebra-print jean jacket 
  • he??? bought it??? 
  • @ himself: when are you ever going to wear this / taemin: shrug emoji 
  • found a dope bucket hat
  • minho your sweater is still stupid 

saw a pic of jaal where his whole bootyass was out and while his butt was rather pert and shapely the rest of him looks weird as hell and if you think thats a bad thing keep in mind fucking things that look like they could come through my window in the middle of the night and steal my mortal soul is my kink so im a very happy camper atm