• Clarke: Phew. okay. gonna talk to the commander. hopefully he's not too pissed and scary.
  • Gustus: If you so much as look at her wrong, I'll slit your throat.
  • Clarke: wait did he say her??
  • *enters tent*
  • shit. oh shit. she's really hot.
  • Lexa: You're the one who killed 300 of my warriors
  • Clarke: You're the one who sent them their to kill us
  • *with that jawline holy fuck im gay*
Dirty Old Town (You're the One)
Craig Cardiff
Dirty Old Town (You're the One)

All the road and all the miles
Hair goes grey and eyes stay wide
Fall into bed and turn off the lights
Fall asleep inside 

You’re the one
Hearts grow into hearts until ours become one
You’re the one
I carry your heart in my heart, sung with every song
Poised with grace in this poisoned place
How you ever manage to keep it off your face
You don’t even know and you can't even see
The butterfly that you’re going to be
The butterfly that you are becoming