(i’m in a mood and will delete this later because i’m a dork but i just wanted to say that i really love ask-sivir’s blog and especially her world-building and seeing it on my dash. it’s honestly something that inspired my shuriman oc and i think her taste is amazing and she puts a lot of effort into it and it’s lovely and what i should aspire to as a character blog.

/unsolicited compliments)

iworethisforyou asked:

The bluenette had seen what had happened to Vivi's gifts. It made him well, sad to say the least. He took a few strides closer and held out a moogle plush that had a box of chocolates in it's hands. "Happy Valentines." He said with the warmest of smiles.

Moogles..! He loved moogles. Vivi never thought that a stranger could bring so much pain, and he never knew that it only took just another stranger to make him feel so much happier. He was at a loss for words, feeling almost inadequate to show how much he appreciated this kind gesture. It was just… so wonderful.

“Th-Thank you, s-sir. I really… really like moogles…” He hugged the plush close, and he could feel the tears coming again.


Josh Sundquist you are one of my favorites. Proud to say I’ve been watching you since the beginning (literally such a long time tho). I still remember when you didn’t have a girlfriend and now you’re getting married. TELL ASHLEY I THINK SHE’S INCREDIBLY BEAUTIFUL AND ADORABLE. You are a lucky man. Ya just wanted to leave this public message for you because I can. I will always support you even if I don’t stay caught up to your videos all the time and I hope one day I will get to meet you. (come to bufferfest in toronto) YOU THE BEST! <3

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Hey, I know exactly what you mean concerning fitness. Lately I have been doing this excersise routine called FigureRobics that you can find on youtube they look really easy but they make your muscles ache so I know they're working. Hope this can help

Yeah thank you!! I’ll check it out tonight! good luck with your fitness goal, and thanks again!


Probably my most loyal follower. You make me feel a lot cooler than I actually am and you’re a really easy person to talk to. I’m really glad that we’ve become friends on here because, honestly, tumblr would be a lot less fun if we weren’t.

I think you’re a very kind and honest and trustworthy and encouraging and intelligent person. I hope you never lose those qualities about you, because they can be such a rarity to find. I wish you all the confidence you could ever possibly have—because we all need a little bit more of that in life.

You still have trouble with it? Your pictures are amazing though! I remember when I first made my simblr, your pictures were completely inspiring!

I planned on looking at a few tutorials on youtube when I had a chance. I’m just glad that the whole thing didn’t blow up in my face when I tried to make it :P

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I honestly sill can’t believe you follow me tbh