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The bluenette had seen what had happened to Vivi's gifts. It made him well, sad to say the least. He took a few strides closer and held out a moogle plush that had a box of chocolates in it's hands. "Happy Valentines." He said with the warmest of smiles.

Moogles..! He loved moogles. Vivi never thought that a stranger could bring so much pain, and he never knew that it only took just another stranger to make him feel so much happier. He was at a loss for words, feeling almost inadequate to show how much he appreciated this kind gesture. It was just… so wonderful.

“Th-Thank you, s-sir. I really… really like moogles…” He hugged the plush close, and he could feel the tears coming again.

Thank you so much ❤️❤️❤️ I hope it’ll just go away when I sleep and tomorrow I wake up in a better mood… Maybe I’m getting ill or something. As if I had time for that :/ but at least when I sleep I can’t think about it or anything so it’s probably the best. And thank you so much for the hugs and the tea and the cookies ❤️❤️❤️ and even if you’re not here, I think (don’t know that in English) die geste zählt ❤️

you were there. I had missed you. I don’t know what it is, but when you’re around I feel like nothing else matters & that everything is okay. it’s so weird. for some reason, i just always look forward to seeing you.. why? i dunno. maybe you make me happy. just by being you. and that’s what i love. Well you actually make me feel like im important. you don’t ignore me. you’re just a really really awesome friend & i thank you for that. we will probably never be anything more, but as long as you’re in my life, im happy. there’s just something… i really don’t know what it is, but something draws me to you! i just thank you. & im glad you’re a part of my life. don’t leave. ever. please.