You know what I really don't understand

Dalton is completely comfortable and happy with talking and still hanging out with Will and David. If he’s OK with that, why can’t the other boys (Cole, Dana, and Gabe) stop ignoring Dalton or still be friends. Just because he left your boyband to follow his dream of being a rock star, doesn’t mean you can act like he murdered somebody. He’s the same exact person as before if not, he’s happier than before.

My sister

I’d like to say
I remember the day
My younger sister
Was born.
That I held her from all evil
And made sure
No harm ever came to her.
But I can say
That the nights
Where the memories were too much
And she curled up in my bed
Wanting to die,
Wishing she had been aborted,
I held her firmly
In my grasp
Until her waking nightmares passed.
I remember her getting teased
For not fitting in
With the other girls,
For being a girl
And hanging out with the guys.
I noticed when
She became uncomfortable
In her own skin.
She believes she was not made
To be a girl
And ever so sweetly
She asks,
“What would you do
If you had a brother?”
And now I’ll scream from the rooftops
That he is my brother!
That my sister
Never really lived inside.
That no matter what,
Whether he’s a “he”
Or a “she”,
I will love him
So here’s to my little brother,
As tears streamed from his eyes
To come up to me
And help me to never
Misgender my brother

-Tu te rappelles comment c'était avant ça ? Toi et moi ? On était rien. On était pas populaire, on était pas bon a la cross. On était pas important. On était personne… Peut-être que je devrais à nouveau n'être personne. N'être plus rien. -Scott écoute moi. Tu n'es pas personne. Scott tu es mon meilleur ami, ok et j'ai besoin de toi… Scott tu es mon frère…



rickyl - welcome home

thanks for watching if ya did! dedicated to rick grimes and daryl dixon, brothers (◡‿◡✿)