“Favorite Dramione Moments ”
-January 2016-



She glares, but it reminds her of something that makes the bottom of her stomach turn hot. “Have you been with oth–”


Good. Really good. She hadn’t thought so given what he said earlier, but she had to be sure since he had never answered her properly when she first asked. “You’re not asking me?”

“I need to?” His tone sounds darker, and she’s pleased with it. At the way she recognizes it with the feeling in her gut before he responded.



*When The Bell Tolls by everythursday*

P.S I love possessive draco! (*´﹃`*)

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sheriarty headcanon: Sherlock is great at making Jim laugh, and once he realizes, he does not only use his power for good

Sherlock finding out that Jim is extremely ticklish and taking advantage of that knowledge is a reality. not so much as the savage threats that come off Jim’s mouth inbetween giggles and sharp breaths

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[msg - bossman 😍 ] thanks for the flowers paul, they were beautiful 
[msg - bossman 😍 ] your wife send some too. i threw them in the trash
[msg - bossman 😍 ] um, your hand is okay? and don’t tell me you don’t understand what i’m talking about

dolphins and orca whales

22nd. October, 2014 | 11:20 pm

You never looked at me the way I look at you
And I always catch you looking at him
     the way I wish you’d look at me
Maybe not exactly the same way,
But I wish that for once, you’ll look at me
And tell me straight to my face
If it’s alright to stay by your side
Because if not,
I will gladly go,
Because you finally found someone whom you really want.