Here’s how I think this episode will go down:
- Ian will come home and call Mickey and we’ll start to CRY
- Mickey will flat out RUN to wherever he’s meeting Ian at making us CRY
- Mickey WILL say the words “I Love You” and we’ll CRY
- Ian May say them back which would obviously make us CRY
- They CRY and Break-Up and we’ll CRY along with them
- Each and EVERY ONE of us will then put our foots through our tv or computer screens, drop to the floor, curl up into a ball and CRY ourselves to sleep.
Anyone disagree!????

I’m sorry but after that Periscope session, if you STILL refuse to tune in for Season 6 (regardless of what happens with Noel) and support this angel:

well then…

*credit for Cam gifs goes to theflavourofyourlips


To everyone saying that Ian needs to Work, Gravel etc to get Mickey back next season I just wanna ask:
In Season 3 Mickey literally BEAT THE SHIT OUT OF IAN then didn’t say anything nice, loving etc to him when he found out Ian was leaving. But when Ian returned in Season 4, despite the fact that Mickey was now married, Ian took him back Immediately.
He didn’t even make Mickey apologize for abusing him!!!!
Ian understood that Mickey was sorry and still loved him. Simple.
So why should Ian have to work for Mickey this time around
Why can’t Mickey just return the favor and immediately forgive Ian?
 immediately understand that Ian was sick and lost and scared and in denial.
Everyone just looks the other way when it comes to all of Mickey’s faults and mistakes, but then they hold Ian accountable for every single mistake he’s ever made.

Treat them equally.