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What is your analysis of the elevator scene that replays in the Apocalypse saga of Utena? Like when a tree grows in Anthy's clothes and turns into a rose bush, etc.

Mmmm I think my brain is too fried to consider Utena symbolism for now and probably for a while. I’d say it probably has something to do with Anthy abandoning the (in her view) “false” role as a student or a normal girl and basically “disappearing’ into her role as Rose Bride. In reality, it’s sort of an expression about how she sees herself as nothing more than the Rose Bride, how she throws away the idea of even being a PERSON and becomes basically this “thing” (the rose bush) dressed like a person. I think the fact it grows shows that this sort of self-image wasn’t something that happened immediately for her, but grew over many years.

But idk, like I said, brain: fried, creativity and thought: low. I can’t really comment on the rest of it, it’s been a while so I don’t have a complete memory and the bit with Utena and Anthy just struck me as being fairly simple in showing they’re getting closer but there is still some distance (Anthy is close to Utena rather than dressing her from afar, she’s briefly open and vulnerable with Utena when she’s naked, but then the Rose Bride clothes quickly come on, she dresses Utena too, they’re both still in a cage) with a magical girl transformation aesthetic, so fairly straightfoward.


if I reach out to thee
do not tremble and shrink

An edit based on @thetygre’s suggestion - Dulcinea from the musical Man of La Mancha

It’s an interesting song and I’ve made an intentional contrast with the scenes I picked for this edit…. an overly-ambitious part two edit will appear at some point!

Don't Be Afraid of This World Where We Can Meet- an elaborate Utena x Anthy mix

1. Kill the Lights| Birthday Massacre//2. Take me to Church (Hozier Cover)| Neon Jungle//3. Fineshrine| Purity Ring//4.Crucify| Tori Amos//5.Bones| Ms. Mr//6. This Will Be The Day| Casey Lee Williams//7. Blinding| Florence and the Machine//8. Leave My Body| Florence and the Machine//9.Radioactive (Imagine Dragons Cover)| Clara C//10. To Kill a King| Hungry Lucy//11. Butterfly Nets| Bishop Allen//12. Youngblood| Bea Miller//13. Battle Cry| Angel Haze ft. Sia

A mix for Anthy and Utena’s journey as a couple and as heroes towards the end of the show. The fairytale breaks down, they are both sacrifices, but they rise from the ashes to find the revolution and shine together in their love

Each song represents a stage of their relationship/moment with them in the show. In the playlist proper I put quotes to represent what each song was supposed to be about, here I’ll include additional quotes and pictures and stuff too. 

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Kill the Lights

Anthy: “If you go to the castle you’ll meet your prince”

Anthy: “I used you and your naievete. I betrayed you from the  beginning. I’m sorry, Utena-sama.”

Every prince is a fantasy/The witch is inside of me/Her poison will wash away the memory/We kill the lights and put on a show/It’s all a lie/But you’d never know

It’s so much better to pretend/There’s something waiting for you here/Every letter that you wrote/Has found its way to me, my dear/You can make believe that what you say/Is what I want to hear/I’ll keep dancing through this/Beautiful delusional career

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Swords and Sin: A Utena x Anthy AMV

Song: Hozier’s “Take Me to Church” by Neon Jungle

Clips: Revolutionary Girl Utena

A tribute to the fraught, intense and ultimately beautiful love between Anthy and Utena.

As soon as I heard Neon Jungle’s cover to this song, I knew I had to make and AMV about Utena and Anthy to it. This song is just perfect for them, and meaningful on so many levels to their story.

Content warning for violence (mainly bloodless impalement), underage sex, attempted suicide and some footage from rape scenes (though you wouldn’t know automatically that’s what it was if you hadn’t watched the show).

This is a slightly updated version with some minor editing errors fixed (a stray clip, bits I thought were too busy) but I haven’t taken the other one down yet… I’m kinda torn about what to do tbh, I don’t want to lose the likes it got or make it hard for ppl who reblogged the post liking the video to find it again…agh. I wish Youtube would let you replace videos.